Tuesday, July 22, 2008

FBI/DHS/NSA Conspiracy In Regard To Stolen Revox B 261 FM Tuner Continues -- These Criminals Are Now Setting New Precedents In This Scandal

At present I am attempting to locate the whereabouts of an expensive Revox FM Broadcast Monitor that I purchased through Ebay nearly a month ago, and is now reported to be "lost" by the shipping company which was responsible for its delivery. However, in quite literally hundreds of such transactions for Hi-Fi equipment, including some from overseas ( over the past two decades), I have never once had a package lost.

It is my opinion that given the myriad machinations that these U.S. Intel criminals perpetrate daily against my person, that they are in fact responsible for the "theft" of this expensive tuner, as well as the subsequent jerk around that I am now experiencing between the seller, and those responsible for its delivery.

The readers should also note, that this piece of hi-fi gear traveled thousands of miles without a single problem, only to end up missing once it landed in the United States.

Given that the FEDS have been involved in yet another crime against my person, I will document the FBI/NSA/DHS criminal conspiracy in which to cover up what has turned out to be the biggest scandal in United States History, given the illegal satellite tracking of my person that these government reprobates (lying, cheating, thieving miscreants) are guilty of, yet desperately attempting to hide from the public.

I know that they are responsible for the theft of this piece of equipment, and are now using the theft itself, as yet another psychological operation. However, they've gotten away with nothing here, since their crime has been documented -- the theft of more than $500 from me (in addition to thousands more that they have stolen over the past few years through their other fraudulent machinations). Of course, as is always the case with these federal sleazebags, their crimes are perpetrated with plausible deniability, so that they can DENY what they have done; even when they're guilty as SIN.

The NSA also continues to illegally access my computer, while interfering with my Internet access. In this particular case, these mind raping scoundrels have also made it nearly impossible to gain access to my E-mail account today, opening an error message every time I attempt to.

Note that the error message does not come up when surfing the Internet or accessing other Websites; a clear sign of the FEDS' deliberate blocking of my E-mail account -- something which I am attempting to use in order to access E-mails from the shipping company whom I am attempting to send further information to, so that they can find out who last had access to the package containing the Revox before it was stolen.

These federal agents are outright criminals. And if they believe that I will ever allow them to get away with these precedent setting crimes, they truly are demented. Their smokes screen is lifting, and soon enough the entire planet will realize what a pack of treasonous Nazi THUGS are operating under the masquerade of an Intelligence community. As well as the abject threat to the well being of every person on this planet, that this government incarnated EVIL represents.

I will regularly update this particular situation, in addition to what I believe will be a federally orchestrated cover up by the United States Post Office and the Swiss shipping company, in regard to yet another in the myriad of crimes perpetrated against my person by the degenerate thuggery who operate within the FBI/NSA and DHS. These are nothing but criminal organizations, which masquerade as Intelligence gatherers.
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