Friday, June 20, 2008

More Bad News In The War To Destroy Your Privacy And Proof That The US Congress Is Complicit In This Treasonous Crime

Congress' Complicity In Destroying The 4Th Amendment

To those of us who are all too painfully aware of the extent to which the US Intel community has been illegally spying on Americans for decades (through the use of satellites), the following information seems staid by comparison to what we have been subjected to. And here I include the illegal satellite tracking systems used by the NSA and FBI to remotely track us by way of the electromagnetic fields which surround our own bodies, while remote neurally monitoring our own private thoughts; a treasonous crime which is in complete violation of the 4Th Amendment.

And an issue which goes well beyond that of the spying which Congress is debating in the following article, in regard to a new surveillance law. An unconstitutional Bill which like the Patriot Act and Military Commission's Act of 2006, is based on a bogus war on terror, and in reality, already redundant, since the Patriot Act alone has allowed for the complete destruction of your privacy.

The U.S. Congress, despite its rhetoric regarding the importance of protecting and defending the US Constitution, continues to chip away at it with every new piece of legislation which undermines the Constitution and its Bill Of Rights. And under the pretense of protecting Americans from this so called "war on terror." What is in reality, a black operation being used to turn the United States into a dictatorship.

Americans are being tracked and remotely monitored by way of the NSA and its network of spy satellites and artificial intelligence computers, which can track you by way of your body's own electromagnetic frequency. A situation in which not only can you be watched 24 hours a day, but also subjected to the illegal monitoring of your private thoughts.

So why isn't the Congress talking about this?

Because in doing so, Congress would be admitting to all Americans that it has been complicit in aiding and abetting the US Intelligence Community in perpetrating treasonous crimes against the American people and the US Constitution.

House prepares to debate new surveillance law
Jun 20, 9:35 AM (ET)

WASHINGTON (AP) - President Bush praised Congress Friday for moving forward on a bill giving permitting government eavesdropping in the war on terrorism, saying "it will help our intelligence professionals learn enemies' plans for new attacks."

Speaking at the White House, Bush called on both the House and Senate to pass the compromise deal that key lawmakers confirmed Thursday and said he believes it is a vital tool for U.S. law enforcement.

As the House prepared to vote later Friday on that measure, Bush also said he was pleased that Congress was moving forward on "a responsible war funding bill" for Iraq that supports the troops in the field without requiring "artificial timetables" for their withdrawal.

See the full article here:

*Note that for the past few days, the NSA's attack on my person has manifested itself in an acute shortness of breath. This particular aspect of their directed energy attacks on my person has been occurring for more than a decade, and remains further proof of how this Nazi run agency uses its satellite/artificial intelligence computer network to covertly attack those citizens whom they are illegally targeting with this Orwellian technology.

Moreover, the fact that these disgusting "Pig Police" who comprise US Intelligence, are using these satellites to videotape us within the privacy our own homes, illustrates for all Americans the fall of our Constitutional Republic; its having been covertly overthrown by a group of despotic Nazi minded reprobates who now seek to enslave us as a nation.
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