Wednesday, July 02, 2008

These Two Had Far More In Common Than We Might Have Ever Imagined Prior To The Attacks On 9-11

FEDS Use A Version Of Satellite Communication With Me

*As I mentioned yesterday, after posting about the difficult time that I was having breathing as a result of the NSA's directed energy weapon's attack on my chest area, they stopped that particular aspect of these attacks. This evening the motion sensitive spotlight on the side of my home was turned on and off several times when I sat out on the porch to have a quick supper. This was the perp's way of responding to my earlier comment about how my breathing can be immediately affected by way of the NSA and this technology. Every aspect of the Nazi style attacks that I experience have a military precision to them -- an obsessive attention to detail.

The FEDS want me to know that I am being illegally used as a test subject for this technology, and utilize every means imaginable in which to illustrate this.

And the attacks come from every venue imaginable, including the media, whom I have routinely criticized for their use as parrots of US Intel disinformation, in support of the covert usurpation of our government and military by a fascist cabal.

If I am listening to a radio, the announcer will immediately begin to use various trigger words or phrases which the FEDS have attempted to condition me to. However, rather than these triggers having a deleterious effect, I merely take note of them, and then document them, so that my readers can grasp not just the fundamental aspects of a government run psychological operation, but also the finer details in regard to how these psyops are performed.

For instance, the NSA's usurpation of our TV programming in 2003, became so problematic, that in 2005 I stopped watching TV regularly, and have never gone back to watching it. That is with the exception of sporting events or news program every now and then.

As I type this, the radio host has just run through at least 10 trigger words which were given to him by the perp's. Further proof of the extensive range of the federal conspiracy against my person.

And as I have said in the past, the FBI in its criminal conspiracy in which to deny me my rights as an American citizen, has in my opinion spent tens of millions of dollars in the past five years alone (since my harassment became overt), and is infuriated at not only coming up empty with this Orwellian investment, but also now losing the secrecy of the NSA's SIGNALS INTELLIGENCE operations, which are so abominable, that the FEDS are going to be perceived as being completely EVIL in quietly propagating such Nazi doctrine.

And they should be, because they are EVIL.

The ultimate problem for the FEDS is that they are at an enormous disadvantage here, simply because I am telling the truth about the NSA's satellite based mind reading technology, which is only going to reveal to the public just how criminal the FBI, NSA and other agencies of US Intelligence are.

And not just criminal -- treasonous.

Agents who are such abject snakes, that they illegally tap into the EMF fields around our bodies, and then become an invisible part of our lives 24 hours a day, in which neither we, nor the people with whom we come in contact have any privacy from these spying buzzards.

I no longer believe in accidents or situations happening by chance. And I am certain that I was supposed to be unwittingly subjected to this technology, and eventually learn that I was, because I would make certain to inform as many people as possible in regard to it, and never back down to the FEDS's intimidation, even to the point of death.

I truly believe that we are involved in predestination and following lives that are already mapped out for us, in spite of the religious doctrine that we have free will. And by this I mean that even though we think that we are making our own choices, those decisions have already been made for us, and we are now just following an established path while we exist here in the time and space continuum.

Moreover, as for being remote neurally monitored by way of a satellite and supercomputer, if you found out that you were being subjected to such an egregious violation of your rights as an American citizen, wouldn't you tell as many people as possible that it was happening to you, as long as you could document that the technology that you were describing existed?

Of course you would. You'd do it simply to maintain your own sanity. But even more important, you'd do it to let other people know that they might also be endangered by such sophisticated technology, and that they should learn as much about it as possible while they are still able to.

Which is exactly what I have been doing for the past two years, and will keep on doing until I die. I have many reasons for doing so, including two nieces and nephews whom I would quite literally give my life to protect. I don't want them growing up in the same ignorance that I did, being led around by a myriad of flawed doctrines including those of religion and politics. This doctrines are used to prevent you from thinking for yourselves. They are used to box you in, while those who oversee them, control you.

And when you begin to think outside of this box, you terrify those who are in control, because you see right through their propaganda, and realize that their intentions have far more to do with imposing their will on you, then anything altruistic.

Once I began to research the Illuminati and its New World Order doctrine, my entire world changed. I started to realize that the society that I grew up in was a complete and Illuminati created illusion. And the reality of what was behind this illusion was far uglier than I might have ever imagined given who was behind it. However, beyond that ugliness was a world full of new ideas and hope -- a beauty that I thought no longer existed.

And that world is there for anyone who is willing to open their eyes and absorb it.

But in order to do so, you must realize that this Illuminati orchestrated scenario that is quite literally suffocating us as a species is nothing but an illusion, which you must break away from if you are to survive in any meaningful way.

As far as ever trusting the US Congress or the Intel community in this country again, I know that will never happen. It would be like trusting an even sneakier version of Hitler and the Third Reich with your freedoms. And we all know what they did with the Jew's freedom.

Google: AKWEI VS NSA and make certain that every person you know learns about it, and that every person they know learns about it. This is the only way that we are going to save ourselves from these Illuminist monsters and the Holocaust that they have planned for us somewhere down the road.
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