Wednesday, July 09, 2008

The United States Intelligence Community's Nazi Roots -- What The US Federal Government Does Not Want Americans To Know About U.S. Intel

Read about how certain Illuminist businessmen within the United States were doing business with the Nazi's and later smuggled many of them into this country instead of allowing them to be executed at Nuremberg, for their crimes against the Jews. Illuminati members like Prescott Bush (George W. Bush's grandfather), Allen and John Foster Dulles, The Rockefeller's, Duponts, Mellons and many others who committed treason before and after World War II, yet were never brought to justice for it.

The Central Intelligence Agency's Operation Paperclip:

* Note that last evening after 11PM, the local fire department sent an ambulance driver and crew to my home to perform a short piece of street theater.

(The night before I had been wondering when I would see another piece of street theater from the local fire department, since earlier on in this harassment, they had been used regularly, being sent into my neighborhood on what were clearly bogus runs used for the purpose of street theater. I document this particular incident to illustrate how the NSA simply taps into my sub vocalized thoughts, and then uses others to show me how my thoughts are being electronically accessed. I have long said that the thoughts of TI's are their property. However, with the NSA's remote neural monitoring/influencing of our thoughts by way of Electronic Brain Link technology, it has become clear that many of the thoughts that we are having are not our own, but instead being inserted into our subconscious mind by way of the NSA's Signals Intelligence technology.)

The ambulance parked in my driveway with its headlights trained on my home in what TI's refer to as "brighting." The driver then repeatedly backed the ambulance many times over a several minute period while the "beeping" signal was triggered every time he put the vehicle in reverse. A process that should have taken all of 30 seconds went on for at least five minutes, not including the time that the driver spent parked in my driveway training his lights on the front of my home.

This was done to get me to go my window to see what was occurring. And shortly after I did so, the driver realizing that he had accomplished his goal, then proceeded to pull into the road, turn on his flashing lights and leave my neighborhood.

At first, I was concerned that my next door neighbors (who are both elderly and not well) may have experienced an emergency in which an ambulance was needed. This has happened many times in the past. However, this was not the case. It was just a few miscreants from the local fire department who were at the taxpayers expense stalking me, while performing a piece of street theater. This is the kind of activity that we as a community are paying to see after having forked over $3 million dollars for a brand new firehouse which was totally unnecessary. Another sign of the New World Order's preoccupation with investing a great deal of taxpayer money on infrastructure that will benefit it as America and her people continue to be absorbed into the New World Order Totalitarian global government.

Huge financial expenditures on police agencies, fire departments, prisons and other organizations which are being used as enforcement points for the NWO. It is the grandest of all conspiracy's; one in which to covertly deprive you of your rights as American citizens under the pretense of protecting you from an unseen terrorist threat.

However, this terrorist threat has become those within the US Federal Government who are perpetrating such high crimes of treason against the rest of us. Those who are responsible for the attacks on 9-11, the Patriot Act, Military Commissions' Act of 2006, and all other covert stratagems to destroy the U.S. Constitution and our freedoms.
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