Thursday, July 24, 2008

Revox B 261 FM Broadcast Monitor Shows Up Three Days After Last Schedualed Delivery Date Expires

As it turns out, the Revox detour was a delaying tactic by the FEDS, rather than an outright theft. And in the interest of reporting the facts in regard to the U.S. Intel harassment of my person as accurately as possible, I now document this.

Note that the tuner arrived "3" days after the last possible date of the normal schedualed arrival, this in keeping with the 3 trigger that the FEDS have been using in their psyops of my person for quite sometime now. The "3" is one of thousands of psychological triggers which they have subjected me to over the past five years, when their covert surveillance of myself became an overt harassment campaign in which psychological warfare became the primary component.

The objective, of course, is to cause me ongoing psychological duress, which the (in my opinion) deliberate delay of the Revox did. However, it is now clear that the FEDS did not steal this tuner. Yet, I still truly believe that they were responsible for its delay, as they decided how to use the Revox in some aspect of these psyops. I believe that once I posted that in my opinion they had something to do with the Revox's disappearance, the tuner suddenly got put back into circulation. Hence its arrival today.

And as strange as it may seem, I am for a change grateful to the FEDS for allowing the tuner to be sent to me, so that I am not out my $566.34.

Quite candidly, I had given up on ever seeing this tuner, or my $566.34 again, and was extremely and pleasantly surprised to see a large box from Switzerland being delivered by our postman this afternoon.

Note that these types of tactics are also used to damage the credibility of a person being targeted for non consensual human experimentation, since those observing our documentation can state that we are just being paranoid.

However, that is part of the insidiousness of a psychological operation, since the gas lighting component of the operation is designed specifically to make the target doubt their own sanity, while destroying their credibility with others.

And for this reason it's so extremely important to document in great detail every nuance of the FEDS' psychological warfare campaign against my person, so that the general public can begin to understand their own vulnerability to such covert, illegal, and sadistic operations.

As I have said in the past, I don't ever want to see another person being subjected to the abject viciousness and violations of both civil and human rights that my Family, self and myriad others are presently being subjugated to. And I am doing the best that I can to alert the public to such outrageous government sanctioned abuses.

Given the overall adversity that I face each day, I was once again very pleasantly surprised to see the Revox being delivered, after what has been in and of itself a difficult negotiation which involved my having to use a language translator in order to communicate with the seller, who only spoke German.

If more than a decades' long battle with chronic Lyme Disease, in addition to being used by the NSA for non consensual experimentation (in addition to the FBI's COINTELPRO attack on my person) has taught me anything at all, it's that one's own tenacity is the most important characteristic necessary in surviving such vicious assaults. Baptism under fire is a primary component in all this, where one must begin to think several steps ahead of their enemies at all times.

Most if not all TI's have arrived at this conclusion by now, which no doubt has enabled them to survive this long.
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