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FBI/NSA/DHS Cruelty Is On Par With That Of Adolph Hitler & The Nazi Party

For the past few days the NSA has been targeting me particularly aggressively with directed energy weaponry causing an acute shortness of breath. In the last 24 hours alone, I have taken roughly 1000 milligrams of Coenzyme Q10 in efforts to help my breathing. A normal daily dose would be about 100 milligrams.

* Regular readers of this blog are familiar with the myriad ways in which the NSA uses its directed energy and psychotronic weaponry to remotely target and torture me, by way of the unique electromagnetic field which my brain emanates. Your brains also emanate such unique EMF fields, which also makes each of you vulnerable to being illegally satellite tracked while your thoughts and actions are remotely monitored by the NSA in real time; all which are then archived for future reference.

As for the acute shortness of breath which I'm presently experiencing (caused by these directed energy weapons), even after taking roughly 1000 milligrams of CO Enzyme Q10, my breathing remains labored. I document this here, like so many other TI's, to describe the abject cruelty of those who operate within these modern day Americanized Nazi agencies. This must be done in order to give the American people a better understanding of what goes on behind the walls of these New World Order controlled agencies, as well as the myriad methods which they use to covertly spy upon and in many instances attack us through satellite based means which are invisible to the naked eye (because the human eye is physically incapable of seeing very much of the infrared spectrum, including the part in which these satellite based weapons operate).

The FEDS are also not happy that I posted the last article, which includes the truth about the Clinton Administration's use of the FBI to cover up the facts behind the Navy's accidental shooting down of TWA Flight 800 in the Summer of 1996; the result of a missile training exercise which went terribly wrong, resulting in the murders of 230 people.

It would also appear that since the U.S. Media has been completely co opted by the Illuminati owned and operated Military Industrial Intelligence complex, that the only way Americans are going to learn the truth about how badly they have been deceived by their own government, is through blogs like this one, which document the advanced technologies being used by agencies like the CIA, NSA, FBI and DHS, in which to illegally satellite track American citizens, as well as utilize their own bodies' electromagnetic fields in which to target them for various forms of non consensual human experimentation (including that of remote forms of mind control research).

This situation has become truly horrific, as any person being targeted for this technology will tell you. A situation in which we have no absolutely no privacy; being spied upon 24 hours a day -- including within our own homes, as well as being subjected to the remote reading and manipulation of our thoughts.

No one has the right to do this to anyone else.

A clear sign of the fascist and despotic nation that the United States became many years ago. And a situation which has become exponentially worse under the modern day Adolph Hitler megalomaniacs who are presently masquerading as the President and Vice President of this country.

Furthermore, those operating within U.S. Intel have proven themselves to be quite capable of utilizing this technology to repeatedly torture us without the least concern for the pain and suffering that they are causing.

These are a modern day version of Hitler's Third Reich (not surprising since many of them are the progeny of Nazi's who were smuggled into this country by the CIA through Operation Paperclip in the late 1940's) who operate as a network of sociopaths that covertly torture and murder myriad citizens within the United States, as well those of other countries, by way of spy satellite networks such as the NSA's Echelon and Tempest.

These so called agents may enjoy what they do. They may even believe that they have a right to be doing what they are to us. However, all they have demonstrated here is that through such abject cruelty, they have allowed those whom they answer to, to steal their humanity from them. And aside from the viciousness which they subject us to daily, I cannot think of a greater atrocity against humanity, then to allow a powerful group of reprobates to use you to perpetrate their crimes against the citizens of this planet for them. Something these FEDS appear to be willfully doing.

* Note that in addition to this constant torture, the FBI and DHS are constantly interfering with my business dealings. As an illustration of this, the FEDS now appear to have stolen the Revox B 261 tuner which I had purchased from a gentleman in Switzerland several weeks ago (through an Ebay auction). I say this because it has been nearly three weeks since this unit was shipped, and the U.S. Post Office (which had taken possession of this unit from the Swiss Post shipper) has still not listed any tracking information other than what it posted on the day that the tuner arrived in this country -- July 4Th, 2008.

Since July, 4Th no further information has been posted in regard to the Revox's present whereabouts, which is extremely strange and most likely due to the FED's covert and CRIMINAL interference.

