Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Alien Intelligence & Its Affect On The Human Race -- Can All Of The Abductees Who Document Very Similar Accounts Of Such Abductions Be Delusional?

Whether you're Travis Walton, Katarina Wilson, the late Dr. Karla Turner, Whitley Streiber or one of myriad other alien abductees, you are well aware that the global religious status quo is greatly threatened by accounts of such abductions, because religious doctrines may in fact not be able to withstand the impact that such an international and startling awakening may have on the human race.

In the Hollywood movie about the 1970's alien abduction of Travis Walton entitled "Fire In The Sky," certain actual events of Walton's disappearance were omitted from the silver screen, because the U.S. Military Intelligence complex did not want the public to identify with the fact that many of these so called aliens are hybridized beings who are almost indistinguishable from humans. Travis described his encounters with both the grey types of alien beings as well as those which appeared to be human, in the following documentary.

Why would the military intelligence complex not want us to know about these hybridized beings? Because this would give more veracity to the accounts of numerous abductees who have routinely reported a military presence in their abductions, in which they believed that they were being used as part of an alien/military agenda in which to create hybridized beings.

And it would appear from the accounts of many of these abductees, including some of the better known ones such as Katarina Wilson, that there are perhaps an infinite number of such beings in our galaxy alone.

Travis Walton interview:

Part 1


Part 2


Interesting 2004 video Of many UFO's surrounding a satellite tether from the space shuttle Columbia, in which infrared cameras capture UFO's as wide in diameter as three miles long hovering over the tether, while materializing and dematerializing. What else does the U.S. Military Intelligence complex know about these craft that they haven't told us?

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