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Microsoft Accidentally Exposes The NSA's Infiltration Of The Windows Operating System Most Americans Have On Their Personal Computers

* Note that the NSA is constantly hacking into my computer both opening and closing programs without my having even accessed them. They also freeze up my screen many times per week, forcing me to reboot my computer, or at the very least end the task that I was working on.

About a year ago, those who track me by way of NSA satellite actually changed the background color of my screen from white to a primrose yellow. It was at that time that I began to realize that the NSA must have had access to Microsoft Windows' program codes, in order to perpetrate this manipulation of my computer's operating system. And from the article below, that now appears to be the case in regard to these covert Nazi minded terrorists.

Of even greater import is that this remote access of my computer by the NSA could enable them to place their own programs on my computer, as well as removing any programs or files that I have on this computer. So much for a court order to gather information, when the NSA can covertly utilize this technology to access my computer or anyone else's on a whim.

This technology has made obtaining court orders for such searches obsolete. And the NSA has probably been getting away with this outrageous violation of the 4Th and 5Th Amendments for at least 30 to 40 years.

Moreover, if they can access my computer this easily, imagine how easily they routinely access my brainwaves. Something which the NSA can do to you at anytime, without your knowledge or consent.

If you are not terrified at such an invasion of your privacy you certainly should be, since like myself and myriad others now being used for non consensual human experimentation, you can be made into such a human guinea pig at anytime, and never even know it.


How NSA access was built into Windows

Duncan Campbell

Careless mistake reveals subversion of Windows by NSA.

A CARELESS mistake by Microsoft programmers has revealed that special access codes prepared by the US National Security Agency have been secretly built into Windows. The NSA access system is built into every version of the Windows operating system now in use, except early releases of Windows 95 (and its predecessors). The discovery comes close on the heels of the revelations earlier this year that another US software giant, Lotus, had built an NSA "help information" trapdoor into its Notes system, and that security functions on other software systems had been deliberately crippled.

The first discovery of the new NSA access system was made two years ago by British researcher Dr Nicko van Someren. But it was only a few weeks ago when a second researcher rediscovered the access system. With it, he found the evidence linking it to NSA.

Computer security specialists have been aware for two years that unusual features are contained inside a standard Windows software "driver" used for security and encryption functions. The driver, called ADVAPI.DLL, enables and controls a range of security functions. If you use Windows, you will find it in the C:\Windows\system directory of your computer.

ADVAPI.DLL works closely with Microsoft Internet Explorer, but will only run crypographic functions that the US governments allows Microsoft to export. That information is bad enough news, from a European point of view. Now, it turns out that ADVAPI will run special programmes inserted and controlled by NSA. As yet, no-one knows what these programmes are, or what they do.

Dr Nicko van Someren reported at last year's Crypto 98 conference that he had disassembled the ADVADPI driver. He found it contained two different keys. One was used by Microsoft to control the cryptographic functions enabled in Windows, in compliance with US export regulations. But the reason for building in a second key, or who owned it, remained a mystery.

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