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The NSA's SIGNALS INTELLIGENCE Program & Mapping Of The Human Brain By Way Of Brain Fingerprinting Technology

Imagine 300 million Americans tracked like this

Akwei VS NSA - A Blessing In Disguise

While there are now myriad Websites covering this information regarding the NSA (and there will be many more in the future given the NSA's treasonous use of this technology to illegally spy on Americans) and discussing such varied implications of this technology, ranging from its use to violate both constitutional and human rights, as well as its use to remotely steal the intellectual property of those being targeted, from right out of their own minds, the simplest way to describe the extent of the NSA's horrific crimes here is in the following statement:

Through the treasonous use of its satellite spy network to remotely access the minds of Americans targeted for Electronic Brain Link technology, in which the NSA attaches its artificial intelligence computers by way of maser beam waves, to the brainwaves of these citizens, in which to remotely monitor their thoughts, while depriving them of both their privacy as well as their constitutional right to due process of law, the NSA is complicit in undermining the constitutional rule of law in the United States; as well as perpetrating a covert form of terrorism through the use of its classified satellite based directed energy weaponry.

Such a covert act of treason against us as a nation can never be forgiven nor forgotten, and must be both addressed and punished in the most severe way possible as prescribed by U.S. law. Furthermore, by committing such an egregious act of treason against the American people, the NSA, as well as the US Congress must be held accountable for such an outrageous betrayal of the American people's trust.

However, at a time when the Congress is aiding and abetting George W. Bush and his treasonous cohorts, while claiming that the need for "good intelligence" is of paramount importance, it is clear that the US Congress has now been wittingly or otherwise, sucked into the Bush Administration's (as well as their criminal accomplices within the US Military Industrial Intelligence complex) conspiracy in which to destroy our constitutional republic, and to replace it with a fascist dictatorship.

We as a nation cannot allow this to happen.

It has become clear that the Bush Administration's war on terror is nothing more that a grand hoax being perpetrated by the aforementioned, with many members of the US Congress being dragged into a situation which they more than likely wanted no part of. Thus at least for the time being, we can no longer count on the Congress to represent our interests as citizens of this country and must rely on ourselves in which to do so.

So as Americans, we must use the information which John St. Clair Akwei has furnished us with, as it applies to the NSA's treasonous criminality, wisely, and circulate it expediently, if we are to prevent these New World Order minded criminals who seek to covertly enslave us through the use of this satellite based technology, from doing so.

Have You Told Your Families About AKWEI VS NSA?

Given that the NSA can use its satellite spy network to track any of you by way of the EMF field which your brains emanate, through the use of its brain fingerprinting technology, while electronically reading and recording your most private thoughts from outer space, have you told your families, friends and communities about this outrageous violation of your privacy yet?

If not, given the Totalitarian subversion of the human race that this technology is being used to covertly perpetrate, exactly what are you waiting for?

Do you want to become a mind controlled cybernetic being who is no longer capable of thinking for themselves? Because if you fail to alert the human population to this technology, you are helping to aid and abet this Orwellian crime against humanity.

It is in the best interest of the human race to circulate John St. Clair Akwei's lawsuit against the NSA, which describes this mind control technology and the NSA's illegal use of it in detail.

If you had the ability to stop Hitler before he could have perpetrated the Holocaust you know that you would have. Well, in the modern day, what we have operating within the US Intel community is a cabal which is far more technically savvy, much sneakier, and just as EVIL as Adolph Hitler was, and with similar grand designs on both their conquest of this planet and outer space. And it is up to us to make certain their grand design is never allowed to become a reality.

So take this lawsuit and circulate it all over your neighborhoods; to your families, friends, churches, synagogues, lodges, supermarkets, and anywhere else you can think of, because we must expose the contents of this lawsuit to the rest of the people on this planet.

For if we fail to do so, we will be guilty of aiding and abetting these Nazi minded criminals in yet another Holocaust in which this time around all races and creeds will become victims.

At this point do you believe anything that George W. Bush, the Congress or the US Intelligence community are telling you? Probably not. I know that I don't and never will again, because I have seen first hand the covert and criminal ways in which they operate, and how they conveniently ignore their own treasonous crimes.

Which is why our government and for that matter the rest of this country is headed for another Depression. Our government is bankrupt, our economy has gone down the proverbial tubes, the present administration is complicit in the attacks on 9-11, and the *US Media disinformation system is being used to downplay this entire situation, while the Congress attempts to buy some time in which to figure out what to do.

(*The US Media have become nothing but a group of US Intel lackeys, used to parrot its disinformation to the American people. When it comes to exposing the crimes of US Intel to the public, the media, like the Congress, are both incapable of doing so.)

On A Collision Course With Disaster

When you see two trains heading straight for each other, you don't tell the passengers on each train that it's going to be a close call but not to worry. You tell them that they are all going to die unless the trains change their headings.

That is what those of us who know about the NSA's mind influencing technology are attempting to do by circulating the following lawsuit. And if you truly care about saving the American people from this unfolding nightmare, as well as the rest of the global population, circulating the following information is the best contribution that you can make at this time. Through the covert use of this and other satellite based technologies which are extremely intrusive to our privacy, the US Federal Government has totally betrayed us as a nation and must now be held accountable for these acts of treason.

AKWEI VS NSA: circulate it to everyone you know. And make sure to ask them to do the same. The future of the human race depends on it.
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