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Recent Post Regarding My Last E-bay Purchase - Are The FEDS Looking To Use This Purchase In An Entrapment Scheme? If So, It Won't Be The First Time

Given the increased hostility that I am facing as a result of my exposition of the NSA's criminal use of its SIGNALS INTELLIGENCE domestic spying operations, and my being targeted by the NSA for its use in non consensual human experimentation, I am now wondering if the FEDS will attempt to use a recent purchase on EBay as yet another venue in which to entrap me.

Here I refer to an FM tuner which was purchased from a seller in Switzerland. The unit was shipped on the 27Th of June and nine days later has still not arrived. However, I must take into consideration that this has been a holiday weekend, and thus the number of business days in which it usually takes for such an item to make it from Switzerland to the United States will be longer, since this past Friday was a holiday.

The number of days in which to ship such an item usually takes from between 4 to 7 business days. At present, and taking into account the holiday weekend, this translates into four business days thus far. If the item does not arrive by Wednesday of this coming week (which will be seven days), I will be forced to conclude that the FEDS have in some way interfered with its delivery, and as such, further document what may have become of this piece of hi-fi gear.

Especially if they have either stolen it, or decided to use it in some way in which to entrap me; the planting of drugs perhaps, which I have already stated on many occasions would not surprise me at all, given their desperation in attempting to prevent me from further promulgating the precedent setting violations of my rights which the FBI and NSA have been perpetrating since as early as 1980.

I will update this information when I am able to. It is also possible that the FEDS may simply delay the delivery of this item, in efforts to cause me further distress; something these sadists take great joy in doing, and consistently find new ways in which to do.

In any event, whatever they do will be documented on this Website, as I journal what may well be the most precedent setting violations of the US Constitution in American History.

* The NSA continues to adversely affect my breathing as they do each day, on occasion stopping this harassment for a day or two, only to resume these attacks a short time later, in what is an egregious violation of the 8Th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution; that which prohibits cruel and even unusual forms of punishment.

And while the American Civil Liberties Union has repeatedly spoken out against such violations of the 8Th Amendment as they apply to the prisoners at Guantanamo Bay, the ACLU continues to ignore the complaints of myriad Americans who have contacted the organization in regard to being used for non consensual human experimentation, by federal government agencies who are looking to test their classified technology out on humans.

Since its passage of the fascist Patriot Act, the Bush Administration has completely arrogated for itself Congresses implementation of the U.S. Constitution, while abusing the term terrorist (especially as it is applied to domestic terrorism), in order to abuse the rights of American citizens who speak out against the high crimes of treason that the Bush Administration is guilty of perpetrating against us.

In doing so, George W. Bush and his cabinet must be forced to take responsibility for such criminal acts, as well as the crimes against humanity which have subsequently resulted in regard to such an egregious and treasonous usurpation and manipulation of our governing legislation.

As a nation, Americans have been betrayed like never before. Even those citizens from other countries are writing about the plight that Americans are now facing, having to acknowledge that their own president was complicit in the murders of nearly 3000 of their own citizens, and that their government has been subverted by a fascist cabal, which seeks to destroy the United States and its freedoms for once and fall all.

The Rockefeller Connection To 9-11

*This entire war on terror has been propagated by Illuminists like the Rockefeller family and their foundations, in which to use our military to obtain the oil that they need from the Iraqi people. Also remember that the Rockefeller's and Bushes made their money in the oil refinery industry, which only cements such a connection, and why they would be supporting such a war.

They also have strong ties to the privately held Federal Reserve Central Bank, which is tied directly to other central banks including the Bank Of England and Germany's Bundesbank. It is the Federal Reserve and its connection with these other central banks which is responsible for the destruction of the U.S. economy as well as America as a nation. And it is those Illuminists who are behind the creation of the Federal Reserve, who are also interested in the destruction of the middle class in this country, and the agenda to enslave us through the use of satellite based mind reading/influencing technology, such as that which the NSA is deploying against myself and myriad others at the present time.

The Rockefeller Foundation is not only complicit in this treasonous crime, but also in the subsequent propagation of a war on terror, which is being covertly used to both bankrupt and enslave us as a nation.

See Aaron Russo speaking with Alex Jones, as the two discuss Aaron's meetings with Nick Rockefeller and how roughly a year before the attacks on 9-11, Rockefeller confided in Aaron, that there was going to be a terrorist attack on U.S. soil which would result in the destruction of the Constitution and its Bill Of Rights.

Rockefeller also discussed the importance of having a plausible reason for attacking Iraq in order to steal the Iraqi's rich oil reserves, and how this war on terror would be opened ended. And even more important, that it would be impossible to ever declare a winner. Aaron stated that Nick told him, the U.S. Military would be going into caves to search for terrorists who did not exist, and the war could be left open indefinitely.

Rockefeller also told Aaron that a primary goal of the New World Order was to have every American citizen implanted with an RFID tracking device.

Aaron Russo uncovers the Rockefeller connection in the terrorist attacks on 9-11.

See the interview here:

"The American people are living in a matrix. They don't understand how things work in this country. If you were to ask 99% of the people on the street what type of a government is America supposed to be, they'll tell you a Democracy. But that's a lie. It is an illusion. The word Democracy is not written into the Constitution one time. It's not written in the Declaration of Independence or the Bill Of Rights.

Our founding fathers hated Democracy. They thought it was the worst form of government there is, because 51% of the people control the other 49%. America was founded as a constitutional republic. And in a constitutional republic, 99% of the people can't take away the rights of 1% of the people. You have your rights because you're born with them."

-- Aaron Russo - America From Freedom To Fascism

See America From Freedom To Fascism Here:

See Aaron Russo's Conversation With Alex Jones, Regarding The New World Order Here:
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