Friday, July 11, 2008

Delay In Receiving International Shipment Prompts Me To Write To The Shipping Company

Given the myriad of ways in which the NSA, FBI and DHS interfere with my business transactions (amongst many other things), I am now forced to conclude that the delay in the shipment of a parcel from Switzerland may now be caused by one or all of these agencies, simply to cause me further aggravation, as I document what has become the longest and most precedent setting violation of the U.S. Constitution and its Bill Of Rights, in the history of the United States.

The situation has become so terrible, that there is no venue in which the FEDS will not illegally interfere in my life, knowing full well that not only are they acting in a criminal capacity, but also setting new precedents each day, in their criminal menacing of my family and self.

All to prevent the American people from learning how their own brains can be targeted by way of NSA satellites and supercomputers, in which to both access and manipulate their thoughts. This is a losing situation for the FEDS, because they are well aware that I have been targeted by this technology for many years, and that their only recourse short of an outright murder of my person, is to wage an intense smear campaign against me in which to both demonize and dehumanize me. Something that agencies like the FBI, CIA and NSA in particular are notorious for perpetrating, against those whom they have committed horrible crimes, when these victims go public with their exposition of such government crimes.

And this is why those of us who do so are completely denied our rights as Americans, and subjugated to the EVIL machinations of these federal agencies and their criminal methodologies. What I am documenting here is about U.S. Intel's covert attempts to remotely influence the minds of those whom they target for such Orwellian crimes. And I am just one of perhaps millions who've been targeted in such ways.

With one exception. Through a series of serendipitous events, I am now aware that I am being targeted for such Nazi types of crimes, and thus alerting the public as best I can under extreme adversity, to the dangers that this spy/mind influencing technology represents to them. And the FBI, NSA and DHS are vilifying me for it, as they continue to set new precedents in their outrageous violations of my Constitutional rights.

If there was anything that these FEDS could have arrested me for by now, I would not still be here documenting the crimes they are perpetrating against so many of us. And here I include a myriad of attempts in which to entrap me. Outside of former agents who've turned to government whistleblowing activities in efforts to expose the crimes of U.S. Intel agencies like the FBI, there is no one on the face of this planet who has more experience in dealing with COINTELPRO attacks, and documenting the finer details of such criminal and treasonous government operations, than I have.

Moreover, it's bad enough that the FEDS have obliterated my 4Th Amendment rights by illegally tracking me by way of NSA spy satellites for nearly thirty years. However, the fact that they have also used me for non consensual human experimentation in the way of a remote form of mind control research (while using a satellite to spy on me 24 hours a day), is easily the most egregious violation of an American citizen's rights by the U.S. Federal Government ever documented in this country's more than two century history.

This was not an investigation that the FEDS were conducting. This was an outright conspiracy by the NSA and FBI to disenfranchise me from my rights as an American citizen; something they have absolutely no right to do. These are a pack of Nazi pricks on a power trip that I am referring to here, who get their kicks using their badges and access to sophisticated satellite technologies, in which to remotely, torture, sexually assault and even murder those who them they are covertly targeting.

This is also a clear sign that our government has been subverted by a Nazi influence which does not recognize our Constitution as the basis for U.S. law. This has the FEDS running for cover in efforts to obfuscate their own treasonous activity here, given that they are well aware that they have broken the law in the most shocking ways ever documented, and now seek to demonize me in efforts to cover up their own criminal activity, as well as the conspiracy in which the FBI and NSA long ago, colluded to deny me my rights under the color and cover of law.

From a practical stand point, what do you think the American people would do to these federal agents if they found out that they were being used by them to experiment on without their knowledge or consent? I don't even need to print your answers here, because you would do what any victim of such an abhorrent crime would do -- take your revenge by exposing these miscreants and seeing to it that they never saw the light of day again.

What the FBI and NSA are guilty of here is also an excellent illustration of the lengths to which they will go to cover up their own criminal activity. And their sense of arrogance in this situation is unparalleled. A situation in which a group of degenerate pigs (agents) are using satellites to spy on Americans within the privacy of their own bedrooms and bathrooms -- oftentimes for years on end. We put filth like this in prison, and that is exactly where any federal agent who perpetrates such disgusting crimes should find themselves.

And that's not even the worst of it. Many of us are being remote neurally monitored so that we can be used as a form of remote spy camera; an added benefit that the NSA has on those of us whom they have illegally targeted for Electronic Brain Link technology - a situation in which our brainwave are electronically tapped into by way of an NSA supercomputer which not only monitors our thoughts 24 hours per day, but is also capable of influencing them as well as our behavior -- without our knowledge or consent. I repeat, something which I have been subjected to by the NSA and FBI for the better part of three decades. And something which I am certain can apply to the entire U.S. population.

Once again, I mention the approximate number of hours which I have been under such illegal surveillance -- 240,000 consecutive hours of being illegally tracked by NSA satellite and used for non consensual human experimentation! These agents belong in PRISON!

As for the package that I am awaiting; if it has been stolen or intentionally damaged by these federal reprobates, I will add the $566.34 in damages to the already existing ones which now total well over three thousand dollars -- including the damage to hi-fi equipment caused by way of directed energy strikes, bogus charges for doctors' appointments in which the doctors were simply used by the FEDS to harass and entrap me, and in certain instances offer completely bogus lab work which I was later charged for. This in addition to placebos which were used to replace medication prescribed to me, in which I was charged full price.

It is the FEDS and their provocateurs who are the SCAM artists here, and who are in fact perpetrating a myriad of crimes against my person and family. Yet another illustration of how the New World Order controls the federal police in this country, who now operate completely outside the rule of constitutional law. These people are not legitimate law enforcement; they are low life criminals and hi-tech sexual predators operating under the cover of National Security.

My letter to the international shipper:

Dear xxxx xxxx representative:

I am E-mailing to inquire about the status of a parcel which I am awaiting. The last information that I have is that the parcel (which contains a Revox B 261 FM Tuner) was shipped from Switzerland by one xxxxxxx xxxxxxx to James F. Marino in New York, United States Of America.

According to the following information this package was received by your office on July 4Th, 2007. That was five days ago, and there has been no update on your Website regarding the status of the package.

Can you please update me on the status of this package and the approximate date in which I will receive it, at your earliest convenience? If there is a problem, please feel free to contact me at the phone number which I have included below.

Thanks in advance for your time.

Jim Marino


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