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Some Other Internet Posters Are Asking The Same Question That I Am Regarding Tim Russert's Sudden Death -- Was It Murder? If So, Who's Responsible?

Was Tim Russert Murdered?

Evidently, the US Media's report of Russert's having died from natural causes, in this case a massive heart attack which killed him instantly, is being challenged by many people who believe that the NBC Washington Bureau Chief may have in fact been murdered. And Bill and Hillary Clinton seem to be the primary focus here.

See more evidence of others who believe that Tim Russert may have been murdered:

If the Clinton's were in some way involved with the untimely demise of NBC News' Washington Bureau Chief, yesterday afternoon (as the author of the following article intimates), one thing's for certain: He would not be the first of their murder victims; not by a long shot.

Nor will he be their last.

Moreover, forget about the witchcraft angle in all this (something that this author mentions), and start concentrating on the Clintons' CIA drug ties, as well as US Intel's use of satellite based directed energy weapons to cause fatal heart attacks, strokes, cancers and other types of illnesses in which to murder people with plausible deniability, while leaving "zero trace evidence" that a crime has even been committed.

Is such cases, the traditional autopsy remains obsolete, since this weaponry can cause damage to the human body which appears natural in its origins, when it is in fact caused through unnatural and remote means.

Directed Energy Weaponry enables these criminals to commit the perfect crime, given that most of society has virtually no idea that such weaponry even exists, much less that it is routinely used to commit the murders of publicly known personalities, who appear to either die of natural causes, or to have committed suicide.

Such deaths can be brought on expediently, being used to cause a fatal heart attack, stroke, or aneurysm. However, these weapons can also be used to propagate terminal illnesses such as cancer, over an extended period of time, through the delivery of radiation which is targeted at specific areas of a victim's body.

This technology can also be used to remotely affect a targeted person's thoughts and behavior, resulting in abnormal behavior. Remotely induced suicidal tendencies are oftentimes a result of such remote manipulations of the human brain.

*I believe that both conspiracy theorist Mae Brussell, as well as ecoactivist, Judi Bari, were both murdered by US Intel agencies through the use of such satellite based directed energy weapons. In the case of Brussell (one of the best alternative journalists in US History), it was likely the CIA who was complicit in her murder, while with Judi Bari, the FBI was the likely culprit.

In both cases, these murders were perpetrated as punishment for the aforesaids' defiance of the US Status Quo.

It is also my opinion that a satellite based version of directed energy weaponry was used to murder Tim Russert, and that in all likelihood, Tim was being satellite tracked for quite some time before being murdered -- watched 24 hours per day, as an unwitting satellite prisoner. There are millions of us (satellite prisoners) within the United States alone.

I truly do not believe that Tim died of natural causes. And I think that given his prominent role as a true power broker within Washington circles (the result of his powerful media connections), that he was covertly punished for helping to bring about Hillary Clinton's defeat at the hands of Barack Obama. Something which Clinton simply could not tolerate.

Once again, I also mention how Senator Ted Kennedy suddenly collapsed weeks ago, only to later be diagnosed with brain cancer. This after he unexpectedly chose to support Barack Obama, instead of Hillary Clinton. Ted Kennedy has also long been a target of the CIA's, since his older brothers Jack and Bobby were murdered by them back in the 1960's.

The CIA has always been terrified of the Kennedy men (both past and present), because it has never been able to control them through the typical methods which the Cocaine Import Agency uses, to neutralize those who attempt to make positive changes in this country; and who by doing so, disrupt the very status quo which the criminals within the US Military Industrial Intelligence Complex rely heavily on, to maintain control over our government.

I believe that John F. Kennedy Jr. is no longer with us expressly for this reason.

The Clintons on the other hand, like George H.W. Bush and his idiot son Dubya, learned long ago how to play ball with agencies like the CIA. Something which I am certain is still benefiting them within the present day, as it is the Bush Crime Syndicate.

The Clintons' Own Version Of "The Dead Pool."

Did you think that Vince Foster was the only Clinton associate who died under mysterious circumstances? If so, think again, since there have been many.

See the following Website entitled "The Clinton Corpse Collection" to learn of many of their other victims:

When you think Bush Crime Family, also consider the Clinton's who are equally as corrupt and EVIL.


Is Tim Russert the First Victim of the Clinton's "Enemies List"?
"Meet the Press" Anchor Might Have Fallen Victim to Hillary's (Un)Sympathetic Magick

By Mummingbirds, published Jun 13, 2008

The Internet rumor mill is in full swing as regards the shocking and unexpected death of TV news heavyweight Tim Russert, who died at NBC's New York studio on Friday, June 12, 2008. The 58-year-old Russert, the anchor of NBC's Meet the Press for the past 17 years, allegedly died from a massive heart attack. He had recently returned to New York City from a continental sojourn in Italy, where he, his wife and his son were celebrating the lad's graduation from Boston College.

NBC Nightly News reported that the Irish-Catholic Tim Russert had had an audience with the Pope while in Rome. As of 7:00 PM Eastern time, Russert had been eulogized by fellow Irish-Americans Ted Kennedy and Ethel Kennedy, the widow of Ted's late brother Bobby, and the President of the United States, George W. Bush, who had ordered that the flags in Washington be flown at half-mast overnight in tribute to Russert. There was no eulogy from Hillary Rodham Clinton, or her husband, former President Bill Clinton.

