Thursday, June 12, 2008

With The Recent Collapse Of Bear Stearns, Wall Street Pundits Fear The Collapse Of Lehman Brothers May Be Next

With the sub prime mortgage debacle in the housing market gaining steam, and many of the top Wall Street brokerages experiencing severe losses as a result of it, Lehman Brothers could well be the next victim of this (for quite sometime now) foreseen yet unacknowledged miscalculation of epic proportions.

In fact, if one takes the time to research Wall Street's hedge fund "Junk" investments, and the economical woes of the US economy in the present day, we find a situation in which several conditions may quickly emerge concomitantly, to send these Wall Street firms tumbling like the proverbial stack of domino's. Especially if both American and foreign investors begin to panic and create a selling frenzy on Wall Street.

If this turns out to be the case, Americans will find themselves faced not with another recession (as we are presently in), but perhaps a precedent setting depression.

Also consider this. When George W. Bush stole his way into office in 2000, this country had an operating budget surplus (not to be confused with the national debt) of over a trillion dollars. Since the Bush criminal syndicate's time in office, that surplus has now turned into one of the worst budget deficits in US History, given that this criminal administration has borrowed more money from other countries than all of the US Presidential administrations to come before it, combined!

Another notorious first for Bush & Co.

Could Lehman Brothers be the next victim of the sub prime mortgage scandal ?

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