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In Yet Another Of Myriad Strange Situations, My Father's Cardiologist Is Arrested For Installing A Camera In A Bathroom At His Practice

Manhasset Dr. Charged With Hiding Camera In Restroom

Our Family Cardiologist Gets Arrested

If I had not witnessed all of the extremely bizarre occurrences within my life and my Family's over the past five years (since US Intel's harassment of my person went from being covert to overt), I would never have believed that so many outlandish situations could have happened to anyone.

It now appears as if the FEDS are not only going frame by frame through the illegal satellite videotapes that they have taken of my person over the past 28 years, but also, those of everyone with whom I have been in contact with in all this time. There is little doubt that the FEDS have spent tens of millions of dollars in their attempts to entrap me in all this time, while in fact using me for non consensual human experimentation.

Mind Control Research.

Precedent setting Constitutional violations against my person, and everyone with whom I have in some way been in contact over the past three decades. There has never been a scandal of such immense proportions in regard the US Intel community in the past, and there may likely never be in the future.

In the latest aspect of this unfolding saga, a famous cardiologist whom both my Father and I have gone to in the past, was arrested earlier today, and charged with a single felony count in regard to the allegation that he installed a spy camera within one of the bathrooms of his medical practice.

This is also the second time that a physician of my *Father's has been on the news. About a year and half ago, his pulmonologist was struck and killed by a hit and run driver.

*This physician has also been my cardiologist since 2001.

Are The FEDS Looking To Recoup Their Cash Outlay?

As I have mentioned in the past, virtually all of the programming that I have been subjected to since the federally waged harassment campaign against my person went from being covert to overt, has been the result of the FBI/NSA psychological operation against my person. The situation became so terrible that in 2005 I for the most part stopped watching TV altogether.

The objective with this program is to cause me further psychological damage.

In fact, in one of many of the FEDS' chosen "trigger theme" movies which I have been subjected to - one which I was given to see as a psychological trigger about a year ago - the phrase "it's not enough" was repeatedly used. This I took to mean that for the millions in cash that the FBI and NSA have spent in attempting to entrap me on some bogus charges, the result of the COINTELPRO waged against my person having failed miserably, they were now looking to go after others with whom I was in some way acquainted, to justify what I believe may in fact be an expense now totalling in the tens of millions of dollars.

The FBI should just admit that COINTELPRO is a criminal operation which remains in the modern day, and that for the most part it's ineffective cost-wise for attacking someone whom they cannot arrest legally.

Which is why they must now continue to work behind the scene in order to demonize those whom they cannot arrest legally, when in reality, if the FBI had operated legally like legitimate police officers, they would not find themselves in such embarrassing situations; in this case, having been caught violating the 4Th and 5Th Amendments, as well as the Geneva Convention and Nuremberg Code. And now being labeled as degenerate scum, who have been reduced to bathroom peeping and satellite raping pigs.

Did you or I tell the FBI or NSA to abuse their authority by perpetrating such disgusting crimes against many of us? Of course not. These federal criminals and unindicted felons decided to do so on their own, while knowing full well that none of their victims would ever know that they were being illegally spied upon, given the covert nature of this satellite based technology.

However, the FEDS had to get cute and let some of us know that they could see us within our homes, while they watched us frantically combing through our houses looking for hidden cameras that never even existed. And then in the ultimate act of cruelty, they decided they would drive us right over the edge by letting us know that they we were able to also know what we were thinking.

This could have been the final straw for all of us.

Except that many of us didn't go over the edge as the FEDS had planned. Instead, we took to the Internet to do our own research, and eventually learned of how the NSA could see into our homes by using satellites equipped with millimeter wave cameras in which to illegally watch and record our activities.

An outrageous violation of both the 4Th & 5Th Amendment.

That is what these federal pigs are doing in regard to their domestic spying of the American people. Illegally using the NSA's spy satellites to watch Americans making love, using their own bathrooms, and violating in the most egregious of ways, our rights as citizens of this country.

Once those of us who have been attacked in such ways realized what was going on here, it became clear that these federal agencies were operating criminally and had to be publicly exposed as quickly as possible. Which many of us are now doing.

And then, thanks to great patriots like John St. Clair Akwei, a former NSA operative who became a whistle blower against the NSA when learning of its treasonous crimes against Americans, I learned about the NSA's Signals Intelligence technology, and how this domestic spy agency could electronically attach itself to the electromagnetic fields around our own bodies; a situation in which the NSA's own cryptologists could not only track us 24 hours a day, but also record and manipulate our thoughts without our knowledge or consent.

