Sunday, July 13, 2008

Americans Are Wising Up To The Treasonous Attacks On 9-11 As The U.S. Congress's Approval Rating Sinks To A Precedent Setting Nine Percent

I have always recognized that the U.S. Congress was not the best run organization in the world, however, I had believed this to be a lack of competence and not a deliberate attempt to undermine the U.S. Constitution and the freedoms of the American people. However, based on my own research in regard to the attacks on 9-11 as well as myriad other treasonous crimes which certain members of the Congress have been complicit in not only taking part in, but also covering up, has me certain that Congress has become nothing but an aider an abettor of such treasonous crimes. And in cases like the treasonous creation of the privately held Federal Reserve Bank and IRS, Congress as it presently stands, must now be considered a very serious threat to the preservation of our Constitutional rule of law.

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I say this as an American citizen who has been subjected to the most outrageous violations of the Bill Of Rights (by the U.S. Intel community) ever documented by any American citizen in this country's 232 year history. Including a conspiracy by the NSA and FBI to illegally satellite track me for decades while using an artificial intelligence computer to both access and manipulate my sub vocalized thoughts.

These agents are not Americans -- they are cold blooded Nazi torturers and murderers who masquerade as an Intelligence community. They are nothing but a secret police force -- an Americanized version of the Stasi or Gestapo.

What these criminal conspirators have perpetrated against my person (and many others) is a covert act of war on all of the citizens in this country, given that these agencies have blatantly violated every aspect of our privacy with this satellite based spying/mind influencing technology. They are nothing but criminal disciples of the New World Order and its Illuminati masters. Those who have no respect for human rights or any form of life. Those who believe in genocide and the use of other races in which to experiment on (eugenics).

And they capable of perpetrating crimes well beyond that of Adolph Hitler.

They are truly EVIL.

And they are as deeply embedded within our own government, as a deer tick is beneath one's skin.
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