Saturday, June 14, 2008

Further Evidence That The FEDS Are Tampering With My E-mail Account & Interfering With My Conducting Business Over The Internet

This is the THIRD E-mail that I have sent to this person in the past week, who has not responded, even though he has received a legitimate offer to purchase the item he is selling, and at his asking price. There is no doubt that the FEDS are interfering with my business transactions over the Internet, another prime example of their treasonous campaign to disenfranchise me of my Constitutional rights as an American citizen. And further proof of just how inherently criminal the predators operating within the FBI, NSA and DHS really are.

Sent: Sat 6/14/08 9:53 AM

Is this amplifier for sale or not? I have contacted you twice already and not received a reply. I am interested in purchasing it at your asking price and will pay shipping. Jim
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