Monday, July 14, 2008

An Article On Brain Fingerprinting Which Proves That The Thought Patterns Of Humans Can Be Deciphered By Way Of Specialized Technology

The following article describes how the CIA and FBI use a form of brain fingerprinting technology which relies on physical contact with the subject. However, the NSA's remote neural monitoring of the human brain by way of Electronic Computer To Brain Link technology is capable of using brain fingerprinting to remotely access the thoughts of a person whose brainwaves are being electronically intercepted by way of a spy satellite and artificial intelligence computer.

This technology destroys both your 4Th Amendment and Miranda Rights, since the FEDS can use remote neural monitoring to go on an open ended fishing expedition of your thoughts for many years, creating a dossier on you simply by electronically sifting through your thought streams to search for whatever information they can find. This is the most anti-American, criminal and Orwellian violation of both civil and human rights ever documented in the history of the human race. A situation in which agencies like the FBI, NSA and CIA are operating in complete violation of due process of law, while displaying an abject disregard for the U.S. Constitution and its Bill Of Rights.

What if the entire U.S. population is being subjected to this outrageous an invasive spying, by the NSA and FBI (without their knowledge) under the pretext that any American may be a possible terrorist?

Does this sound constitutional to you?

See the article here:
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