Friday, June 13, 2008

Meet The Press News Heavyweight Tim Russert Drops Dead Of A Heart Attack At NBC's Washington News Bureau This Afternoon -- Russert Was Only 58

Was Tim Russert Murdered?

In learning what I have in regard to how the US Intelligence community can murder anyone by way of satellite based directed energy weapons, I now consider the deaths of any persons who are in some way connected to the flow of information in this country to be suspect. Especially, in regard to persons who are known to have made enemies through their hard hitting interviews -- something which Tim Russert has done for years.

And while it is possible that Russert did die from natural causes, it will be *interesting to hear the coroner's report, in regard to what caused his quite sudden and massive heart attack. Was his death brought about by natural causes, or was it a premeditated murder done by remote means?

*Then again, in the cases of such murders, coroners are controlled through various means by those Intel agencies who perpetrate these types of black ops, so there is no guarantee that their reports will not be tampered with.

One must also consider, especially given the tremendous outpouring of affection for Tim by so many of his colleagues, that he was easily one of the most visible and important news people within the United States in the present day. And as such, his opinions carried great weight with millions of viewers around this nation.

So regardless of what the actual reason for his heart attack was, I will always wonder if there was not more going on here. Especially if Tim knew more about this government's criminality than he led on to, and was perhaps planning to become more focused on using his position within the media to expose this in the future. Russert was a stickler for details and an excellent researcher in his own right, which made him a formidable opponent to those whom he interviewed, as many Washington politicians will tell you.

He was certainly someone whom agencies like the CIA and NSA would not have wanted investigating them.

Moreover, I know for certain that such hi-tech electronic murders of those whom these agencies need to kill with plausible deniability, can be accomplished remotely by way of satellite based directed energy weapons, and occur far more frequently than one might imagine.

As for Russert, Tim was both a dynamic and controversial figure within the US Media, and considered by many to be one of the most influential broadcasting personalities of his time.

He was also a textbook example of the American dream; a deeply religious man with humble beginnings, whom through his industriousness and talent, would turn out to be one of those rare individuals who became larger than life itself.

Neither the US Media nor his listeners will take Tim Russert's loss easily, given the enormous impact that he has had on both throughout his career. Nor should they.

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