Tuesday, July 15, 2008

FEDS CONtinue To Sabotage My Internet Connection While Using Further Psyops In Their Attempt To Covertly Murder Me

More Internet sabotage by the FBI/NSA/DHS criminal conspirators who continue their campaign to disenfranchise me of my rights as an American citizen, while attempting to whitewash what has become the greatest government scandal in United States History.

As of late, in addition to the myriad of psyop triggered E-mails that are sent to my E-mail accounts daily, the mentally defective miscreants of U.S. Intel continue to open programs on my computer by way of remote means, in addition to regularly getting me knocked offline (an error message is sent which freezes my screen, and forces me to access the task manager to close the Internet program which I was either using or attempting to access at the time).

Over the past few months this particular message has been sent to me hundreds of times as yet a further source of annoyance in the covert murder campaign which these federal sleazebags continue to perpetrate. (For the past five years, they have been utilizing such psychological warfare in which to drive me to such a state of anger and despair, that I either commit suicide or act out in a way in which I can either be arrested or confined to a mental institution.

And despite their tenacious and inherently criminal and EVIL efforts, they have failed miserably in attempting to do so, showing not only a penchant for incompetence, but also severe character flaws which reveal hidden sociopathic tendencies - a likely adverse consequence of the brainwashing which they have been subjected to while being indoctrinated in the Nazi minded machinations of these criminal agencies.

Moreover, in spite of their vicious and treasonous attack of my person, I remain sound of mind and documenting the outrageous crimes which the FEDS have and continue to perpetrate against my Family and self. And this is why the FBI and its criminal brethren have orchestrated a smear campaign against my person, in which to discredit my accurate accounts of what they have done.

There is no longer any rule of law in what these Nazi minded bastards are doing, so I find it necessary to document in great detail how these mind raping and torturous federal predators operate. Given the most incredible lies that we as a nation have been told in regard to this government's history, and in reality, its abject criminality, I can think of no better way of spending my days (tormented as they are), then to research and document what these Nazi's who masquerade as government officials have gotten away with in the way or treasonous crimes against the American people.

** Note that I am still awaiting an international parcel which was shipped from Zurich, Switzerland nearly three weeks now, and will document the outcome of this situation as it continues to unfold (especially if the package happens to "disappear" along the way -- a clear indication that the FEDS were involved in this sabotage).

While I have learned an enormous amount in regard to the criminal ways in which this government operates, what stands out most is the completely lawless way in which agencies like the FBI and NSA conduct themselves. An absolutely scandalous and treasonous situation which has become so terrible, that it's impossible to distinguish them from the "standard" criminals whom they claim to prosecute.

U.S. Intel and the Congress have become co-conspirators in the destruction of our rights as Americans, and are now demonizing those of us whose rights they have absolutely obliterated. This is an intolerable situation which must be documented in the greatest of detail. Since we are now seeing the strong possibility of another Holocaust like the ones in Germany and Russia many decades ago.

A situation in which the media in these respective countries deliberately ignored these evolving atrocities, as the U.S. Media is doing in the present day.

The most endangered American citizens, are the ones who ask common sense questions in regard to treasonous attacks like the ones on 9-11, the Federal Reserve/IRS bank fraud, and other situations in which the official explanations for these occurrences make no sense at all.

The covert attacks on these people are a clear illustration that a well orchestrated conspiracy by the Federal Government in which to obfuscate its own treasonous criminality against the American people, is taking place. And on a scale never before documented.

It is this conspiracy which is now unfurling faster than a spinnaker chute being launched into a heavy gust of wind.
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