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The Murder Of Irish Journalist Veronica Guerin Repeatedly Used By The FEDS As A Warning For Me To Keep Silent About This Technology

When the NSA commandeered our TV programming a few years back, every program that they ran was a psychological trigger of some type, warning me to keep silent in regard to what they were subjecting me to.

In understanding that I was dealing with Nazi's who were masquerading as federal law enforcement, I quickly began to take notes in regard to specific details of their attacks on my person. One of the programs which they ran repeatedly had to do with the 1996 murder of Irish journalist Veronica Guerin, after she began to expose the drug traffickers in her country.

Note that while my last name is Italian, I am also half Irish. And the NSA's reference to the murder of the Irish Guerin was no coincidence, here. In fact, every warning that I am given by these modern day Nazi predators always has some symbolic significance, which is typical of the mind games that they play with those whom they target for neutralization.

To say that the FBI and its degenerate miscreants are mean spirited does not begin to describe what they really are. There are many mean spirited people in society. However, these people are not torturers and murderers, something that the FBI and its U.S. Intel brethren in crime most certainly are.

These agents are as cunning and heartless as they are EVIL. And they perpetrate their crimes in the most abhorrent of ways, while using everyone around them as pawns to carry out their sick and depraved machinations. I say this from first hand experience, given that for the past five years I have been subjected to an protracted FBI/NSA/DHS psychological operation, using every smear tactic and psyop in the book, in efforts to drive me to a state in which I will react in a physical manner, constant with that which would give these maggots a legitimate reason in which to incarcerate me.

However, that has not happened, and will not happen. Given this, these federal sleazebag punks are now fabricating information, and whipping my community into a frenzy based on slanderous information, in order to continue to propagate their criminal and treasonous attack against my person.

THERE IS NOTHING LEGAL ABOUT THIS, because it is the FBI and its criminal minions who are the law breakers here. And their giant EGOS simply can't handle the fact the for the first time in U.S. History, an American citizen whom they were illegally targeting for a COINTELPRO, found out what they were doing , and turned the tables on them.

Moreover, the fact that the information which I am promulgating on my Website is scandalous enough to topple the U.S. Federal Government, the conspiracy by the NSA/FBI & Homeland Security continues unabated, as my Family remains under their coercive intimidation.

In fact, I have been warned by my Family on many occasions that my work in exposing these government criminals (particularly as it applies to their satellite tracking of all Americans by way of the unique fields which emanate from their brains) is causing Family members a great deal of problems.

I have routinely apologized for this, however, given the import of what I am documenting here, and understanding the incredible threat to humankind that the NSA's brain fingerprinting remote neural monitoring technology represents, I have openly asked my Family why they are not helping me to promulgate this information.

What I am supposed to do? Know about how dangerous this satellite based and artificial intelligence computer driven technology is, and not do my best to alert the public to it? That would be something
that I could not forgive myself for. However, in the past several years I have done everything possible to alert the public to the dangers that this technology represents, while living a daily nightmare, as the FEDS continue to manipulate my Family into remaining silent, and in the process demonizing me to them.

Unfortunately, the FEDS have put my Family through hell over these past several years, and they continue to be terribly compromised by the FBI and its EVIL minions, who understand what will happen to this government and the U.S. Intel community as the American people become aware of what these covert Nazi's are really up to, and take evasive action in which to prevent them from perpetrating such crimes against humanity in the future.

The FBI and DHS in particular continue to wage an all out and expensive smear campaign against my person, knowing full well that they cannot arrest me legally, and have perpetrated such outrageous crimes against me, that I am well within my rights as an American citizen, to sue these criminals for such conspiratorial and treasonous attacks.

Most American people believe that the FBI is controlled by the U.S. Congress and that the agency could never willfully use its vast resources to attack an American citizen. However, this is simply not the case. In fact it's the exact opposite, since the FBI attacks anyone it wants to, while circumventing due process of law, and manufacturing reasons in which to justify such despicable behavior. And those who complain to their local officials, the Department Of Justice, and the U.S. Congress, have found that they have wasted their time, since none of the aforementioned have ever gotten involved in taking on the FBI in defense of a citizen whose rights the Bureau has violated.

People like Judi Bari, Jean Seberg, and myriad others' complaints against the FBI were completely ignored by the aforesaid, while the FBI drove Jean to suicide, and orchestrated the bombing of Judi Bari's car in an attempt to murder her. And while they nearly succeeded in doing so, Judi managed to live several years longer; time enough to file a lawsuit against the FBI which she would win posthumously -- to the tune of 4.4 millions dollars.

In my opinion, the Congress, DOJ and our local politicians are afraid of the FBI, because they know the Bureau's criminal history of digging dirt on anyone whom it goes after. And these people don't want the FBI leaking their skeletons to the public.

So it's safer for them to simply ignore what the FBI does until the situation becomes so wide spread, that the Congress then steps in with a piece of theatrical grandstanding, to publicly scold the FBI. A situation which historically never results in any meaningful changes in the Bureau's Gestapo tactics, and leaves the agency free to continue its attack on the rights guaranteed us by the U.S. Constitution and its Bill Of Rights.

