Sunday, July 13, 2008

A Complete Media Blackout Yesterday Regarding Dr. Ron Paul's Revolution March On Washington While U.S. Telecoms Are Given Impunity To Spy On Americans

Video clip of guest speaker at Ron Paul's Revolution March on Washington D.C. yesterday. It is clear from the complete lack of media coverage (I don't think that even one TV or radio station covered this historic gathering) regarding this event, that the U.S. Media was told to ignore it -- a further illustration of how our media system has been completely subverted by the U.S. Federal Government, for its own use.

Which means that the media system in this country is completely worthless to the American people when it comes to learning of the corruption within our own government. And it's been this lack of journalistic integrity which has enabled this government to become as corrupted as it has, without the American people ever being made aware of what was going on behind the scene. The last three real journalists who covered government corruption were all shot in the head execution style. However, their deaths were conveniently reported as suicides. Steve Kangas, Gary Webb and Hunter Thompson.

Carte blanche to illegally spy on Americans
Telecoms Flex Their Muscles: FISA "Compromise" Locks-in Lawless Spying
by Tom Burghardt

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