Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Another Associate Of My Family's Suffers A Medical Emergency -- Have Those Behind The Use Of Directed Energy Weapons Struck Again?

Over the past few years I have documented serious physical and life threatening illnesses coming on almost immediately as well as a number of deaths in regard to people who are in some way associated with my family. In other instances people have died after I have had a thought stream which was electronically beamed into my skull by way of satellite. The deaths were in some way related to these thoughts.

In the latest episode, a friend of my father's whom he regularly lunches with (and was supposed to have lunch with later this week) just left a message that he is in the intensive care unit at a local hospital, after having suffered an appendicitis attack, which has resulted in complications. Ironically enough, my father was pointing to his appendix earlier today saying that he was getting a pain in that area.

Was this another in the myriad forms of gaslighting that I am constantly being subjected to? I tend to doubt it, since in the past virtually all of the situations which have involved the deaths or injuries to persons who were in some way related to family or my thoughts turned out to be true.

Imagine having one of these monsters threaten to kill someone you know simply for having a food that you like. More than one TI has reported being harassed in such ways.

All of these anomalies would seem extremely bizarre for the uninitiated. However, for those of us who are subjected to non consensual human experimentation and the use of constant psychological warfare, this is just another day at the proverbial office. And while the nature of these attacks changes regularly, the basic protocols behind them are the same. Black operations done with a military type of obsessive precision.

My regular readers are well aware that this is not the first time that a friend of my father's has suddenly been afflicted with a serious and life threatening medical situation. About two years ago, a friend of my father's died of an aneurysm the day after having lunch with my father and some other friends. At the time he had been in good health.

And the anomalies have continued whether through illness or what appear to be outright accidents. About a year back my father's pulmonologist was struck and killed by a hit and run driver. And more recently his cardiologist was arrested and charged with having planted a hidden spy camera in one of the bathrooms of his medical practice.

And these are far from the only strange situations that I have witnessed (all of which I believe were in some way caused by satellite based directed energy weaponry), as those who control the satellite based directed energy weapons' technology which is deployed against my person, appear to be showing me their capabilities. Many times in the past I have said to them why not just kill me and leave the rest of these people alone?

However, they continue to let me live so that they can torture me with this technology as they have been for years, while playing God (or in reality the Devil) with the lives of others who are in some way connected to family members, or thought streams that have been implanted within my mind by way of this technology.

This technology is used to perpetrate the most outlandish of conditions, which place the targeted person in a situation in which they are not only doubted, but also endangered by a possible diagnosis of mental illness. When in reality, the technology does in fact exist, and was designed to create such types of "gaslighting" situations, in which those targeted are constantly being setup by those evil minions who are perpetrating these horrific crimes.

As I have said in the past those within the US Intel community who operate this technology are clearly a danger to society and must be stopped regardless of the cost. Or eventually we will all end up being enslaved by these Nazi minded and wickedly sadistic psychopaths.

At this point, I just hope that my father's friend will be alright.

As it stands now, my entire family is brain tapped by this technology as these Nazi psychopaths who masquerade as federal law enforcement continue to play every angle, while doing everything possible to cover up these crimes, as well as their use of satellite based weapons in which to covertly spy upon, torture, murder and manipulate the minds of those they target.

However, their crimes are simply so outrageous that the secrecy of this technology has now been lost to them, and soon enough, the entire planet will begin to understand that we have again been infiltrated by a Nazi presence -- in this particular instance, one which lives within the United States Intelligence community. People so inherently EVIL, that they must be exposed globally and made accountable for these atrocious crimes.

US Intel has become a cancer on the human race. And it will be the human race that eradicates it for once and for all. These federal miscreants and their draconion operations are an absolute horror. Something to not only despise, but to equally dread. The deepest and darkest aspects of humanity that have kept the human race from being all that it could be.
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