Monday, June 30, 2008

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi Now Spewing The Bush Administration's Rhetoric About The Bogus War On Terror Proves To Be Nothing But An Empty Suit

"We have to fight the war on terrorism where ever it may exist. Good intelligence is necessary for us to know the plans of the terrorists and to defeat these plans. So we can't go without a bill. That's not an option. But to have a bill, we must have a bill that does not violate the Constitution of The United States. And this one does not. "

Speaker Of The House Nancy Pelosi

Congresswoman Pelosi's statement is just further rhetoric in regard to the bogus war on terror, and in fact a complete lie. This bill, like the Patriot Act and Military Commission's Act of 2006 is an overt assault on our rights as American citizens, and an outright attack on our 4Th Amendment rights.

Have you noticed how haggard looking most of these politicians are lately?

It is because they are getting tired of lying to us, know that we don't believe them anymore, and worry about what will happen when the dam of treasonous LIES that they have been promulgating for the past seven and a half years breaks, and what is left of their sagging credibility gets swept away in the flood.

In bull markets, pessimistic Wall Street analysts are forever referring to the corrections which will be taking place in these markets at some point in time, and historically always have. However, what Americans are seeing for the first time in more then a Century is a correction that is gradually taking place within our own government, as their rampant criminality and pathological deceptions of us as a nation are now being made public. Most of you are familiar with the movie the Perfect Storm, in which all of the necessary weather patterns to create an anomalous and catastrophic event take place simultaneously.

We have a similar situation occurring in the United States at the present time, with a myriad of lies that we have been told being exposed over the Internet, as the truth is propagated within our own communities. Situations like the Federal Reserve Bank & IRS frauds, John St. Clair Akwei's lawsuit against the NSA, and the US Federal Government's own complicity in the attacks on 9-11. Do you think that it's a coincidence that many wealthy American investors have moved to other countries since 9-11? It's not. They realize that the US Federal Government is bankrupt, and that a criminal cabal now runs this country, and as such the safest place for them to be is somewhere other than the United States.

The U.S. Congress is complicit in aiding and abetting the privately held Federal Reserve Banking cartel and IRS in LOOTING The United States Treasury. The Fed now lists the gold bullion which was once stored in Fort Knox -- the American people's gold -- on its own balance sheet, in exchange for what the Federal Reserve claims the American people owe it. Another outright fraud being perpetrated by this Congress authorized counterfeiter, which prints money out of thin air.

Recently, investment genius Jim Rogers moved his young family to China, recognizing what was happening in this country. And many other "smart money" Americans have done the same by moving out of the United States, realizing that it is only a matter of time before a devastating "correction" of epic proportions takes place in this country.

A situation in which Americans will refuse to pay taxes to the criminal Federal Reserve Bank and IRS, and hold the Congress responsible for perpetrating and propagating this treasonous fraud against all Americans. When this happens the US Federal Government will experience a backlash from the Federal Reserve, who will demand the weekly extortion payments which have been collected by the IRS from every worker in this country, since 1913.

However, there will come a time where the American people will refuse to pay this extortion any longer, and rise up against the Congress if they fail to take the Federal Reserve to task for its treasonous crimes against them.

So the bottom line is that either the Federal Reserve banking counterfeiter and IRS will get their way, or the American people will get theirs. And if they lock horns as I expect they will, with the Congress refusing to support the American people and the US Constitution, consider the likelihood that a 21St Century civil war may well result from such a conflict of interests; one which will likely find its genesis in the American proletariat's orchestration of a long overdue tax revolution.

Thanks to the late Aaron Russo for his brilliant documentary on this criminality (America From Freedom To Fascism), as well as the tax amnesty movement in this country, and the man who started it all with his book "The Creature From Jekyll Island" (G. Edward Griffin), who described from the very beginning how the Federal Reserve was created through the drafting of the Federal Reserve Act, which has led to one of the grandest (with the exception of 9-11 which is the greatest act of treason in American History) of treasonous deceptions against the American public in the history of this country.

See the following post which also covers tax protester Bill Benson's own research in regard to this fraud, in which Benson has found that the 16Th Amendment of the US Constitution was never properly ratified by the necessary number of states to be passed into law, and is thus unconstitutional - making the IRS and Federal Reserve Bank both criminal and treasonous in their operations. And making the US Congress complicit in these crimes by aiding and abetting the Fed and IRS.

As for US Intel's outrageous satellite infiltration of the American people, this is only going to further fuel such a revolt, since the US Federal Government is no longer accountable to the citizens of this country, and there is no question that at this point in time, American tempers are near the breaking the point. And it won't take much more abuse from this conniving treasonous thug in the White House, or the rest of his minions, to motivate the American people to take their country back by force. It is quite obvious that as a nation Americans have had it with this so called president and the *US Congress; both of whom have made it quite obvious that they are looking to destroy this country through their covert double dealings always done at our expense.

* However there are members of Congress who do want to save this country, yet they are in the minority and being bullied as badly as the American people are. In a restructuring of this government, these would be politicians whom we could rebuild our government around, while getting rid of those who have repeatedly shown us that their intentions are anti-American.

Spy Bill Destroys 4Th Amendment
June 20, 2008

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