Thursday, July 17, 2008

The IIluminati Controlled New Yorker Magazine Illustrates The NWO's Contempt For Barack Obama & His Wife

Barack Obama Is In Danger

There are an enormous number of white separatists within some very powerful Illuminati run organizations in America who simply do not want to see an African American in the office of President. And we have already seen what happens to a white president when he challenges the corrupt status quo in this country, and in doing so rattles the cages of this very powerful group of elitists.

They had his head nearly blown off on national TV back in November of 1963. And while most Americans were at least at the time completely ignorant as to the real reasons for John F. Kennedy's murder, those who understood saw this very graphic and disturbing message as a warning for them to abstain from interfering in the world of international finance, as well as the machinations of the U.S. Military Industrial Intelligence complex.

And over the past four decades, this very brutal message has not been ignored, as every president since JFK, has been careful to heed the Illuminati's covert threat to destroy anyone who would attempt to stand in their way.

The truth is that Barack Obama and his wife are perceived to be a threat to these narrow minded people and their Draconian ways of operating. And it is my opinion that if Obama is elected to the office of president, he will never get any meaningful protection from the Secret Service, FBI or Homeland Security. He could also end up being assassinated in a similar dark operation to that which the late John F. Kennedy was subjected to.

And if such a tragic situation occurs, a Lee Harvey Oswald type of patsy will be waiting in the wings, in order to take the blame for yet another treasonous and despicable crime.

These are extremely turbulent and dangerous times in which we as Americans are now forced to live. And with an information revolution taking place over the Internet, those who seek covert means in which to control us, are beginning to experience a greater sense of adversity in attempting to do so, than they have in the past.

Furthermore, as this flow of information continues to propagate, a once ignorant public will begin to learn of the New World Order's existence and agenda. And as this occurs, it will to some degree aid in leveling a playing field in which the NWO has for far too long, held a significant and unfair advantage.

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