Monday, June 09, 2008

The Organized Stalking Wallflowers WILT Under The 98 Degree Sun -- Proving That When The Going Gets Tough Organized Stalkers Run For Cover

*Note that over the past few days the FEDS and their organized stalking disciples have been creating an extremely turbulent situation between my Family and self, in efforts to push me over the edge. However, this will never happen, regardless of what this federal garbage attempts to do, because these demons are the criminals here. They are liars, torturers and murderers.

And as in the case of the disgusting FBI, NSA and DHS, these are THREE organizations that will eventually be abolished; leaving a legacy as complete anathema, akin to Hitler and the Third Reich. And I take tremendous satisfaction in knowing that until my death, I will continue to play an integral role in exposing these treasonous murderers for exactly what they are, having had first hand experience in being targeted by this abhorrent technology.

These agents are nothing but mind raping Nazi filth, who are trying to pass themselves off as Americans. In fact, they are despicable even by Hitler's standards, and will be remembered that way by the billions around this planet, as John Akwei's lawsuit against the NSA continues to be promulgated by those of us who understand, that humans as a species are now in grave danger.

And that the US Intel community is a complete LIE, and nothing but an outgrowth of the Nazi war criminals who were smuggled into this country by the CIA after World War II.

*Nazi's who later found lucrative jobs within the NSA, CIA, FBI and other anti-American agencies, whose primary goal has always been to bring about the destruction of our Constitution; and in the modern day the enslavement of the minds of the global population through the use of satellite based mind influencing weaponry.

See more on the CIA's smuggling of Nazi's into the United States after World War II under its Operation Paperclip, here:

Read about the CIA's usurpation of the US Media after World War II under a project code named Operation Mockingbird:

The FBI, CIA and NSAs' crimes are so abominable, that to this day they refuse to even acknowledge them; instead developing a convenient case of amnesia whenever they are confronted with these crimes.

There is no debate to be had here, because these criminals cannot win any logical argument. I say this, because they are responsible for destroying the constitutional rule of law in this country. They took an oath to protect and defend the US Constitution and its Bill Of Rights, and they have done nothing but violate this oath with their use of satellite tracking systems to violate in the most egregious of ways the 4Th Amendment.

A violation of American privacy so abjectly EVIL, that these agencies and their operatives will live in infamy for their crimes against humanity. Like all tyrants, despised throughout the globe for their cruelty and inhumanity, people will remember these agents and their organizations as the ones that tried to destroy their minds, through the use of remote neural monitoring, in which to rob them of their cherished memories, ideas and beliefs, while using them as unwitting guinea pigs for their insidious mind control experimentation.

These federal agents are EVIL.

To the many who have followed my battles with these treasonous reprobates, if you remember anything of these posts remember this: The NSA, FBI and their brethren in crime maintain both the ability to read and manipulate your minds by way of their satellite network. And they are presently doing so with millions (and perhaps more) of Americans, most of whom have no idea that these government snakes are illegally spying on them within their own homes, while raping their minds with this Orwellian technology. And at this very moment you could be one of these people.

So circulate John Akwei's lawsuit everywhere you can: to your families, neighbors, fellow employees, churches, synagogues, and every other venue which you can think of. Because it is your lives as well as those of us who already know that we are definitely being targeted by this technology, that are on the line now.

And as far as trusting what your respective governments are telling you through their media systems; DON'T! You can never take the word of a government that would covertly attempt to destroy humankind, in the ways in which our governments are now doing.

Organized Stalkers Are Cowardly Predatory THUGS

When the weather gets tough, the cowardly US Intel organized stalkers run for cover. That appears to be the case today, since there has been nary a vehicular stalker in hours, driving past my home. On most days there are a great number of these hybridized gnats, which trail off as the sun sets.

Between the high cost of fuel, and these organized stalking fools not being able to take this intense heat over the past few days, they now appear stalled in their efforts. And as the cost per barrel of fuel continues to rise - $139 at the end of last week, with expectations of it being about $150 by the 4Th Of July Weekend - these unindicted felons are going to find themselves wishing that they'd found another criminal occupation which did not rely so heavily on automobiles.

But then again, they are cowardly punks by nature, and enjoy the fact that if they get into trouble with one of their victims, they can then hi-tail it away from their crime scenes before being confronted by those whom they have covertly attacked.

I have experienced this on several occasions, and on one in particular where a 20 something male attempted to intimidate me by racing his car up to the rear bumper of my own, while locking up his brakes at the last second. He did this in a panic to avoid an actual collision.

