Monday, June 30, 2008

Blacklisting Certain Internet Protocol Addresses Courtesy Of The NAZI Driven US Intel Community -- Yet Another Sign Of The FEDS' Desperation & Crimes

George W. Bush To Americans Who Defend Their Rights:

You're Terrorists Who No Longer Have Rights!

Recently, I've found that the FEDS have had my Internet Protocol address blacklisted, which means that oftentimes when I attempt to access a Website which I have surfed to in the past, I am given a message that this address has been placed on a blacklist and blocked by certain Web servers.

As if this further attack on my rights has any real impact, other than motivating me to document it.

Moreover, given the disturbing content of my Website as it pertains to the criminals operating within the US Intelligence community, which includes but is not limited to the FBI, NSA, CIA and DHS, do you think that their blocking of this IP address is being done out of spite?

And speaking of such, for the past few weeks the directed energy attacks of my person have only increased, and my breathing has been adversely affected the entire time, as a covert form of punitive action for exposing the crimes being perpetrated by these federal agencies; those which are now being circulated globally.

However, as I have stated a myriad of times in the past, given the outrageous nature of the crimes being perpetrated by the NSA, FBI and DHS against my family and self, I will fight to the death to expose these government LYING reprobates, because they are nothing but Nazi terrorists in disguise, and a threat to every person on this planet.

I have also been told on several occasions that if I keep posting this information I will be confined to a mental institution. However, when I point out that I am not harming anyone and that there are thousands of other TI's posting very similar information to my own, in regard to these satellite based attacks, that we are all a bunch of paranoid nut jobs.

Unfortunately, we are not the nut jobs here. Just those who regardless of the fact that we are still a minority, are telling the truth about these treasonists who are desperately looking to silence us. In the case of their attacks on my family and friends alone (I should say former friends), the FEDS have in many cases irreparably damaged the lives of dozens of people. The problem this time around, is that the FEDS themselves have finally been caught committing these crimes, and are now dealing with many TI's who are not only unafraid of dying, but so infuriated at the outrageous abuses that we are being subjected to, that we will expose these criminal frauds for exactly what they are, and the abject threat to the human race that they represent.

And we will not be intimidated by them or the abjectly treasonous ways in which they are operating.

As to the FBI, NSA and DHS, those who continue to wage this COINTELPRO campaign against myself, while brainwashing those around me, it is YOU WHO ARE THE PROBLEM.

And one way or another I am going to fix this problem through the exposition of your rampant criminality under this so called resident Nazi who never belonged in the White House, and has no legitimate cause to be there now.

For those of you who are second or third generation US Intel operatives, your ancestors flourished in this country when smuggled in by the *CIA after WWII under Operation Paperclip, instead of being executed for their crimes during the Holocaust, as they should have been. And as their progeny, you are the now taking their place in perpetrating such cruel and inhumane acts against the American people, and those of other countries.

(*Note to the readers that the CIA has never been an Intelligence gathering agency, but instead a criminal syndicate which follows the directives of whichever current standing president is in office, as well as his foreign affairs' advisory committee.)

As covert Nazi's camouflaging yourselves beneath the cloak of National Security,you cannot be allowed to continue perpetrating these crimes against humanity. And as one of your long-term victims, I am well within my right to file criminal charges against you in your overt rape of my rights under the U.S. Constitution.

Which is why you're now circulating a myriad of disinformation in regard to my person, as you attempt to obfuscate the facts, while demonizing me. However, it is clearly your crimes which speak of such EVIL, and must be exposed globally, given your intention of destroying the free thought of human kind.

You will be damned for this, and so will anyone who aids and abets you.

Do you honestly believe that you have the right to routinely rape people's minds and bodies with these satellite based weapons? Because if you do, you are more than just EVIL, you are criminally insane.

You Illuminati disciples of the New World Order are about the destruction of freedom; not the protection of it, as well as those laws both domestic and international(US Constitution & Bill Of Rights, Nuremberg Code and Geneva Convention) which were put in place to prevent such crimes from occurring.

As such, your function as New World Order Pit Bulls must be exposed globally, and you must be held accountable for perpetrating what can only be termed as crimes against humanity.

And thanks to John St. Clair Akwei and his information, you and your superiors can hide no longer. You have become an overt threat to the American people and you can no longer be allowed to get away with these absolutely terrible crimes.

And you will not be. It is largely because of you and your criminal brethren and your total subversion of the governments of other countries (as you have worked to subvert our own), that our once great nation has been reduced to one which is now internationally despised.

And it is time that you paid for it.
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