Wednesday, July 09, 2008

U.S. Senate Approves Spy Bill Effectively Destroying Your 4Th Amendment Rights & Aiding & Abetting The NSA, FBI & Others Who Violate Them!

* Furious with the Bush Administration controlled Congress, the American Civil Liberties Union promises to sue the U.S. Federal Government for this latest assault on the 4Th Amendment and privacy of all American citizens. See the latest from the ACLU here:

As if the US Federal Government could not insult the American people more than they already have, with this latest spy bill legislation, they've put the final nail in the coffin of the U.S. Constitution under their complete scam of protecting Americans from an invisible terrorist threat.

However, the only invisible terrorist threat to Americans is the US Intel community's use of weaponized satellites to illegally spy on us, while subjecting many of us to non consensual human experimentation, through the use of remote neural monitoring of the human brain, by way of artificial intelligence computers.

Congress knows that this information is getting out, and that the public is eventually going to learn about it. So the Congress is looking to cover up its own hi crimes of treason by passing legislation that is going to allow for such egregious crimes to take place, while giving those within the U.S. Military Industrial Intelligence complex total impunity in which to do so.

Moreover, the Congress and Department Of Justice have known that allegations against the NSA and its use of RNM technology have existed since the late 1980's, when John St. Clair Akwei filed a complaint with the DOJ in regard to certain NSA operatives who were subjecting him to satellite based voice to skull harassment (V2K); and was completely ignored by the DOJ.

As a result of this, in 1991 John Akwei was forced to file a federal lawsuit against the NSA (*AKWEI VS NSA -- John St Clair Akwei vs National Security Agency Ft George G. Meade, MD, USA {Civil Action 92-0449})which certain members of the U.S. Congress would have been made aware of. Especially when one considers the devastating information that Akwei was promulgating in regard to the NSA's illegal satellite spying of (as well as use of for non consensual human experimentation) American citizens -- a situation which has been occurring on a very large scale since as early as 1980, and has now been corroborated by myself, as well as a number of other individuals targeted for such illegal and treasonous spying and experimentation.

* See the contents of John St. Clair Akwei's lawsuit against the NSA here:

If the Congress and DOJ are ever forced to admit that they are aware of the outrageous crimes that the NSA has subjected many of us to, as a result of illegally satellite tracking us, there will be little doubt they will attempt to use this new spy legislation to give the NSA impunity for committing these crimes. as well as likely blocking any future lawsuits against the NSA, by those of us whose rights have been completely decimated by these covert Nazi's.

Such an anti-American decision would only encourage the NSA and other Intel agencies to become even more aggressive in their spying of Americans, while citing this spy bill as a precedent for allowing them to do so.

This is an absolutely devastating day for both civil and human rights, as the Intel community has been given Carte Blanche in which to violate every rule of Constitutional law, while using the excuse that they must do so to protect the American people from terrorism.

The real problem as it stands now, is who is going to protect the American people from these covert U.S. Intel Nazi's; those who are salivating over such a victory against both the Bill of Rights and human rights laws such as the Geneva Convention and Nuremberg Code?

Moreover, as a result of this new domestic spy legislation, the U.S. Telecoms who had been facing myriad lawsuits in their conspiracy with the NSA (at the request of Nazi war criminal George W. Bush) to illegally spy on the American people, will now be granted complete impunity for having done so.

Never before in the history of the United States has there been a presidential administration more criminal or more rewarding of its criminal conspirators, than the Bush Administration.

And the U.S. Media, much like the violin quartet which was playing in the movie Titanic, right up until the time that the great ship sank to the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean, will continue to obfuscate the facts in regard to what is really going on in this country, as the Illuminati driven New World Order takes us over completely.

This is also a further illustration of how our three branches of government are controlled by an outside force which has no interest in protecting the American people, but instead subjugating them to a life of unending and intense surveillance like nothing we have ever seen before.

For all of Congress's rhetoric about protecting and defending the U.S. Constitution, it has become quite clear that this is nothing but propaganda, used to cover up their blatant dismantling of the Constitution and Bill Of Rights.

The Senate's vote in which to pass this Orwellian spy bill, while destroying your 4Th Amendment rights to privacy, is further proof that what Illuminist Nick Rockefeller had told the late Aaron Russo in regard to the New World Order's creation of a bogus war on terror which would be used to destroy the U.S. Constitution, was entirely true.

Aaron Russo speaks with Alex Jones regarding his conversation with Nick Rockefeller:

U.S. Senate passes spy bill giving the spoiled brat treasonous George Bush exactly what he wanted:

The following is an article from the Illuminati News Website regarding George W. Bush's latest deception of the American people. His desire to attack Iran for the benefit of his criminal Illuminist cohorts. If Iran and Venezuela are overun by Bush and his U.S. Imperialism, there will be nothing to stop this modern day version of Hitler from overunning every country on this planet. I am totally convinced that George W. Bush is a complete madman,whom through his abject arrogance and recklessness, is going to get us all killed unless the Congress steps in to remove him from office.

However, given Congress's aquiencence to Bush on nearly every contentious issue during his Administration, it is more likely that it will be the American people themselves, who force Congress to take action against the treasonist Bush Administration. If not, the Congress itself risks a complete loss of confidence and trust by the American people, and the dire consequences of such a loss of faith.

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