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The Lyme Disease Conspiracy -- A Bioweapon Destroying Millions Of Lives Around The Globe, Yet Being Deliberately Misdiagnosed Or Improperly Treated

"Under Our Skin"

A new film regarding Lyme Disease and other bioweapons. This film has been a long time in coming and a result of the abject suffering of millions of chronically ill Lyme Disease patients around the world. As a 15 year sufferer of this US Military created bioweapon, I can tell the readers that living with Lyme Disease (for me especially during the first decade) has been an absolute nightmare.

Someone had the idea of interviewing Lyme patients more than a decade ago, to put a face on this illness. It was a short documentary called "The Faces Of Lyme." The following film builds on this, and gives the viewers a better understanding of what Lyme Disease does to its victims, both physically and psychologically.

Learn more about this film here:

The following is a five minute trailer to the above film:

The Lyme Disease Controversy Rages On

Lyme Disease has become the most controversial illness of the 20Th Century, and thus far of the 21St as well. The ignorance which abounds within the US medical community is not only shocking, but completely unforgivable, given that excellent research has been published in regard to the chronicity of this illness.

Yet due to the unpopular reality of this information, the medical status quo in this country has for myriad reasons (not the least of which concerns their own selfish monetary interests), chosen to ignore such pertinent information. Instead, they have published their own self serving and badly flawed research; research which benefits not the Lyme Disease patient, but instead the insurance industry, which while fully understanding the complexity and severity of chronic Lyme Disease, has chosen to ignore the published work of those literate in the treatment of chronic Lyme, knowing that this would result in tremendous suffering for those chronically ill patients -- and the ultimate deaths of many of them.

The cover up within the US medical community in regard to chronic Lyme Disease is in many instances no different than the US Congress's cover up of issues like the improperly ratified 16Th Amendment (the article of the U.S. Constitution that Congress has deliberately and erroneously told us gives them the right to impose an illegal income tax on our wages, through the unconstitutionally operated IRS and Federal Reserve Bank).

Yet, it's even more dangerous, since people's lives are hanging in the balance.

In regard to the controversy behind the myriad treatments for chronic Lyme Disease, the government run Centers For Disease Control and National Institutes Of Health are well aware that Lyme Disease was created by the US Military as a biological weapon, yet for obvious reasons are hardly about to the admit this to the public.

Especially given the enormous suffering that chronic Lyme Disease has caused over the past fifty years (even before it was officially discovered), and the fact that it's become a pandemic over the last two decades. Can you imagine the Pentagon one day actually telling us the truth about the creation of these bio-weapons?

It would probably go something like this:

"Yes, we do now admit that decades ago we created many different chronic and some deadly biological agents which we then through myriad means disseminated throughout this country, to determine how effective they would be in harming humans. But what did you expect us to do, since our enemies overseas were doing the same thing to their own people? And if you think biological agents like Lyme Disease and AIDS are horrifying, just wait until you see what we are presently working on."

Because of the pandemic which Lyme Disease has now become, the Lyme literate community is growing in leaps and bounds as a result of it, and completely responsible for the creation of beneficial organizations like ILADS (The International Lyme And Associated Diseases Society), which cater to the community of Lyme Disease patients who were once completely written off by the so called experts at Yale New Haven Hospital in Connecticut, and the University Hospital at Stony Brook, Long Island.

A group of very well paid and very well connected miscreants who are responsible for more pain and suffering than you can possibly imagine.

Moreover, to say that the Tri-State area of Long Island, Connecticut and New Jersey includes three of the most intense hotbeds for the propagation of Lyme Disease and other tick borne illnesses, is hardly an understatement.

The lives of everyone from the age of the infant to the geriatric have been completely devastated by this cursed biological weapon, and those within the US Federal Government, medical community, and insurance industry who have deliberately under reported and under treated those who've been diagnosed with Lyme Disease over the past thirty years. And this does not include the millions who remain either undiagnosed or improperly diagnosed, that are now forced to suffer horribly each day of their lives.

Only further complicating matters here is that once Lyme Disease enters the human bloodstream, it quickly disseminates to all areas of the body. As a result of this not only is Lyme Disease a sexually transmittable illness, it can also be passed on congenitally from an expectant mother to her unborn child.

It is time that the world began to recognize that our very own governments see the citizens of our respective nations as nothing more than cash cows to finance their black projects, and guinea pigs in which to test these experiments on.

And as one of these guinea pigs, I have every intention of spending from now until the day that I take my last breath, propagating as much information on the Lyme Disease conspiracy as I am on the NSA and its despicable use of satellite tracking systems, to remotely torture the bodies and minds of many of the citizens on this planet of ours.

The following article is an excellent exposition of what is really going on with Lyme Disease, and the conspiratorial cover up by the aforementioned groups, to prevent those with chronic Lyme from obtaining the proper treatment or insurance necessary to pay for it.
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