Based on my own experiences as a target of a decades' long COINTELPRO Sting, I truly don't believe that the FBI is capable of operating legally, since its history has clearly illustrated that standard operating procedure for the Bureau involves at the very least, the most basic violations of both the U.S. Constitution and human rights.

And for this reason, it is in the best interests of the United States and the American people to see that the FBI is abolished. And this call extends to other criminal and Nazi run U.S. Intel agencies which include but are not limited to the
NSA, CIA, and DHS.

As a result of my exposition of the FBI's criminal behavior against myself, the FEDS have become so frustrated and broken so many laws in their attacks on me, that they are now attempting to justify their own despicable behavior, regardless of how criminal it is. I also cite the recent "theft" of a piece of hi-fi gear which I purchased from Switzerland; something that I am certain the FBI and DHS were behind, in yet further intimidation. Once again, these federal hi-tech predators don't like to have their crimes exposed, and their outright theft of this expensive piece of equipment is only further proof of their tremendous frustration at having their crimes against my person (and Family) exposed globally.

The truth here is that it's the FEDS's owned cursed EGO's which keep them in a state of denial in regard to just how outrageous their crimes against us have been. And given that I have no respect or fear of them (which I have made quite clear in my myriad exposes regarding their horrendous crimes), knowing full well that these criminals are attempting to find means in which to covertly murder me, I have nothing to lose here; and the FEDS know it.

The fact that this Website is one of the most accurate on the Internet in regard to the rampant criminality that the U.S. Federal Government is complicit in, has only further enraged the FBI and NSA, which are now setting new precedents daily in their violations of the U.S. Constitution and Bill Of Rights, in their oftentimes disgusting and heinous attacks of my person.

As I have said numerous times in the past, these U.S. Intel agencies are dirt digging blackmail artists who reside at the very bottom of the trash heap. A group of degenerates who actually use satellites to videotape men, women and children within the privacy of their own bedrooms and bathrooms.

No one should have to tolerate these PIGS. Especially when they masquerade as federal law enforcement -- this has to be the consummate betrayal of the American people's trust.

And as for illegally spying on me for at least 240,000 consecutive hours, while subjecting me to myriad forms of non consensual human experimentation, I can think of no American who has more of a right to expose these reprobates than I do, or who is now taking greater pride in doing so.

For the past 28 years they have violated my rights as an American in the most egregious ways ever documented. And they have routinely used satellite based psychotronic and directed energy weapons during this time, in their use of my person for non consensual human experimentation. From their aggression, it is quite apparent that their goal is to in some way torture me 24 hours a day in efforts to see just how much of this I can stand before I snap.

However, living with their biological weapon, chronic Lyme Disease, for the past 15 years, has taught me that the only person you can depend on is yourself. And anyone who suffers with chronic Lyme Disease is well aware of the nightmare that this illness represents, as it systematically breaks their bodies down, while torturing them night and day. Unfortunately, in addition to Lyme Disease, I must also cope with being subjected to an FBI COINTELPRO, where I am both under illegal 24 hour a day NSA satellite surveillance, while also being used for non consensual experimentation.

So the bottom line here is that I am going to do whatever is necessary to survive this Nazi driven onslaught, while circulating my own experiences at the hands of these mind raping, torturous and murderous anathema to humankind.

Moreover, regardless of what these federal miscreants do, it has become quite obvious that many individuals over the Internet believe that my information is accurate, and that they are themselves horrified that the EMF fields emanating from their own brains, makes them extremely vulnerable to the very mind invasive satellite based technologies that agencies like the NSA, FBI and CIA are utilizing to perpetrate these Orwellian types of crimes.

Delusional as they are egotistical, these agencies actually believe that they can violate our rights as aggressively and viciously as they have, and that we are not going to fight back. However, fight back we are. And we will continue to do so, because what these Nazi run agencies are getting away with here is so absolutely horrible and criminal, that they must continue to be exposed globally.

And their demonization of those of us who refuse to kowtow to their vast criminal empire is only further proof that they are in fact in the commission of treason. A crime punishable by death.

So is it any wonder that they are now attempting to deny us our rights as citizens of this once great nation, in efforts to cover up their treasonous crimes?

The FBI & DHS orchestrated the theft of a $566.34 piece of hi-fi equipment just to get even with me for exposing them. Why did they go after the tuner? Because it was a vulnerable point of attack, which offered the FEDS a plausible reason to deny that they committed this crime.

However, given that I have documented in great detail their criminal conspiracy to disenfranchise me of my rights as an American citizen (an outrageous crime in and of itself), the theft of the Revox has been just one in thousands of covert attacks in which to get even with me, for exposing what is turning out to be one of the greatest scandals within the U.S. Intel community in its history.

All begun as the result of one rogue FBI agent, who willfully took it upon himself to deny me my rights under the color and cover of law. Something I will make certain that he spends the rest of his miserable life paying for. Especially when considering the many lives which he and his federal and EVIL cronies have destroyed as a result of this FBI orchestrated machination.

The story of Veronica Guerin and her ultimate murder; the result of her attempt to bring down some extremely EVIL people:
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