Saturday, June 07, 2008

Another NSA Based Directed Energy Assault On My Person & A Further Example Of How Intense Such Assaults Can Be On Targeted Individuals

Since the purpose of this blog is to document every aspect of the FBI/NSA/DHS conspiracy to deny me my rights as an American citizen, including my experiences at being targeted by the NSA and its satellite based directed energy weapons, I detail the following:

In the early morning hours I was again hit with a directed energy strike which resulted in the sexual assault of my person, by the disgusting filth that operates behind the walls of this nation's most rabid criminals (The NSA).

They punctuated this cowardly attack by remotely accessing the motion sensor within the spotlight which is closest to my den window. As I have mentioned in the past, the NSA routinely uses these lights as well as those of several neighbors as a reminder that they are watching me 24 hours a day. This is done as a part of the psywarfare that they subject me to in efforts to drive me to a state of such despair that I commit suicide.

The aforementioned types of attacks have been reported by a myriad of other TI's, and occur with regular frequency. There are many different ways in which directed energy attacks can manifest themselves, and in some cases they are so intense that those being targeted for them must go to great extremes in order to document them properly.

The following Website, that of another target of an illegal FBI COINTELPRO Sting operation illustrates how he has actually been forced to code his Website into different colors, depending on how intense the attacks on his person are at any given time; just as the US Federal Government uses these colors to inform the American people in regard to what the terrorist status is in this country.

For the most part the government's use of this system has been nothing but an elusive disinformation campaign, since it was the US Federal Government that was the genesis for the attacks on 9-11. However, the following TI's use of such a warning system is indicative of just how aggressively the FBI is attacking him; a well detailed site which illustrates the rampant criminality within the FBI, and its psychopathic reprobates, who utilize satellite based weaponry to torture and murder American citizens. These are not Americans that we are talking about here. These are Nazi's who have harbored themselves within our own country.

See this TI's Website here:
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