Sunday, July 13, 2008

Why The 16Th Amendment Is Unconstitutional & Must Be Repealed -- How Congress Allowed For A Communist System Of Taxation In America

Many of those Americans who have now learned that the 16Th Amendment was never properly ratified, and in fact authorizes a Communist form of graduated income tax system taken directly from Karl Marx Communist Manifesto, still wonder why the even charges such a tax which is paid directly to the privately held Federal Reserve Bank.

Many have even asked why the Federal Reserve even need to use the IRS to collect this form of illegal taxation since the Federal Reserve counterfeits money and can print all of the money it needs, just as it does the fiat money which it lends the U.S. Treasury at usury interest rates.

The answer is that the Federal Reserve uses the income tax to steal nearly a trillion dollars each year from the American workers, in order to prevent them from becoming financially independent. By paying thousands of dollars a year or more in the federal income tax, each American worker is losing money which rightfully belongs to them, to the Federal Reserve Bank.

For example take someone who pays $20,000 a year in a federal income tax. After a decade this person has paid $200,000 of their hard earned money to the Federal Reserve Bank. In addition to this, they have lost the earning potential of this money, in addition to the inflation which has also devalued it over the span of ten years - (inflation here, being a hidden tax).

Their loss would be well over $200,000. Now compound this over the life of your average worker, and the Federal Reserve Bank has stolen from each of them, hundreds of thousands of dollars which could have been used to give them more comfortable lives.

So is it any wonder why the average American family can no longer even afford to purchase a house, and find two incomes necessary in order to survive? It's the Congress authorized Federal Reserve Bank/IRS Fascist juggernaut that is responsible for this, as well as the inflation which has eroded the value of your money, because the Fed prints money based on nothing of intrinsic value. So everytime they add more of this fiat money to the U.S. economy, it becomes worth even less.

For example, in 1913, the One Dollar Federal Reserve Note had the purchasing power of 100 cents. After 95 years of the Fed's counterfeiting money, the purchasing power of the same dollar is about two cents.

The federal income tax is a covert way for the rich in this country to steal money from the American middle class and redistribute it amongst the wealthy class, which is exactly what happens.

Tax dodges also abound for such wealthy elitists, who use charitable trusts as fronts which allow them to avoid paying taxes on their wealth.

The best example of this in recent years is that of Berkshire Hathaway's Warren Buffet and Microsoft's Bill and Melinda Gates. To the public, they are seen as very wealthy and generous benefactors. However, in reality they are just very clever people who are legally dodging the federal income tax.

And since this tax is not constitutional, neither Buffet nor the Gates' are doing anything wrong. It's just a shame that all Americans cannot avail themselves of such significant loopholes in the IRS' illegally imposed graduated system of taxation.

Beardsley Ruml, a former head of the Federal Reserve System in the 1940's summed the federal income tax system up in the following words:

"A primary purpose of taxation is to redistribute the wealth from one class of citizens to another. This must always be done in the name of social justice or equality, but the real objective is to override the free market and bring society under the control of the master planners." (The master planners in this case being the Illuminati under their New World Order.)

See the following article by G. Edward Griffin to learn more about this treasonous betrayal of the American people, and how the U.S. Congress was actually behind much of it.

Also see the following post which covers tax protester Bill Benson's own research in regard to this fraud, in which Benson has found that the 16Th Amendment of the US Constitution was never properly ratified by the necessary number of states to be passed into law, and is thus unconstitutional - making the IRS and Federal Reserve Bank both criminal and treasonous in their operations. And making the U.S. Congress complicit in these crimes by aiding and abetting the Fed and IRS.
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