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FBI Agent Eugene Glenn Admits FBI Report On WACO Was A "Whitewash" Of The Facts -- Another Scandal For The FBI's Power Hungry Whore Machine

FBI Agent Glenn Admits Waco Report a "Whitewash"
by Carol Moore

By Carol Moore, member, Committee for Waco Justice


On September 19, 1995 FBI agent Eugene Glenn, who was commander of the siege against Randy Weaver, said during his testimony at the Weaver hearings that a top FBI investigator had called the federal government's investigation of federal agents' actions at Waco a "whitewash." When Senator Kohl asked Glenn to comment upon the fall, 1994 review the FBI did after receiving the Justice Department report on the Weaver case. The leader of that review was Robert Matthews, an FBI investigator for over 20 years, who testified the next day. Glenn said: "The leader of the Weaver inquiry said this is not going to be a whitewash like Waco was."

Neither Kohl or any of the other senators asked Glenn exactly what he meant by this or why he said. (His motive probably was to discredit the investigation process which led to his receiving the most severe discipline for FBI errors at Ruby Ridge.) Neither did they ask Robert Matthews, who allegedly made the comment, when he testified the next day. The Senators acted as if it was perfectly acceptable that the FBI conducted a whitewash investigation of the greatest massacre of civilians on U.S. soil since Wounded Knee in 1890.

I called the chief investigator for the Senate Judiciary Committee Waco hearings, which supposedly will be held at the end of October. He seemed surprised and interested in this admission. We'll see if the Senate takes any further interest. (I also left a message for the chief investigator for the House Joint Subcommittees. Plus I'm leaving an e-mail of this message only to a bunch of House and Senate committee members.)

Will Congress care that an FBI agent just threw the fact that the Justice Department's Waco report was a whitewash? How hard did the Richard Rogers, Jeff Jamar, Byron Sage, Bob Ricks and the other murders of Waco laugh when Glenn let that little cat out of the bag and the Senate acted like they were auditorily challenged.


American Indian leader Russell Means, appeared at a book signing for his book "Where the White Man Fears to Tread" on October 2, 1995 at Vertigo Books in Washington, D.C. Most of his talk dealt with his personal journey and experiences as an Indian leader (he rejects phrase "Native American" as homogenizing the 500 Indian tribes into one.)

Means probably shocked the mostly leftie audience with his enthusiastic endorsement of the free market--and his attack on the welfare state and those Indians who support it. He didn't mention his attempt to become the Libertarian Party's 1988 presidential candidate. (Former congressman Ron Paul won the nomination.) He does have a few pages about his adventures with libertarians in his book.

I got him all fired up when I asked him his opinion of what happened at Waco. Means said the following, according to my notes:

"Waco is the White Man's Wounded Knee. (In 1890 federal troops massacred 300 Indians at Wounded Knee. Because of the shoddy coverage by the mass media, Means evidently doesn't know that half the residents of Mount Carmel, as well as half of those who died there, were people of color.) I've got a song of that title in my new album. What you had was a military assault, just like at wounded knew, with the military coming in and killing so many people. Who cared about Waco after it happened? Who cared about Wounded Knee?

After that I thought you would all bring down this fascist government. The same thing happened with MOVE in Philadelphia? But, no! Every one of you is walking backward stooped over towards Washington, D.C. You think, if I vote, maybe things will change. Well, I was wearing an anarchist button all through the eighties, till it rusted away. It read, 'If Voting Could Change Anything, It Would Be Illegal.' What you had at Waco, just like at Wounded Knee, was the military came in and attacked someone they disagreed with because they prayed differently."


George Roden is the former Branch Davidian who in 1985 drove David Koresh and other Davidians out of Mount Carmel at gun point. Later he challenged David Koresh to raise a woman from the dead--Koresh's attempt to take photographs of the coffin resulted in a gun battle with Roden. He continued to threaten Davidians after Koresh regained control of Mount Carmel. In 1988 the mentally unbalanced Roden murdered a man who he believed was claiming to be another messiah and was incarcerated in a mental institution-- from which he has escaped several times.

His most recent escape occurred in mid-September. After visiting Mount Carmel and probably collecting money from his ex-wife and long-time Mount Carmel trespasser and tourist guide, Amo, George took off for New York City. He was captured at the Israel embassy trying to get a passport to Israel--where he probably hoped to fulfill his own messianic destiny. Now he's in a New York state hospital and Texas is hoping they'll keep him.

It would be funny, except that Roden's violence was the main thing that drove the Davidians to take up defensive arms in the first place, and post armed guards at some points.


I am filled with mixed emotions at the outcome of the O.J. Simpson trial. On the personal level I am disgusted that the man was acquitted despite there being overwhelming evidence that he threatened to kill his wife repeatedly and then did so. However, on the political level I am delighted to see crooked and/or incompetent cops and investigators--and the prosecutors who excuse their errors in the interest of getting their man--get a hugely embarrassing come-uppance.

Maybe it's just a little "payback" against those ATF and FBI agents who murdered Davidians, destroyed evidence and then lied at trial and against the crooked prosecutors who excused their crimes and withheld exculpatory evidence from the defense attorneys. Both the O.J. and Davidian attorneys practiced a form of jury nullification by reacting against what they considered obvious government errors and lies. Unfortunately, the Davidians did not have a lot of money for high powered attorneys and investigators, so the judge dared to play games on the jury--like not telling them that self- defense was an allowable defense for aiding and abetting manslaughter and not making it clear on the jury form that they could only find them guilty of gun charges if they found them guilty of the conspiracy charge. So nine innocent Davidians are facing 243 years while the probably guilty O.J. walks free. (Six Davidians have entered their appeals and the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals should enter a ruling in early 1996. While all six have very strong *legal* cases, we'll see if the judges' are interested in justice or in upholding the authority of a thoroughly corrupt law enforcement-judicial system.)

The law enforcement-judicial system is just one more big, self- perpetuating system that is screwing anyone who doesn't fit the mold--too dark, too poor, too left, too right, too suspicious of Babylon. However, recent "high profile" cases like Waco, Weaver and O.J. have made millions of people see just how corrupt the system is--and how impervious to change. The alternative is radical political decentralization, consensus oriented decision-making in self-governing communities and minimization of the violence used to enforce what few laws communities agree to consense upon.

It's just that simple.

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you...Do what that wilt as long as thou harm no other...Be free, as long as you don't initiate force or fraud...


Yes, it's a true miracle. The Nashville-ites who've been messing with my book for the last five months finally got it off to the printer. So those of you who ordered copies hopefully will be receiving them by mid-November.

I've also decided to sell and distribute myself a 90 minute audio tape version which will be available at the same time, if not sooner. (Not taking orders now.)

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