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Why FBI Profiling Is A Fraud -- The Bureau's Use Of Psyops In Profiling's A Complete Manipulation Of A Targeted Person's Psychological Characteristics

* When taking into consideration the following post, also note that when the FBI or one of its U.S. Intel counterparts perpetrates such an illegal operation, one of the prime objectives is to prevent the person or persons being targeted, from defending themselves from these covert attacks.

For all intents and purposes, these New World Order operations completely supersede the Constitutional rule of law, as the targets are kept in a total media blackout in which the FEDS nor their provocateurs will ever actually admit to the TI that they they are being attacked, while in fact using a myriad of covert psychological operations in which to adversely affect the psyche of the targeted persons.

The end result is that it is not only the target who's been subjected to this covert type of brainwashing, but also everyone around the target, including the target's own family, friends and even communities. This is brainwashing on a very large scale, and something so insidious, that all but the targeted persons remain unaware that they themselves have also been victimized, since they are focused on victimizing the person(s) being targeted.

This is a topic which is rarely if ever discussed, because the average American citizen is not yet aware of the criminal ways in which the FBI or its U.S. Intel brethren operate. At least not yet. However, with Websites like mine and a myriad of others which are documenting the secretive and deceptive nature of these agencies, it is now only a matter of time before these agencies and their treasonous LIES and crimes will collapse under the enormous weight of their precedent setting betrayal of the American people.

The FBI's Profiling Of Americans Is A Fraud

In the case of FBI operatives who are charged with profiling those within society whom they are investigating, a legitimate profile would be to observe that person within their natural environment, without interfering in it or violating the basic rights of the person under observation.

However, the FBI's protocols appear to violate without exception every aspect of the aforementioned. For example, the FBI regularly utilizes the NSA's spy satellites to watch those citizens whom the FBI has an interest in, within the privacy of their own homes. This is quite simply outrageous conduct, and regardless of what the FBI or NSA might state, completely illegal under the 4TH Amendment of the Bill Of Rights.

To further complicate this issue, when the FBI utilizes psychological warfare operations against the targeted person, it manipulates the person's environment in an adverse way, in which the person is forced to respond to such negativity in an appropriate manner. The FBI then capitalizes on this by claiming that the person is either unstable, violent, or in some other way a danger to themselves as well as society.

This is a total deception by the FBI and its conspirators, of the American public. And a disgraceful, criminal and vicious assault on the rights of the person being targeted.

Add to this the NSA's use of psychotronic and directed energy weapons in which to remotely access the targeted person's thoughts, and this manipulation of the truth becomes even more outrageous, since both the person's thoughts and actions can be adversely altered without their knowledge.

And certainly without their consent, for what normal person would ever consent to such an egregious abuse of their rights, much less to being spied upon within the privacy of their own home four hundreds of thousands of consecutive hours?

This outrageous attack on our rights by agencies that are clearly being operated by those who espouse a Nazi doctrine, have become the enemy of the American people. And their despicable actions offer a horrifying glance in regard to what our future as inhabitants of this planet will be like, if we tolerate such blatant abuses of our inherent rights to be free to pursue quiet enjoyment. Something guaranteed to all Americans under the United States Constitution. Under this same Constitution, we as American citizens are all guaranteed the right to due process of law in regard to allegations of criminality.

And any person or organization who would deny any of us this right, is in fact not only operating in violation of the U.S. Bill Of Rights, but also CRIMINALLY.

As for the FBI's own criminality, the Bureau regularly uses such deliberately manipulated profiling as the aforementioned, in order to justify its oftentimes illegal and protracted "fishing expeditions" of those American citizens whom it cannot legally charge with a crime.

In such situations, it has become quite obvious that it is the FBI and its complicit brethren who are the criminals here. Criminals who have set many precedents in their abject violations of the U.S. Constitution and its Bill Of Rights. And it's time that we held them accountable for these crimes and subjected them to the punishments for having done so as prescribed by U.S. law.

The following article discusses several aspects of the FBI's machinations as they apply to the Patriot Act and its criminal and Draconian ideology. A further illustration of why the Bureau and its U.S Intel brethren should be abolished, and the Patriot Act repealed:
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