Monday, July 14, 2008

As Punishment For Propagating The Truth About The Criminal Federal Reserve & IRS, A Smear Campaign Is Now Being Waged Against Congressman Ron Paul

Defender Of The US Constitution Ron Paul

The following article was published shortly before the election in Ron Paul's congressional district. While he won the election convincingly, in recent months he has been targeted for a smear campaign by those within Congress and the U.S. Military Industrial Intelligence Complex.

Those who are taking punitive action against Dr. Paul for supporting the campaign to expose the conspiracy between the Congress, Federal Reserve and IRS, in which to steal trillions of dollars from the American workforce through the creation of an unconstitutional and Communist system of graduated taxation, that has gradually destroyed the financial solvency of the workforce in this country, while taking America from being a manufacturing juggernaut, to a second rate power which operates by monetizing its debt.

Ron Paul Attacked Locally
Author: Michael Kraft
Published: February 15, 2008

Jake Morphonios from brings us this news as to how Ron Paul is being attacked at home while fighting nationally for the constitutional ideals.

“Dr. Paul has always put his country first, much to his own degradation. For 20 years he has been mocked and scorned in Congress by his peers. As a Presidential candidate he has been called a clown, a joke, a kook, a terrorist-sympathizer, a racist and every other epithet that enemies of freedom could come up with. And yet he persists. He isn’t getting anything out of this for himself, other than the satisfaction that he is helping preserve the freedoms of his countrymen and his posterity. He’s going all the way to the Republican convention to fight for us and our beliefs, in spite of the odds against him winning. That is integrity.

while Ron Paul has focused on fighting for us on a national level, a Texas snake in the grass has slithered up from behind and threatens to remove Paul from Congress. Of this matter, Ron Paul wrote:

“If I were to lose the primary for my congressional seat, all our opponents would react with glee, and pretend it was a rejection of our ideas. I cannot and will not let that happen… I need your support.”

If Ron Paul does not win the Presidency, then we NEED him desperately to keep fighting for us in Congress.

This isn’t the first time that Ron Paul has faced significant opposition from his fellow Republicans. In 1996, Paul was reelected to Congress after a very difficult battle against the Republican establishment. House Speaker Newt Gingrich, Texas Governor George W. Bush, and the NRA all turned against Paul and threw their support to another Republican during the Texas primaries. Who was this opponent? His name was Greg Laughlin - a man who switched from the Democrat party after receiving promises of support from Gingrich and others if he ran against Paul. The neo-cons thought Laughlin would be more inclined to follow their neo-con agenda than Ron Paul. It does not surprise this author that so many of today’s “Republicans” have thrown support to McCain in this election. For people who prefer to put party allegiance ahead of principle, there is no such thing as loyalty.

With the help of baseball star Nolan Ryan and Presidential candidate Steve Forbes, Paul went on to defeat the Laughlin-Gingrich-Bush “axis of evil”. This was the third time he won a seat in Congress as a non-incumbent in the 14th Congressional District - which is, by the way, larger than the entire state of Massachusetts.

The neo-cons don’t like one of their own standing up to them. Now they are doing it again. Paul’s opponent has raised twice as much money and faces a significant threat to Paul’s seat in the 14Th Congressional District of Texas. His opponent is engaging in slanderous assaults on Dr. Paul’s integrity and honesty. He calls Ron Paul the leader of the “liberals that blame America first” and says that Ron Paul is an enemy of our own military.

Are we going to sit here idly while the man who has done so much for us is viciously attacked Ron Paul needs support from us?


Don’t wait for some fancy “money bomb” date to tie your donation to. The Texas primary is March 4Th and he needs the money right now to defend his district from being taken over by a warmongering man who supports the Patriot Act and the host of neo-con laws and efforts to turn America into a fascist state.

Ron Paul has never betrayed us or backed out of a fight to defend our rights. We owe him our loyalty. Skip your McDonald’s Big Mac, fries and Coke today… instead, give your 5 bucks to Ron Paul at:

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