Monday, June 30, 2008

This Is An Interesting Post By Another TI In Regard To The Virginia Tech Shooting. Many TI's Including Myself Believe The Shooter Was Mind Controlled

More On The Satellite Raping PIGS Of US Intel


One FBI SID manager, allegedly alias Hitler, confesses at 3:02am 6/29/08 to electronically triggering Cho's tragic April 16, 2007 Virginia Tech massacre [presumably by using anti-brain electronic beam weapons to turn Cho into a demented mind-controlled Manchurean candidate using MKULTRA-style top secret technology]. [Ed believes the confession is probably true, but FBI SID electronic warfare worker criminal perps are notorious liars.]

The Virginia Tech massacre tragedy occured between 7:15am-9:51am 4/16/08, only hours before a Washington, DC Voting Rights people power march that was cut short due to extremely unusual very strong winds and bad weather. To Ed's knowledge, the FBI's official Operation Prevail investigation into Cho's tragic Virginia tech mass murder has not looked into the possibility that Cho, who was at least once described as being demonically possessed, might in fact have been the victim of hi-tech top-secret MKULTRA-style electronic warfare mind control weapons, allegedly wielded by top-secret U.S. government black ops workers identifying themselves as FBI SID."

TI Edmund H. Harding

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