His purpose was to try to get me to speed up so that I would get *ticketed by a police cruiser laying in wait further up the road. This is how these reprobates entrap you.

These stalkers (piss ants that they are), actually succeeded in accomplishing this back in 2005. The end result was my getting ticketed twice in less that two weeks -- $300 in fines and $300 in a driving surcharge -- which was to be paid over the next three years (and which I have since paid in full).

Of course, do you think that the cops would have actually admitted in a court of law that this was a setup which they played a role in? Of course not. Any cop who did would find himself being harassed by the same perp's who're attacking TI's.

Why are these crimes now occurring so brazenly in public?

Because we are in George W. Bush's country now, where virtually all aspects of the Constitutional rule of law have been quietly suspended. And this includes the 4Th Amendment -- a situation in which the decades long satellite spying of the NSA within our own homes, is now being encouraged. And if you don't think that this is a direct threat to your privacy, then you are mistaken. Because if one American citizen's rights can be violated this egregiously, then so can yours.

A situation in which for years on end, you can be illegally spied on and recorded by way of NSA satellite, while your thoughts are electronicallly stolen from right out of your head.

If the FBI and NSA believe that this is acceptable behavior for federal agencies, then let's put them in the same satellite tracking system, and videotape them while they are sitting on their own toilets, or while having sex, or recording every private moment and thought that they are having.


Moreover, as for these organized stalkers and their communal attack on the automobiles of TI's, when most of these federally orchestrated perp's (pimps) damage your vehicle it is either by sabotaging it (draining your battery, putting sugar in your gas tank, hammering nails into or slashing your tires, draining your car's motor oil), or crashing into it by simply sideswiping you; this, or even letting their foot off the brake as you are parked at a traffic light, so that they can roll their car into yours, without your ever hearing them accelerating towards you.

Would you say that a person who would deliberately crash their automobile into yours is sane? Of course not. And these federal agents are not sane, and nor our the provocateurs whom they deploy against the TI community, for the express purpose of stalking them until they reach such a state of desperation, that they act out in some way in which they can be incarcerated -- or even commit suicide.

I have been sideswiped by these federal provocateurs once, had three vehicles which were hit from behind while either waiting at a traffic light, sitting in traffic on a highway, or pulling out of a parking space; as well as being nearly run off the road at least a half dozen times over the past twenty plus years. So if you think that the FBI, NSA, DHS or other US Intel agency will not commit life threatening types of crimes against you, then you need to reconsider; because they will.

That is, as long as they think that they can get away with it.

In each of the above situations (sans the running off the road attempts), all of these collisions could have been explained away plausibly -- which is how the FEDS operate. Moreover, they could have been avoided by the provocateurs who deliberately sought to entrap me. In each case we have a situation in which these cars were either directly behind my vehicle or traveling adjacent to my vehicle in my blind spot. In one instance, I was actually parked behind a large sedan waiting for the traffic light to change when the driver backed into the front of my car, and then took off without bothering to see if he caused any damage.

This is how these lowlifes operate; completely outside the rule of law. And you can be subjected to these types of anomalous events for years without realizing that you are being targeted by the FBI or other government agency for illegal spying, and perhaps non consensual human experimentation as well.

*While Americans are looking to the ground for such illegal surveillance, the cops are using the skies above us and satellite spying networks like the NSA's Echelon and Tempest, to spy on us within our own homes! And they have been getting away with these outrageous crimes against us for the past three decades in the most intense domestic spying ever documented by American citizens.

It is my contention that anyone being targeted the ways in which I have mentioned above, has been tracked by way of such spy satellites and spied upon for many years (even within the privacy of their own homes), while never realizing that they have been under such extensive surveillance; that is until those perpetrating these crimes against them decide to make themselves known. And from that moment on, what was covert surveillance becomes an overt attack in which these persons (TI's)are suddenly stalked by massive groups of people whereever they travel to, while their lives are systematically destroyed.

And while there have been secret societies throughout the ages who have perpetrated such notorious crimes, they now fall within the purview of the respective intelligence communities within our own countries. And in the United States, this means the FBI, NSA, DHS and CIA. Yes, there are other lesser known Intel agencies which may also be participating in these crimes, however the aforesaid are the key players here.

And why I am here today, writing about their crimes so that the American people can become aware of just how dangerous US Intel is, and how vulnerable all of you are to these federal criminals who masquerade as the exact opposite of what they really are.

A New World Order Nazi idealized group of hi-tech satellite predators who consider it their right to electronically access the unique bio electromagnetic field which surrounds each of your bodies, as well as tapping into your sub vocalized thoughts to know what you are thinking at all times.

