Thursday, June 26, 2008

More FED Interferences With My Ebay Purchases & My Documentation Of Them -- US Intel's Hi-Tech Sexual Predators Attack Another Venue

* The following post was written last night. As has been the case in nearly every transaction that I have had on Ebay since the FEDS' COINTELPRO of my person went from being covert to overt five years ago, it was only after I posted my concern that the FEDS were interfering with my transactions, that the Ebay sellers contacted me with tracking information for the items that I had purchased from them. The same situation now applies to the following post, as the most recent seller sent me an E-mail within the past 24 hours informing me that the piece of hi-fi gear that I have purchased has now been *shipped. This is yet a further indication of a clear criminal pattern which has developed in regard to the FEDS' interference with any business that I conduct online or otherwise.

*The package is supposed to be sent by way of Swiss Post. However, the tracking number I was given does not show up in the system. In fact the two letter prefix of this tracking number doesn't even correspond to any country that Swiss Post has listed. Yet if I change the prefix to TT (the standard prefix used by Swiss Post at the beginning of their tracking numbers), and then add the rest of the numbers that the shipper e-mailed me, I find the tracking information for a package which was shipped from Switzerland on June 26Th, and delivered to Belgium on June 27Th. So the situation here has become even more nebulous than it was before I received a confirmation E-mail from the shipper. And I am now left to wait perhaps a week or two before I receive this package, or am forced to contact the shipper to find out why it never arrived.

The following is the post that I made last night in regard to my concern that the FEDS had tampered with my latest transaction. And as it turns out, this concern was well founded since the FEDS have orchestrated a very definite pattern for crimes which they perpetrate against my person, and in myriad venues. And is it any wonder why they would be so aggressive, given that for perhaps the first time in US History, an American citizen being setup for entrapment through the FBI's utilization of a COINTELPRO, managed to find out what the FEDS were up to, and to turn the tables on them. Something which has the FBI and its criminal cohorts absolutely furious, since it is their crimes which are being documented in great detail here.

*John und Monica, Feucht für da Straßburg Informationen. Nicht erlaubt, dass da FBI FEDAME manipuliert.


Last Night's Post

Earlier this week I had my bank make a wire transfer of funds to the Swiss bank account of a person whom I have purchased a piece of hi-fi gear from on Ebay. After using a language translator (they are fairly effective) to communicate with this person, the transaction went along smoothly enough, until I received notice from my bank that the money that I paid for this piece of hi-fi gear was successfully transferred to the seller's bank account. I then sent him an E-mail in German asking him to send this piece of gear to me at my home address.

This was Monday evening, and then again on Tuesday when I did not receive a response. Ebay allows you to check on whether or not the message you send to a fellow Ebayer was received, and the message I sent was.

So now, I must wait to see if this item will be shipped as promised, or if the FEDS will interfere with its delivery (or even with the owner even bothering to ship it). In virtually every Ebay transaction that I have made since the FEDS' harassment of my person went from being covert to overt, they have in some way interfered with the delivery of a piece of gear, or in the correspondence between the seller.

Often after the winning of an auction, the item won would just show up days or weeks later, without my having been sent a tracking number -- making it impossible to track its whereabouts. (Note that there were times where I was sent a tracking number, however, in several transactions I was not.)

On the first transaction there was a problem with the item which made it necessary to ship it back. Upon its return, the seller claimed that I had opened the item, having found loosened screws on the top of it. Either he was lying, or the FEDS actually unscrewed the top of the amplifier to make it appear as though I had tampered with it. After this attempt to cause a problem between an Ebay seller and myself, I've made certain to document any anomalous events with each preceding transaction, just to ensure that the FEDS knew that their was a written record being made of their attempts to sabotage my transactions.

*I will update this transaction to determine if it is just being delayed or if there is actual criminal activity now being perpetrated by the seller at the request of the FEDS. If this is the case, and he has taken a payment which I have sent him in good faith, and fails to deliver the item which I have purchased as he promised to, I will also document this in detail. I would prefer to believe that the seller is just using delaying tactics after having been prompted by the FEDS, however, when they are involved in such machinations, one never knows how a situation will turn out.

After all, we are talking about federal agents who are using satellite based directed energy weapons to electronically rape men, women and children. They don't come any lower than that. So we are not exactly talking about normal human beings here, but instead extremely sick minded and sadistic ones who continue to set new lows for themselves in their desecration of humanity.

They take the joy out of every aspect of life. They are in fact bloodsucking parasites who are brainwashed into committing unconscionable acts without the least concern for their crimes. Crimes which include the covert torture and murder of their victims. Which is why I go to such great lengths to detail how they operate, because the American public has a right to know what an abject and criminal fraud agencies like the FBI, NSA and DHS are., and the threat which these domestic spies represent to them.

I have documented these criminal interferences in the past and will continue to do so in the future as long as the FEDS continue to violate my rights as an American citizen -- violations which at this point in time have set a monumental precedent. One which I will never forget, and spend the rest of my life settling the score for.

I will never let these federal agencies get away with what they did here -- not ever.

My message to the FEDS: if you don't want me writing about these crimes, then stop perpetrating them. The more problems you create, the more you give me to document. And while the public is being fed your machinations, the result of the demonization campaign you have and continue to wage against my person, you forget that I know what you have subjected my family and self to as well as the rampant lies which you are spreading; something you would never want a jury to learn about, since it would define you as the rogue outlaws that you are really are. And the complete perversion of both nature and the law which you represent. Federal agents who use satellites to electronically rape men, women and children while videotaping them as they undress, makes you the most depraved and debauched pieces of filth on this planet.

You can't possibly win such a situation when it is your crimes that you are trying to cover up. And those of us whom you have attacked so wantonly can barely contain our rage against you, and will collectively work to see to it that you and your offensive Nazi-minded agencies are abolished for once and for all.

As Americans what did we as a nation ever do to deserve such a miserable group of low life reprobates?

You are truly the most criminal and arrogant bastards I have ever had the misfortune of dealing with.

And you can be certain that the public mudslinging campaigns which you are waging against us will eventually bury you up to your necks in your own skeletons.

Through your disgusting spying of and assaulting of us within the privacy of our own homes, you federal agents and your criminal provocateurs have truly defined yourselves as the dregs of society.

You are the worst.
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