It is no secret that Tim Russert topped the Clinton's "Enemies List," which also includes New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson and House Majority Whip James Clyburn. Combine this with the rumors, perpetrated by such world class knuckleheads as the late Jerry Falwell and still-alive 'n kickin' Pat Robertson that Hillary Rodham Clinton is a "lesbian witch" who sacrifices babies to Satan and you have a cauldron of speculation that Russert's death was a form of payback.

Stroll down the darker alleys of the Internet and you will find that Hillary Clinton is a charter member of the Earth Mother-worshiping "Illuminati" and a practitioner of occult who introduced her husband, former President Bill Clinton to the "hermetic arts." (Truthfully, when my mind starts to embrace the idea of Bill Clinton practicing witchcraft, I can only think of the warlock of the Oval Office as dabbling in the hermetic arts in order to get into women's panties. When Bill Clinton was a kid, he must have cut out an ad from a comic book and sent in his 50 cents plus stamps to cover the postage to get his hands on some "X-Ray Glasses" in order to see through girl's blouses!)

Tim Russert forever earned the enmity of Hillary Clinton on the night of September 26, 2007, when during the televised debate of Democratic Presidential candidates at Dartmouth College in Henniker, New Hampshire, he kept grilling Clinton on her stand on the issue of the licensing of illegal immigrants by the State of New York, which she claims as her home. Now-disgraced but then-New York Governor Eliot Spitzer, a superdelegate pledged to Hillary, had floated the idea of giving official New York State driver's licenses to illegal immigrants. On the night of the debate, Clinton would not take a definitive stand on the issue, and Tim Russert -- as the emcee of the debate -- would not let her off the hook. Her behavior that night severely wounded her and gave credence to what was on the minds of many Democrats, later put into words by Barack Obama: That the Clintons will say or do anything to get elected.

Say or do anything.

The fall of Eliot Spitzer came shortly thereafter. Was it coincidence? Karma? Or another victim of the former Hillary Rodham, the formerly formally named Hillary Rodham Clinton, who dropped her maiden name for the 2008 Presidential campaign so as not to appear a strident feminist who demands the preservation of her own name rather than take that of her hubby, ho then spent the bulk of the campaign whining like a stereotypical woman about the boys ganging up on poor little me. And one of those boys was Tim Russert, who she complained about. She would continue to bitch about Russert for the rest of the campaign.

Wolf Bitzer emceed the next Democratic Presidential and was as "gentle as a kitchen" with Hillary Clinton. (This is a quote from Boris Karloff's demented scientist in Edward Wood, Jr.'s kitsch sci-fi classic Bride of the Monster (a.k.a. Bride of the Atom), when he is allaying the leading lady's fears about his major domo, the hulking brute Lobo, played by pro wrassler Tor Johnson.) Unlike Tim Russert, the absurdly named "Wolf" acted more like the kitten in the kitchen and threw slow-pitch softballs up to Mrs. Clinton.

Tim Russert further enraged Hillary Clinton when, on the night of the North Carolina and Indiana primaries, he proclaimed the contest was over and Barack Obama was the Democratic nominee, after he swamped her in North Carolina and almost won redneck Indiana. Hillary and Bill Clinton, displaying a bunker-like mentality making to playing the demented Führer and his new missus Eva Hitler, nee Braun, had planned to slog it out all the way to the Democratic National Convention in late August. They were outraged that Russert, one of the finest and most respected of journalists, should condemn their campaign, declaring it as dead as the corpses of Adolph & Eva in the flame-pit at the Führerbunker that the Soviet's found when they sacked Berlin.

That is likely when Hillary and her tens of thousands of occult "sisters" started going to work in earnest, to punish Russert and others for their transgressions. The Big Hex was on!

Sympathy for the Devil

In a New York Times article about the Clintons' "Enemies List," U.S. Representative James Clyburn (D-SC), the Majority Whip in the House, allegedly laughed when told of the existence of the list and of the Clintons' desire to punish their "enemies." Did he now live in fear of the retribution the Clintons might extract from the disloyal?

"Afraid of what?" said the laughing Congressman, dismissing the threat from the Clintons. For it is now considered chapter and verse in the Inner Beltway Bible that Hillary Clinton, having blundered in the last phase of the campaign when the nomination was unwinnable, is more powerless than she has ever been in the near 16 years since she and her husband ventured East-by-Northeast, motoring on up to the nation's capital from Arkansas in their Joadmobile, with Bill Clinton's Maw strapped to a rocking chair astride the attached U-Haul trailer out back.

Bill had realized Jesse Jackson's dream of moving on up from the Outhouse to the White House, but in a "You can take the boy out of the country..." scenario, William Jefferson Clinton (who originally had been named "Sunny Jim" at birth, before Maw thought better of it and found the name of a dead traveling salesman in an old newspaper with which to baptize her bastard son) turned the Chief Executive's main office into the "Oval Orifice," a moral sewer that incoming President George W. Bush, a modest Methodist (as Hillary Clinton claims to be), had to have fumigated in January 2001. It took all of First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton's witchy powers, and the joo-joo of tens of thousands of her sisters, to keep Bill Clinton's fat fanny in the catbird's seat at the White House during the Monica Lewinsky scandal.

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