If the tuner does not arrive by today (or at the latest on Monday), I will left to conclude that the FBI, DHS or one of their provocateurs simply decided to steal the tuner (an item that I paid $566.34 for, and ironically enough a federal crime) from a USPS warehouse. However, even if the tuner arrives today or Monday, there will no doubt in my mind that the FEDS deliberately interfered with this shipment in order to delay it, in efforts to cause me further concern and psychological duress.

This is the new America, where the rule of law no longer means anything to those who are charged with protecting and defending the U.S. Constitution and its Bill Of Rights. A situation in which the FBI and NSA use satellites to illegally track us, subject us to COINTELPRO sting operations and non consensual human experimentation, and when caught in such malfeasance, demonize us in order to cover up the Orwellian types of crimes which they have perpetrated against us.

Here I am also documenting how our very own families are quite literally blackmailed into acquiescing to the outrageous intimidation of agencies like the FBI and DHS, while also becoming victims of such lawless miscreants.

It is clear from my own experiences as one of their COINTELPRO targets, that these so called federal agents are of a criminal mindset. And at present they are given complete impunity in which to commit their crimes while violating our rights in the most egregious ways ever documented.

They are no longer just spying outwardly on communities. With the utilization of an extremely sophisticated satellite spy network, the U.S. Intelligence community is now spying on us within the privacy of our own homes, while with Electronic Computer To Brain Link technology, also invading the privacy of our own thoughts.


These are not police officers. These so called federal agents are a high tech form of sexual predator who are videotaping men, women and children within the privacy of their own homes. Degenerate filth, that are actually watching men, women and children within their own bedrooms and bathrooms.

These agents are the consummate NAZI PIG.

If ever there was evidence that the New World Order exists, and that their intention is to take us from within our own countries, by using such advanced tracking technology in which to both spy upon us within the privacy of our own homes, as well as invade the privacy of our own minds, what those of us who've been targeted for such atrocities are reporting about on blogs like this one, is definitive proof of it.

There is no longer any Constitutional rule of law within the United States.

And the U.S. Intel community is not based on our Constitutional Republic, but instead a Draconian philosophy which includes pathological deception, enslavement, torture and murder.

Moreover, these federal agencies and their criminal operatives have now antagonized the American people into peacefully rising up against them in a war of information about their heinous crimes. In fact, this movement has already begun.

However, given their nefarious actions, there should be no reason for the FEDS' to wonder why this has happened. The truth of the matter is that as this information war continues to propagate, it's the FEDS themselves and their cruel and inhumane Nazi minded psychological operations that are to blame for it.

Have The FEDS Stolen The Revox?

As for the Revox tuner that I paid good money for (not to mention the $100 it cost to have it shipped from Switzerland to the United States), if the FEDS have in fact stolen it, I can now add nearly six hundred dollars more to the sum total which they have in one way or another stolen from me over the past five years, in the way of fraudulent billings, medication replaced with placebos which I was charged full price for, and doctor's visits which were used for the purpose of entrapment & harassment -- a terrible situation in which I was charged full price, yet not given the legitimate services that I paid for -- in addition to being treated very cruelly by these doctors and their staffs.

To quote wrongfully imprisoned tax protester Ed Brown (who together with his wife, Elaine, was found guilty of a non crime and sentenced to more than 5 years in prison):

"The Feds are very professional -- that is professional in their cruelty."

* The fact that the United States Post Office can be complicit in such a cover up, is also indicative of the type of power that agencies like the FBI and DHS wield, in spite of their inherent corruption. In the past several years since the FEDS' illegal surveillance of my person went from being covert to overt, I have seen complicity in such corruption from the following: The Department Of Motor Vehicles, insurance companies, pharmacies, health care providers, doctors, lawyers, dentists, auto mechanics, and in fact entire communities, who do not question their own complicity in violating the Constitutional rights of other American citizens, but instead like the Illuminati brainwashed robots they are, take part in these despicable crimes.

The fact is that in the FBI's long term conspiracy in which to violate my rights, they have committed so many outrageous crimes, and included others within their conspiratorial web of criminality, that the FBI had no choice but to vilify me publicly in a smear campaign, as a preemptive strike, before I could go public with the treasonous crimes that this Nazi juggernaut has perpetrated against my Family and self.

