Friday, August 01, 2008

Dead Monster Or U.S. Government Genetically Engineered Hybrid That Escaped From The Montauk Underground Base?

Government Hybridized Creature?

The First Time Since 1975 That You May Stay Off The Beach

No, it's nothing created by a Hollywood Sci-Fi studio. The corpse of this strange looking quadra-ped is quite real, and has the Town Of Montauk, NY as equally frightened as they are baffled. I predict that in the waters around Long Island we may now see the type of water phobia that has not existed here since 1975, when author Peter Benchley's movie Jaws both enthralled and terrorized movie goers from Montauk to Manhattan. Assuring that their swimming would take place in a pool, rather than at the beach, or off the stern of a boat.

Those of us who've made the foray into alien abduction research and the U.S. Federal Government's complicity in this phenomenon, are familiar with many of the accounts told by former government employees like *Bob Lazar, *Phil Schneider and others who've made claims to having seen alien craft or extraterrestrial biological entities.

As well as their having witnessed government programs which focused on creating hybridized creatures like the infamous one which has been nicknamed the Mothman, and spawned the hit movie "The Mothman Prophesies."

*Men whose reputations were destroyed after coming forward with this information (several of whom have since been killed in murders which were made to appear as suicides).

**Was this recent hybrid from some government lab? It certainly does not appear to be a water creature, lacking gills or other type of breathing apparatus which would allow it to stay underneath the surface of the water for any length of time.

**Notice the right front leg -- is that a piece of black strap that may have been used to keep this creature tied down to a table? And who removed the carcass from the beach? Were the FEDS involved; a clear indication that the government may both know what this creature is and quite possibly have had a hand in creating it.

In my opinion it looks like a pig that was crossed with some other type of other animal. Whatever it was, it certainly appears to have been a hybrid of some kind.

I do find it of interest that this creature was found not too far from the former *Camp Hero Army Base which is located just a few hundred yards from the Montauk Lighthouse. Does this give more credence to some underground base built beneath the old radar tower at Camp Hero?

*See the following Website on Camp Hero and the Montauk Project here:

You decide. All I know is that when I first began doing my research into many of these strange types of phenomena, I had a difficult time believing much of what I was reading. This had more to do with my still being influenced by the matrix which we as humans are unwittingly subjugated to. However, once I broke free of this matrix (something which I encourage you all to do), what I was researching began to make far more sense. Of course the harassment that I have experienced by the FEDS has also increased exponentially since that time, which comes as little surprise to me, given the myriad of disturbing truths which they continue to hide from the public.

Those of us who figure this out are demonized, dehumanized and defamed in every imaginable way, as the government Neanderthals who operate well outside of our rule of Constitutional law, attempt to cover up crimes which the public would execute them for.

As for this creature coming from the some underground base at Camp Hero or elsewhere, I would no longer doubt it. In fact, there isn't anything that the shadow government in this country would do which would surprise me any longer. This notion, too, being a result of having broken free of the matrix.

Read more on this Summer of 2008 beach surprise that the small town of Montauk never expected:,2933,395294,00.html
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