Tuesday, June 10, 2008

George W. Bush Continues To Antagonize Iran Into A Conflict Which Will Give Bush A Plausible Reason In Which To Attack Iran

Bush is using his own psychological operation against the Iranian people in efforts to provoke them into a confrontation in which they will be forced to respond violently, giving Bush a plausible reason in which to attack Iran. The FBI and its criminal minions use a similar type of psyop in efforts to provoke myself and myriad other TI's into responding violently.

These psychological operations are the brainchild of EVIL minded and wickedly spirited miscreants whose mantra is based on sadism. As for his comment in regard to wanting world peace, George W. Bush wants no such thing. He is nothing but a pawn of the Illuminati, and its quest for a single fascist government, which will control every country on this planet. George W. Bush's goal is one of tyranny and oppression. He is a monster on the scale of Stalin, Hitler, and Caligula.

Bush and allies embrace possible Iran sanctions

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Jun 10, 1:05 PM (ET)

KRANJ, Slovenia (AP) - President Bush and European allies on Tuesday threatened tougher sanctions to squeeze Iran's finances and derail its potential pursuit of a nuclear weapon. Bush said the prospect of a nuclear-armed Iran would endanger world peace.

"They can either face isolation, or they can have better relations with all of us," Bush said of Iran's leaders while capping his final European Union-U.S. summit.

The president and EU leaders embraced new financial sanctions against Iran unless it verifiably suspends its nuclear enrichment. They said Iran must fully disclose any nuclear weapons work and allow the International Atomic Energy Agency to verify that work.

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*George Bush, puppet of the New World Order and organizations like the PNAC (Project For A New American Century) has been gunning for the Iranians since he first stole his way into office in 2000. The truth is that for all of his rhetoric about making the world safe for democracy, Bush is a fascist at heart, and looking to attack any country which fails to go along with his US Imperialist dictates. Especially oil rich nations like Iraq, Iran and Venezuela, the last two of which not only refuse to bow to Bush's dictates, but also refuse to accept the US Dollar as legal tender for the purchase of their oil.

The latter is the primary reason for Bush's latest diatribe in regard to Iran, and why Bush is hell bent on convincing America's European allies to join in punitive sanctions (a euphemism for "psychological warfare") against the Iranian people.

More evidence of this can be found in the following article:

Bush doesn't rule out military strike in Iran

Jun 11, 1:37 PM (ET)

MESEBERG, Germany (AP) - President Bush on Wednesday raised unprompted the possibility of a military strike to thwart Tehran's presumed nuclear weapons ambitions, speaking bullishly on Iran even as he admitted having been unwise to do so previously about Iraq.

Bush's host in two days of meetings at a baroque castle, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, made clear her views on the saber-rattling - however subtle - without directly countering her guest. "I very clearly pin my hopes on diplomatic efforts," Merkel said, reflecting the deeply held European opinion that military action against Iran is nearly unthinkable.

Merkel joined Bush in urging further sanctions against Iran if it fails to suspend its uranium enrichment program.

Iran's leader weighed in, too. Speaking before thousands in the central Iranian city of Shahr-e-Kord, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said Bush "won't be able to harm even one centimeter of the sacred land of Iran" and promised continued defiance over Iran's nuclear activities. Iran says it is enriching uranium to generate electricity, not build a bomb - a claim the West doubts is true.

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