A precedent setting violation of both civil and human rights which has now been set by the NSA, through its illegal use of satellite based Electronic Brain Link technology.

This is in many respects the worst crime against human rights ever documented, given NSA/FBI collusion to invade the privacy of our minds for the express purposes of illegal interrogations, as well as mind control research. And now these Nazi criminalized agencies are being exposed globally for these crimes, and find themselves in a Catch 22 situation; since if they deny this technology they will be seen as liars, and if they admit to it they will be seen as the treasonists and terrorists which they truly are.

So they can no longer win, regardless of what they do, because it's clear that their agenda is to use this satellite based technology to covertly rape the minds of the American people, in what must be seen at the most despicable act of treason by a country's government against its own people, in world history.

One may have assumed that such crimes against humanity would occur in countries overseen by dictatorships -- not in the United States of America. However, such crimes are being perpetrated in this country, and by the very agencies who have been charged with preventing them.

And as for the FBI and NSAs' use of millimeter wave camera equipped satellites, to videotape us within the privacy of our own bedrooms and bathrooms -- this depraved act makes these federal reprobates much sicker and perverted than this family cardiologist whom I mentioned earlier.

The truth is that it's now the FBI, NSA and DHS who are frying on the griddle here, given their own precedent setting violations of the Bill Of Rights. And which by the way, is an attack on every American citizen's rights.

In regard to the FEDS' illegal attacks on my person and the slippery slope that they are now heading down, the the FBI, NSA and DHS are now left digging until they can come up with something - anything - in which to justify such a ridiculous expenditure on someone with no criminal record, and whose Constitutional rights they have so abjectly obliterated, so much so that it defies comparison. All because of their attempts to cover up the crimes of an low life and criminal rogue FBI agent who willfully used his position within the FBI to violate my Constitutional rights under the color and cover of law.

As a result of this cover up, there is no way that the FBI or its criminal henchmen can win this situation legitimately, and the FEDS know it; especially since they have gone so far as to perpetrate what may well be the greatest conspiracy ever documented by an American citizen. A situation in which precedent setting crimes against both myself and the US Constitution are now recorded as part of both American History, and the US Intelligence community's own rampant criminal history.

Did The FEDS Entrap This Doctor?

Moreover, it now appears that this perverted cardiologist who was videotaping men and women (and quite possibly many of his own nurses -- all of whom were quite attractive as I recall), after having installed a hidden camera in one of the bathrooms at his medical practice, may well have been setup by the FEDS in efforts to justify some of the millions that they have wasted in their attempts to set me up.

The bottom line here is that if you are a legitimate criminal (or in the case of the Bush Administration, a terrorist), the FBI does not need decades in which to spy on you. They will catch you committing crimes that they can imprison you for and arrest you within months of such an investigation.

Tracking someone by way of satellite and spying on them within the privacy of their own bathroom does not constitute a legitimate investigation, but instead a criminal conspiracy being perpetrated by a group of degenerate pigs, to deny that person their rights.

The fact that the FBI would conduct a multimillion dollar investigation on an American citizen with no criminal record, is highly unlikely. Instead what we have here is not a criminal investigation at all, but rather, a criminal conspiracy being waged by the NSA and FBI, in which to deny an American citizen their rights under the color and cover of law.

Only the FBI and NSA (and other Intel agencies) would attempt to justify such outrageous violations of any person's rights, and then make a pathetic attempt at covering up their own crimes, by attacking those whom they've victimized in such outrageous ways.

As for this cardiologist, in my opinion, he may well have been set up by the FEDS using local law enforcement; His name is Dr. Vincent Pacienza, and he was arrested earlier today. Are the FEDS looking to setup others whom they have learned about in their illegal spying of my person. And if so, is Dr. Pacienza one of them?

As I have said in the past, there is little doubt that my former Lyme Disease physician was blackmailed by the FEDS into closing his lucrative practice in 2006; the result of a long-term failed campaign by other doctors within the Lyme Disease community whom he had testified against before a Senate Health Committee Hearing in 1993, to expose their ineptness in treating this biological weapon. And I have little doubt that it was the FEDS' illegal spying of my person, which also had them spying on this doctor, whom the medical community was looking to get even with, by putting him out of business.