Note that the FBI & DHS saw to it that my articles never remained on Independent Media Center Websites. In most cases, the FEDS actually blocked my being able to upload these articles to the Website. However, on occasions when they were not able to do so, they frequently created situations in which the article would publish twice instead of once. And the specific IMC Website on which the article was published, was quick to remove the article from the IMC's main page where it could be viewed by all of the IMC's readers. Instead the article was either deleted, or hidden with some bogus violation given as the reason for the IMC's having done so.

Forget the fact that the FBI, DHS and NSA had now also violated my 1ST Amendment Rights as well as the myriad others which they had demolished in the past.

If the second copy of the article I published was the problem, why not just delete it, and leave the first? Common sense, right?.

However, that was not the FEDS' intention here. Instead their intent was to prevent me from promulgating my information while the FBI and DHS conducted a slanderous smear campaign in which to demonize me with the public, while I remained in an NSA orchestrated media blackout.

The federal attack on my person has been a criminal conspiracy from the getgo.

These FEDS are outright criminals. Nothing that they have done here is legal, and in the process they have committed so many outrageous crimes against me, that their only alternative is to figure out a plausible way in which to murder me.

This being an FBI effort to cover up the fact that nearly three decades earlier the FBI and NSA had conspired with one another to deny me my rights as an American citizen - a federal crime under United States Code Title 18.

These are some extremely wicked bastards that we are talking about here. So why aren't these rogue agents in prison where they belong?

The reality here is that it's the FBI and its criminal minions' own outrageous conduct that has caused this situation -- not my Family or myself. And this explains why due process of law is being completely ignored.

And the NSA and FBI are not about to admit how they have illegally satellite tracked me while subjecting me to myriad forms of non consensual human experimenatation over the years. Instead, it's far easier for them to simply pursue a demonization campaign in which the facts behind these outrageous crimes are completely obscured by the type of white wash campaigns that the FEDS are notorious for perpetrating.

Afterall, how could the FEDS follow due process of law in such a criminal conspiracy, when they are in fact the ones who are guilty of the crimes and of labeling my person as a domestic terrorist, when in reality I have no criminal record and no ties to terrorists either in the United States or internationally?

From the moment that the FBI labeled me as a domestic terrorist, they perpetrated the crime of slander.

This is just another line of the FBI's conspiratorial and pathological bullshit.

And it is this pathological deception of the public which the U.S. Federal Government depends on to keep its own crimes hidden from public view, while they destroy the reputations and lives of those whom they commit such egregious crimes against.

The FBI's fabricated witnesses are also part of the agency's pathology, since they can be easily created when the Bureau uses its coercive tactics to intimidate frightened people into following the FBI's dictates, under the threat of finding themselves under attack. I have seen such a situation first hand in regard to how the FEDS have done this with my own Family. A wonderful group of people who've always been able to think for themselves, yet who are now also being victimized by the FEDS and their criminal operations.

And perhaps the worst part in all this, is that they have become so frightened of the FBI and DHS, that they now see these criminals in a Stockholm Syndrome type of scenario, even though these agencies are responsible for the precarious and miserable situations which they now find themselves in.

In fact, the precedent setting assault which these federal miscreants have perpetrated against my Family and self is without a doubt the best illustration ever documented of what happens when it's the New World Order controlled U.S. Federal Government itself, who is the criminal.

If I criticize this joke of a president or the FBI (or for that matter any other aspect of the LIES which we have been told by this treasonous government) my information (much of which is taken directly from the Freedom Of Information Act) is completely discounted.

Now that's brainwashing for you. And if you were to tell my Family that they have been brainwashed, they'd deny this too. Because the simple truth in regard to brainwashing, is that while you are brainwashed, you will never know it.

However, once you have broken free of such evil machinations, you can then begin to clearly see what a complete manipulation American society is; a situation in which the U.S. Media disinformation/entertainment machine keeps you both ignorant and incapable of asking the serious questions in regard to this government which must be asked.

As the philospher Voltaire once said: "It is dangerous to be right when the government is wrong."

At the present time, there's no one on this planet who recognizes this better than those who have broken free of this matrix, and who have now become the hunted ones.

Of course, such abject criminality has now destroyed this government's credibility, especially as it applies to an Intel community that is as corrupted as any to come before it. A situation which they will eventually be forced to both acknowledge and suffer the consequences for, whether they want to or not.
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