Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Federal Reserve Bank Is The Inverse Of The Mythical Robin Hood

Abolish The Federal Reserve Bank, IRS & 16Th Amendment

The following will give you a greater understanding of why the income tax is a fraud and how inflation itself is an invisible tax on the American people. It will also educate you in regard to how the U.S. CONgress conned Americans into believing that the federal income tax was legitimate, when in reality it was a complete and treasonous fraud, used to steal their wealth and give it to the wealthy Illuminist bankers who operate the privately held Federal Reserve Bank.

In 1893 the Congress decided that it would pass a direct tax on the incomes of the American workforce. Angered at such an unconstitutional attack on their rights, the Supreme Court was called in to rule on the Congress's decision, and ruled against them. Congress then tried to pull the same move in 1913, and again the Supreme Court ruled against it. So the Congress decided to change the name of the direct tax to an excise tax. However, an excise tax is an indirect tax that must be apportioned equally within all states; not a direct tax like the graduated income tax that Congress imposes on the American worker through the privately held Internal Revenue Service.

The Constitution only allows for a direct tax to be levied on the American people in the case of war, insurgence, or other civil emergencies. And then, the tax is only to be applied for a specific period of time in which to pay the debt off. Once the debt is paid off, Congress is no longer allowed to impose a direct tax on the wages of the American worker.

So the Congress lied again, this time completely disregarding both Supreme Court rulings which found in favor of the American workers. A situation in which the 16Th Amendment was created; legislation which allowed for the administering of a Communist tax system based on Karl Marx Communist Manifesto -- an unconstitutional direct tax which gave the U.S. Congress the ability to spend as much money as it wanted in running the federal government, and simply imposing more taxes on the American worker at any time they decided to.

In many ways it has been the equivalent of the American people giving the U.S. Gongress an open checkbook in which to spend as much as they like. A catastrophic situation which has resulted in a bloated and inefficient government that is no longer capable of serving the needs of the American middle class.

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