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A Courageous US Media Reporter Discusses His Harassment By Government Sanctioned Organized Stalking Groups

"A nation of sheep will beget a government of wolves"

-- Legendary Reporter Edward R. Murrough

"Federal law enforcement is aware of gang/community stalking; indeed, it is possible that federal grants are being used by localities to fund such activities under the guise of community watch groups and volunteer corps. Some local police personnel who have resisted the vigilante movement reportedly have become targets."

-- Victor Livingston -- Investigative Reporter/Producer

The following post is important because it is written by an "investigative/business reporter/producer" by the name of Victor Livingston, who has "worked for major newspapers, TV stations and magazines," and now offers proof of how the U.S. Media has been usurped by the U.S. Military Industrial Intelligence complex, in order to circulate their own black propaganda, and at the expense of legitimate journalism.

The bottom line here is that the American people may think that their news stations are propagating accurate local and national news each day, when they are instead living in a media blackout, in which all of the important news regarding the U.S. Federal Government is either heavily censored, or completely omitted from these broadcasts.

Victor had his own TV show in the metro New York market for six years, and in the following post discusses how the U.S Media is intimidated by the federal government into keeping silent about its crimes. Crimes which include the use of communal organized stalking.

It seems that each week another professional is surfacing with their own accounts of such stalking crimes, as a result of their refusing to accept the official explanation for 9-11, criticisms of the present Administration, or anything else which would be considered by U.S. Intel to be a threat to the Illuminati controlled New World Order's status quo in this country.

Victor's testimony also serves as important evidence that the U.S. Media has been co opted by the U.S. Intel community, and as a result, is incapable of reporting the crimes being committed by U.S. Intel under the auspices of the Illuminati run New World Order.

This also corresponds to the CIA's usurpation of the American media during the late 1940's, under a clandestine program known as Operation Mockingbird. A program in which CIA agent Frank Weisner enlisted the help of the late editor of the Washington Post, Phil Graham, to assist the CIA in circulating its own propaganda through the Post and other media venues. Graham was told by Weisner that there was easy money to be made by journalists who helped to promulgate the CIA's propaganda in its efforts to fight Communism.

While this was a clear deception by Weisner of Graham, he bought the story and contacted many of his influential media friends in efforts to help the CIA propagate its disinformation, ensuring that the agency and its U.S. Intel brethren would be able to control the flow of future information in the United States.

The effort was an instant success, which resulted in the destruction of professional journalism within the United States.

It is also interesting to note that in the early 1970's, Phil Graham was reported to have committed suicide. However, I have often wondered if he did not have misgivings about the treasonous acts which he aided and abetted the CIA in, and was later murdered in a made to appear suicide before he could go public with this information. Murders made to appear as suicides are standard operating procedure for the CIA when they need to kill someone, yet must maintain a plausibly deniable way of doing so.

"When it comes to the crimes of hi-tech satellite based electronic harassment and its adjunct psychological warfare companion organized stalking, silence is not golden; it's deadly."

-- James F. Marino -- Mind Control/Organized Stalking Target

The following post is from the Freedom From Covert Harassment & Surveillance Website:

Vigilante Injustice: Organized "Gang Stalking" is the American Gestapo
by Scrivener July 10, 2008 at 11:49 am

Link to story:

A frightening mosaic of unconstitutional abuses is nullifying the rule of law and the right of due process under the law in America. Human rights violations are taking place in cities and towns across the nation, but the mainstream media has yet to take note.

People are being targeted for ruin -- financially, socially and physically -- by an organized campaign of vigilantism that some victims believe is funded and supported by multiple levels of government, perhaps using citizen "watch" and volunteer programs as well as private fraternal organizations as a front for
extra-legal harassment and persecution.

The phenomenon is commonly known as "gang stalking" and "community stalking." But that nomenclature tends to trivialize the issue.

This is a re-emergence of the monstrous methodology of the KKK, the Stasi and the Gestapo. It is mob rule that can turn even well-intentioned community organizers into an extra-legal control mechanism that some targeted individuals believe is coordinated and condoned by rogue elements within the power structure. The recent killing of an inmate at the Prince Georges County, MD jail could be the latest manifestation of such officially tolerated, extra-legal vigilante "justice."

This link explains it well, and contains sublinks to additional information:

Those who raise this issue find that their telecom connections are subject to surveillance, interruption and tampering. Their ability to freely communicate is severely circumscribed. Careers are ruined, reputations are slandered, and the physical well-being of targeted individuals is placed in serious jeopardy by the employment of high-tech instruments capable of inflicting pain and harm.

Victims have charged that their mail is intercepted, transactions are sabotaged and financial statements are altered to surreptitiously drain targeted persons of their financial security, driving them to destitution and personal destruction. Entire families have been decimated. This phenomenon may even explain in part the crisis in the mortgage and credit markets. Here is another link that explains how this is happening:

I am an investigative/business reporter/producer who has worked for major newspapers, TV stations and magazines. I had my own TV show in the metro New York market for six years. Perhaps not coincidentally, the show ended just as I began to realize that I was being methodically and destructively gang-stalked.

It's been going on for more than four years. I have tried to seek redress by going through official channels, to no avail. It wasn't until I read and researched the many web sites on the subject that I began to realize what was happening --- and that others are being similarly afflicted.

I have contacted media outlets, but I find that there is a concerted effort to destroy my credibility, and I believe that has affected my ability to get this story told. (Persons targeted by this movement report that their complaints to public officials are routinely received with scorn and not-so-subtle suggestions that the complainants are mentally unbalanced -- a response that critics maintain is part of a strategy to neutralize those who dare to challenge the prevailing dogma.)

I was part of "major media" for many years, and I can report that the mainstream media is highly vulnerable to intimidation, manipulation and rumor-mongering. I post this message at some personal risk to myself and to my family; but I cannot remain silent and solely rely on "the system" any longer. The system isn't working.

My name is Victor Livingston and I live in Bucks County, PA. My telephone number is (215) 295-0852, and my email address is scrivener50@.... But my email is erratic, my accounts have been subject to hijacking, and I can't rely on the privacy or even the veracity of electronic communications. I fear that my identity has been stolen and that I have been set up by rogue elements that have tolerated this extra-legal activity, and who will resort to "any means necessary" to suppress accounts of official misconduct.

Federal law enforcement is aware of gang/community stalking; indeed, it is possible that federal grants are being used by localities to fund such activities under the guise of community watch groups and volunteer corps. Some local police personnel who have resisted the vigilante movement reportedly have become targets.

My hope out is that conscientious officials under the direct authority of the Justice Department are working behind the scenes to curb the abuses. I have officially requested a civil rights investigation into what has been happening, but to no avail. I have tried to contact my Congressman, Patrick Murphy, but those efforts have been unsuccessful. That explains why I have resorted to multiple postings on the web, so I can confirm that my words have not been altered. I have also emailed members of the House and Senate judiciary committees to request a congressional investigation.

If you are a fellow journalist, please investigate this under-the-radar abuse of power in your own community; odds are, it's going on in your own backyard. Residents of other industrialized nations also have posted reports of organized gang/community stalking in their communities, suggesting that these tactics could be part of an international reactionary ideology.

And if you know or work with Sy Hersh, Nat Hentoff or Bob Woodward, or local journalists in your local communities who are more than just stenographers for the status quo, please send them this post.

In the words of John Dean, it's worse than Watergate.
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