And given that the New York State Office Of Professional Medical Conduct had failed to put this Lyme Disease physician out of business, after being covertly used by his medical peers in which to do so, the FEDS were their last hope in achieving this sabotage of his career.

As for Dr. Pacienza and the crime that he's been alleged to have committed, my question here is as follows: If this well respected and liked doctor can be arrested for such a crime of perversion as videotaping his patients within a changing room at his practice, why is it that the filthy garbage operating within the FBI and NSA who've been perpetrating this disgusting crime against my person (and a myriad of others) for nearly three decades, have been allowed to get away with it?

These FEDS are criminal pigs who should be in prison, as they certainly are the poorest and most pathetic representation of law enforcement that I have ever seen.

There is also something else that is bothering me about the arrest of this doctor. His arrest came on the heels of his nursing staff having found a receipt sent to his office, from a company which sold spycameras. The item was an air purifier with a hidden camera in it, which the nurses found in one of the changing rooms at Dr. Pacienza's medical practice. Now Pacienza is not only respected throughout the medical community for his excellence as a cardiologist, but also considered by many of his peers to be brilliant.

Would such a brilliant doctor actually be foolish enough to purchase such an item, yet allow the receipt for it to be sent to someone else, knowing that it could trigger a police investigation that would lead right back to him?

While there's no way of knowing this for certain, the possibility of the FEDS or some of his competition having set him up in this situation (in efforts to destroy his reputation and practice) should not be overlooked.

As for the NSA and FBIs' illegal spying of my person in such an equally degenerate way, I am certain that they they are also doing so to a very large number of Americans, who have no idea that they are being spied upon in such treasonous or digusting ways. And this is yet another reason for my creation of this Website. The FBI, NSA, CIA and DHS in particular have proven through such criminal machinations that they serve no legitimate benefit to the American people, and never have.

Which is why they are eventually going to be abolished.

Many individuals targeted by US Intel for electronic harassment and organized stalking crimes, report being spied upon in such ways within their own homes, while those who perpetrate these depraved crimes are able to do so without fear of arrest.

In regard to such illegal behavior by federal agencies, exactly where are those checks and balances that the US Intel community is supposed to be operating within, under the US Constitution?

Moreover, what these FEDS are getting away with here is absolutely ludicrous, since these so called agents and their provocateurs are just as criminal as this cardiologist is alleged to be. In fact, even more so, since they are charged with preventing the same types of crimes that they are in the commission of.

In fact, they commit myriad murders through the use of satellite based directed energy weapons. And in the present day, I am irradiated by these filthy NSA/FBI torturers and murders 24 hours a day. And so are many other Americans, most of whom are unaware that they are being illegally tracked and subjected to such danger.

Futhermore, there is no excuse for the types of illegal spying within our own homes that they are perpetrating against us much less the mind control research that they are subjecting many of us to.

And for this reason these US Intel agencies must be held accountable for these crimes. And one way or another, they are going to be.

Furthermore, if ever there was a clear indication of the creeping fascism within the US Federal Government, what the FBI, NSA and DHS have thus far gotten away with perpetrating against my Family and self, is a textbook example of it.

And from what I have read on the Internet, there are myriad other citizens documenting their own federally catalyzed nightmares, as these Nazi pigs that masquerade as federal agents, covertly work to deny them their rights under the US Constitution.

As a result of their decades of such criminal activity, these federal agencies are now in their twilight. Hopefully, it will be a short one.

See the rest of this story regarding this family doctor here:

Police: Manhasset doctor hid camera in office rest room
2:44 PM EDT, June 14, 2008

A North Hills doctor was arrested Friday and accused of hiding a camera in the rest room of his Manhasset cardiology practice, Nassau police said.

Dr. Vincent Pacienza, 54, faces a single charge of felony unlawful surveillance in connection with the camera, concealed in an air purifier at Manhasset Cardiovascular and Wellness Center at 75 Plandome Rd., police said.

"Well over 100" patients and staff could have been videotaped, police said, but detectives have not yet examined the items seized from Pacienza's office and home that could contain the images. Detectives said the device was installed within the past two weeks.

"If you had visited him within the past two weeks, it's possible that your image could have been captured in that room, had you used that bathroom," said Det. Lt. Kevin Smith, a police spokesman.

This story concludes here:,0,1396096.story

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