Tuesday, July 01, 2008

George Carlin Interviewed on "COUNTDOWN" with Keith Olberman Talking About His New Show Which Included A Skit Insulting George W. Bush

"This Country Is Finished"

"I Use A Sledgehammer -- I Don't Bother With A Rapier On Bush"

"Religion Is Bullshit"

-- Comedian George Carlin

Does anyone else think that it's a bit odd that not long after the following interview aired (one which included the above comments), George Carlin walked into a hospital emergency room complaining of chest pains and later died?

I guess when you are not only aware that satellite based directed energy weapons exist, but can also be used to remotely murder someone, while offering the plausible deniability necessary to commit such "active denial" crimes, you begin to realize just how often people are murdered in such ways -- especially when you have personally experienced being attacked by way of directed energy weapons and understand just how potent they really are.

For the past few weeks, my chest has been extremely tight, and I have found it difficult to breathe. A manifestation of this electronic harassment -- in fact one of myriad which I have experienced for many years. Yesterday I posted about this, and as has happened in the past when I post that I am being tortured in this way, the torture eased up, and for a time I can again breathe fairly well. That is, until the controllers of this technology decide to subject me to the same attack again.

It is as if someone flipped a switch. Which in my case is exactly what they did. Since I experience many such symptoms which end as quickly as they begin. This is typical of someone who's been unwittingly made into a satellite prisoner. And myriad other TI's have described similar situations in regard to the electronic harassment that they experience at the hands of such federal government reprobates as those who operate within agencies like the NSA.

As for George Carlin, he was a brilliant comic who offended as many people as he pleased. Did he really die of natural causes, or was his ticket punched by someone who did not like the content of his latest show?; one which he was in the process of taking on the road. A show which included several insults to the current Nazi in the White House who masquerades as a president.

While there's no way to prove that Carlin was murdered, even if he was, the following video clip with Countdown's Keith Olberman had Carlin pulling no punches when he spoke about George W. Bush and how he stole his way into the White House. And we do know that George W. Bush is spiteful as hell and a has long history of getting even for wrongs which he has perceived have been done to him.

In fact all of the men in the Bush family have a long history of carrying out their own vendettas against those whom they consider to be a threat to their criminal syndicate. Just ask the former Gary Hart campaign manager Michael Boren Williams what happened when he attempted to expose George H.W. Bush's rampant criminal activity, including a drug trafficking connection with the CIA dating back to the 1950's.

Before long, William's home was invaded by the FBI, which did not have a search warrant, his pregnant wife and two year old daughter were stripped searched, their puppy shot and killed, as the FBI proceeded to set Williams up on trumped up charges; a situation in which he spent two years in prison, while the FBI destroyed his relationship with his own family. And we certainly can't forget what happened to the late Margie Schoedinger when she filed a 50 million dollar lawsuit against George W. Bush claiming that he and several FBI agents had routinely drugged and gang raped her. See Raymond Ponzini's American Caligula (which can be accessed through Google) to read the full account of Shoedinger's lawsuit against Bush, and what transpired between the two even after Bush forced her to drop the lawsuit.

Was George Carlin one of the Bush's victims?


American Caligula:


Michael Boren Williams describes what George H.W. Bush and the FBI subjected he and his family to:

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