Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke On Capital Hill Under Fire By Congress -- However Nothing Substantive Has Been Discussed & Their LIES Continue

Chairman Bernanke has been questioned for the past few hours by members of the Congress in efforts to determine exactly how the economy has ended up in the dire straits that it has. And with the U.S. Treasury asking to give the privately held Federal Reserve Bank virtually complete autonomy over the financial industry in this country, it has become clear that this Illuminati power play to take complete control of our economy is a further indication of the emerging New World Order's intention of having a privately controlled central bank overseeing the global economy.

This is also a further move to destroy the U.S. Constitution, which specifies that only the U.S. Congress and Treasury can coin and distribute American currency. Chairman Bernanke has also been subjected to a fairly easy line of questioning thus far (with the exception of one senator who was quite angered at the Fed's inability to stabilize the U.S. economy). Moreover, not one representative has questioned the Federal Reserve's use of fiat money as the sole reason for the dollar's rapid decline in value. Nor have they addressed any of the pertinent issues in regard to the Fed's own criminality as a Congress authorized counterfeiter.

The bottom line here is that this meeting will result in nothing but a further smokes screen by the Congress and Federal Reserve in which to obfuscate the real facts behind these crimes, while they continue to propagate their disinformation to the American people.

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