Friday, June 06, 2008

A Few Of The FBI FUNGUS SQUAD'S Organized Stalking Disciples & Their Roach Coach Rides -- Notice That They Are All The Same Color -- Another Psyop

The readers will also note that these stalking vehicles are parked illegally, since it is illegal to leave an unattended vehicle on any road within the Incorporated Village Of Brookville. However, if I called the Old Brookville Police to complain about this, the situation would in some way be twisted around so that the perp's who have committed the crime here would be left alone, and I would be attacked for making the call. Note that before the organized stalking of my person began, I would never have bothered to even notice something like this, since the vehicles are clearly on a road which (aside from the other organized stalking vehicles) has very little traffic.

It is only since I have been harassed in such outrageous ways, that I have been forced to document such aspects of criminality, since there is no longer any rule of law being observed in regard to my harassment -- courtesy of the FBI, DHS, NSA Fungus Squad of Constitution raping reprobates. And if my rights can be disregarded so easily, so can anyone else's -- including your own. We are in for some very bad times in the future, as the New World Order one world fascist government continues to take hold here in the United States, and right under the collective nose of the American proletariat, who had better wake up to what is going in this country soon.

The war on terror is a complete propagandized farce, just as the latest trial of the so called masterminds of 9-11 is. This is yet another piece of Washington theatrics used to keep the American people in a state of disinformation. And these so called five terrorists, are no more guilty of the crimes on 9-11 than Lee Harvey Oswald was of the murder of John F. Kennedy.

Once you begin to understand how the criminals within the US Federal Government and its US Intelligence terrorist arm operate, you realize that virtually all of the terrorism that has occurred on US soil over the past several decades, has been perpetrated by these treasonous criminals, who consider the American people to be dumber than a post. As for George W. Bush, the miscreant who signed off on these attacks, what can you say for a president who would take part in the cold blooded murders of nearly three thousand American citizens, and then a year later stand before a reflecting pool created in their memory?

Because that is exactly what George W. Bush did on September 11Th, 2002.

Photos Of Organized Stalking "Roach Coachs"

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