Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The FBI's Predatorial Agents Sabotage Two Purchases Through Audiogon -- The Snakes Now Move To Another Business Venue To Cause Problems

In the past three days I have inquired in regard to the availability of two different hi-fi products. The first person never bothered to answer at all, even though it appears that he received both my E-mails. The second person came back with a quick response agreeing to sell the item in question to me for an agreed upon amount, only to fail to complete the transaction.

It is quite obvious that because I cannot track these correspondences, these federal degenerates, are also sabotaging my efforts to conduct business over the Internet. They do the same with Ebay constantly, however, there I can leave negative feedback if those whom I am purchasing items from fail to deliver the items. So they comply with Ebay's rules, even though the FEDS attempt to corrupt them, because on Ebay, positive feedback is the only way that you can successfully conduct business.

I will continue to document every aspect of this illegal interference of my transactions over the Internet, as long as the FBI/DHS/NSA Nazi triumvirate of EVIL continue to violate my rights under the color and cover of law.

These agencies have seriously harmed so many American citizens, and become so extremely arrogant about having done so, that it is time they were confronted for a show down. And in time, it will be the American people who will be doing so, as they learn of the treasonous crimes that these satellite raping Nazi thugs have and continue to commit against them.
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