This is exactly what the NSA, FBI and DHS are doing to me and millions of other Americans, most of whom have no idea that such an atrocity of human rights is being perpetrated against them; and right within their own homes.

Those who are perpetrating these precedent setting crimes against us are subhuman droids; not humans! They have no sense of conscience and attack us with a sadism that is indicative of the psychopath.

And their goal is clear -- to drive us to a state of suicide.

As for the guy who was playing chicken by racing up towards the back of my car, I did find that when I offered him a physical confrontation, he wanted no part of the situation, and quickly sped up the next traffic light. Being the cowardly thug that he was, this did not surprise me at all. Especially when I verbally confronted him at the light, and he simply turned away and waited for the light to change. It was interesting to note at this point, how meek this driver got once I became the aggressor; even though it was he who'd initiated this confrontation.

Now imagine being confronted by a thousand such low life punk bastards at one time, and you can begin to understand what we TI's deal with on a daily basis. And the kind of courage, determination and patience that we must have in order to maintain our sanity, which prevents us from beating the living #%*!@ out of some of these sadistic rats.

Of course if we did smack the hell out of some of these punks (God knows that they deserve it) you can be sure that the cops would show up then -- but to arrest us. Which is only further proof of the extent of the criminal conspiracy that is being waged against the entire TI community, by a group of Constitution raping/George W. Bush "ass smooching" thugs who belong in prison.

What is truly amazing about the TI community is that for the most part we remain composed, realizing that these organized stalkers are nothing more than brainwashed pawns, who are taking part in these federally depraved operations, and as such, not right within their own minds.

Even many of our own beloved Family members are being *"brain tapped" as a result of these attacks, which is indicative of the fascist police state that this country has become under the New World Order's criminal Bush administration.

*According to John St. Clair Akwei in his lawsuit against the NSA, those close to citizens being targeted by the NSA for illegal satellite tracking/mind control research, are also tracked and "brain tapped" by way of satellite so that the NSA can control the situation around the targeted person.

This is in large part why the Families and friends of TI's are often involved in their harassment. The plain truth of the matter is that between being "brain tapped" and being threatened with the loss of their jobs, homes, pensions, reputations, they really have no choice but to comply. They are in most respects just as much victims as we TI's are, and being just as badly abused by these FEDS and their brainwashed organized stalking communities

It is these federal scumbags who are the real criminals here, and the ones who should be taken to task for their depravity. Because there is no depth to which they will not plumb, and no crime which they will not commit, in efforts to silence those who are exposing them for the Nazi idealized criminals that they really are.

If these FEDS were operating legally, there would be no organized stalking, or complicity by law enforcement, in what has turned out to be the greatest conspiracy against targeted groups of American citizens in US History.

As for these organized stalkers, they are now nearly in the same Satanic league (a result of their brainwashing) as their federal controllers. Furthermore, normal people do not drive their cars up and down in front of someones home screeching their tires, yelling profanity, choosing particular colors for vehicles as psychological triggers (as well as certain themes which can be found on the sides of trucks and vans), as well as carrying out psychological warfare operations, unless there is something very seriously wrong with them. And when it comes to these organized stalking groups, there most certainly is.

They are not normal; and they are extremely dangerous.

Almost as dangerous as the federal bathroom peeping and satellite raping scum, who are using these communal stalkers in criminal attacks against us. Modern day Gestapo who now threaten the well being of all Americans, and whose crimes have become amongst the worst ever documented. And something which they will likely live to regret.

The FBI, NSA, DHS and CIA must be abolished, since they are pawns of the Illuminist New World Order. And the US Congress must be the organization charged with doing so, since these agencies have been subverted by a criminal and Nazi presence which must be eradicated from this country. Congress can represent us the way it was created to. But first, we have to get rid of the snooping and blackmailing agencies which have been holding our own Congress hostage for many decades.

Federal agencies that have no business attempting to usurp the authority of our individual states.

We need a small transparent government, without all the dead wood that we have now. We need a government like Congressman Ron Paul suggests. Not this secretive juggernaut that has grown so criminal and complex that it only serves the interests of the wealthy few, and at the expense of the proletariat.

Unless this government is streamlined -- and that means getting rid of most of US Intel and paring down this community so that it serves our interests (no more COINTELPRO, no more illegal satellite tracking and mind control research, no more drug and human trafficking, no more black operations), our freedoms will be lost for good.

So as it stands now, unless US Intel is completely restructured, it's either the American people, or US Intel. I choose the American people.

US Intel is an abomination that can go straight to HELL.

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