Wednesday, June 04, 2008

A Maritime Test Case Against The US Federal Government -- When Your Vessel Is Trapped In Federally Protected Waters & The Government Refuses To Help

When Peter Halmos' 158 foot megayacht, the Legacy survived a hurricane that nearly killed both Halmos and his crew, little did he realize that his problems were just beginning.

Legacy would end up grounded in the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary, and due to government bureaucracy, sentenced to remain there indefinitely. However, Peter Halmos had other plans for his super yacht, and was not about to be bullied by some bureaucrats who were attempting to deny him the ability to free Legacy from the environmentally protected waters which she had been made prisoner of.

After two years and millions of dollars in legal fees and salvage costs, and of what can only be described as sheer bureaucratic hell, Legacy was finally towed to freedom, by the salvage company that Halmos had hired two years earlier to do the salvage work.

In freeing her, Peter Halmos had succeeded at accomplishing what few do -- beating the federal government at its own game; the most extraordinary aspect of his endeavor -- and in and of itself, even greater than the recovery of Legacy.

In a day and age where the NSA can use its spy technology to become a part of our minds and bodies, by way of our own electromagnetic fields, such epic battles with the US Federal Government are going to be the stuff of legend in the future. For there has never been a time in which the US Federal Government has been more wrong, than in its use of satellites and supercomputers to conduct non consensual human experimentation on the people of this planet.

And only those with the constitution of men like Peter Halsom are going to survive such intense battles.

"The bottom line is that when you violate one person's rights, you risk violating everyone's rights. They (the government) were wrong, and they never expected me to stand up to them."

-- Peter Halmos regarding the battle to save Legacy

Read more on this story here.

The full story regarding Halmos' odyssey with the US Federal Government over the battle for his yacht can be seen in the July, 2008 issue of Soundings magazine.
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