Saturday, June 14, 2008

The FBI Is A Destroyer Of Lives & Will Leave A Legacy As Perhaps The Most Horrific Organization Ever Created -- That Which Nearly Destroyed Humanity

From practically its inception, the FBI has been in the commission of treasonous crimes against the American people. Its agents have illegally used entrapment to frame people who were not committing crimes,used psychological warfare in which to drive sane people to states of insanity or suicide (torture), out rightly murdered anyone whom it was looking to prosecute but failed to do, and allowed innocent citizens to serve long (sometimes life) stretches in prison, for crimes that the FBI's own informants committed.

FBI agents knowingly let innocent American citizens be imprisoned to protect their own criminal snitches!

Take this into account along with the fact that on a great number of occasions, the FBI has in reality only served to obstruct justice, by covering up the facts in criminal cases, as well as those of several terrorist attacks within the United States, including: the original bombing of the World Trade Center in 1993, the Murrah Federal Building bombing in 1995, the destruction of TWA Flight 800 in 1996 by way of a missile, the attacks on 9-11, and what you are left with is an abjectly criminal and treasonous organization that should have been abolished in the 1920's, when it first proved to be a threat to the US Constitution and Bill Of Rights -- a result of the illegal *Palmer Raids.

* Learn more about the Palmer Raids here:

Below is yet another example of the illegal, immoral and unethical ways in which the FBI and its agents continue to operate.

Wives Struggled After FBI Framed Spouses

Aug 16 02:53 PM US/Eastern
Associated Press Writer

BOSTON (AP) - For three decades, Marie Salvati and Olympia Limone essentially lived as widows, struggling to make ends meet as they raised four children on their own. Their husbands grew old behind bars after being convicted of a murder the FBI knew they did not commit.

Now the women hope a judge's ruling awarding them and two other families nearly $102 million marks the end of their struggle in a long story of love, devotion and survival.

For many years, the two women would see each other about once a month, across the visiting room of a state prison. Their conversations were rarely more than a wave hello or a "how's the family?" but they didn't really need words to understand each other's lives.

In the days after the verdict, the two women and their husbands spoke to The Associated Press about living apart for so long, and the bonds that kept them together.

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