Thursday, July 31, 2008

Website Combatting Electronic Harassment & Organized Stalking Crimes Offline -- Was The Site Deleted Or Taken Down Until The Site Name Is Registered?

Many Websites which document the crimes of organized stalking and non consensual human experimentation are routinely deleted by the Webhost, which either gives no explanation for having done so, or a bogus reason for the take down of the Website.

At other times, the registration for the site name may have expired requiring the site owner to pay a fee in which to reinstate the Website. has been down today with a message for the owner to contact the Webhost. So it is possible that the site is only down until a registration fee is paid and then it will be reinstated.

It is quite clear that in most of the cases of these Website take downs, the federal agencies which they are exposing for specific crimes, are responsible for pressuring their Webhosts into removing them. Even though in most cases the Webhosts will never admit to this. Those who criticise these Nazi run agencies are finding ourselves being demonized, dehumanized and subjected to the most egregious violations of the U.S. Constitution ever documented, by a group of Nazi thugs who masquerade as federal law enforcement.

There is nothing legal in regard to what these federal criminals are perpetrating against us, as they deliberately and erroneously label us as domestic terrorists, in order to disenfranchise us of our rights as Americans; even though it's quite obvious that most of us have no criminal records, are most certainly not connected to terrorist groups domestically or internationally, yet have been used illegally by the U.S. Federal Government for non consensual human experimentation; something which oftentimes results in serious physical and psychological problems, which can be either internally or outwardly manifested in a myriad of ways.

Something that the criminals within this government are looking to cover up, while attempting to enforce toilet paper legislation like the Patriot Act.

However, given the controversial nature of this Website, which does a very good job of documenting the crimes of mind control research as well as organized stalking, it is also possible that the site was deleted because it was getting too much traffic and causing those within the U.S. Intel community (including agencies like the NSA, FBI and DHS) some serious concerns.

The FEDS don't want the ugly truth about their satellite based weapons of predation becoming known to the American people, because they would find themselves FINALLY being arrested and tried for their crimes against humanity.

After all, how can these Nazi run agencies continue to perpetrate these outrageous crimes covertly, if those whom they are victimizing are now promulgating these crimes globally?

This is certainly making it far more difficult for these well hidden criminals to get away with these crimes at present.

We as Americans have a group of Nazi filth within our midst, who have cleverly harbored themselves within a sub government to the one which Americans believe they are in control of. And we are now flushing them out, which is resulting in the poisonous attacks which these reprobates are propagating against us.

However, we are American citizens, protected by our Constitution. And we will enforce this piece of legislation even if the U.S. Congress refuses to do so.

As a result of our own long-term ignorance in regard to the Orwellian crimes which the U.S. Intel community has been perpetrating against us, we have allowed this situation to become so terrible, that we now have Nazi run agencies like the FBI and NSA not only spying upon us within the privacy of our own homes, but also electronically attaching themselves to our bodies by way of the bio electromagnetic fields which emanate from our brains, so that they can both access and manipulate our own thoughts.

These are nothing but modern day versions of Drs. Jose Delgado, Joseph Mengele and Ewen Cameron; those evil minded Illuminists who have now remedied the problem of finding locations in which to perpetrate their heinous crimes against humanity, by simply using the Echelon satellite spy network in which to attack us from within the privacy of our own homes.

And while the U.S Federal Government completely denies that this is happening!

Humans have been deluded into believing that the manmade satellite is a boon to our species because it offers us mindless programs like MTV, Survivor and two way wireless communications with the Internet.

However, these satellites also offer something else. The ability for the U.S. Intel community to covertly spy upon and electronically read our subvocalized thoughts without our knowledge or consent. This in addition to perpetrating other forms of hi-tech satellite predation including the use of directed energy weapons in which to electronically rape, torture and in some cases even murder, men, women and children, as well as their pets.

So we can no longer tolerate these abuses; nor should we be forced to do so, by a group of arrogant lowlife miscreants whose doctrines espouse eugenics, torture and murder.

The owner of the aforementioned and patriotic Website, one Elizabeth Adams, has been targeted for both non consensual human experimentation as well as organized stalking crimes. She is African American, attractive, intelligent and aggressive -- qualities that terrify the New World Order and its Draconian and Demonic ways of operating.

I hope that Ms. Adams is able to reinstate this Website, because it is very beneficial to those of us who are being targeted for these egregious violations of our inherent rights as citizens of this planet. However, if she is not able to, I hope that she will create a new Website in which to continue this important information. We are in a cold war in which both our physical freedom as well as the privacy of our own thoughts have been completely violated.

And the time to fight back is now!

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