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Former Congressional Representative Cynthia Mckinney Illustrates Criminal Syndicate Which Runs The U.S. Federal Government

All I can say to those of you who read the following article is that this is what happens when you entrust criminals to represent your interests as citizens of this once great nation. Through a series of unconstitutional Executive Orders, every president since the Reagan Administration has been changing the laws which we had in place to protect our people and our businesses so that they can auction off this country piece by piece while making themselves wealthy in the process.

Ronald Reagan was not the pillar of virtue that we have been taught -- he was a very clever pirate whose machinations with George H.W. Bush were designed to quietly destroy this country. And the Clinton Administration and Bush #43 Administration have followed in the criminal footsteps of the Reagan Administration, selling our valuable assets to any country who's had an interest in them, and right under our noses.

Why Congress Refuses To Enforce The Bill Of Rights

The truth of the matter is that the entire infrastructure of the U.S. Federal Government has been totally corrupted by some very clever and wealthy criminals within the Military Industrial Intelligence complex. And no honest politician (with the exception of Ron Paul , Cynthia McKinney and to a lesser degree Dennis Kucinich) is going to risk their political careers, much less their lives messing around with these criminals.

Remember what happened to Michael Boren Williams when he uncovered information regarding George H.W. Bush's criminal history during the 1988 Presidential election?

That was the one in which Bush was running against then Senator Gary Hart, who withdrew from the election as a result of an extra marital affair being made public by the Bush camp. Bush sic'ed his FBI pit bulls on Williams, whose life was subsequently destroyed. And Hart was so terrified of Bush, that he wouldn't even take William's phone calls after the FBI illegally raided his home.

In my research over the past few years I thought that at some point I would finally hit the bedrock of this government and that it would still be representative of the constitutional republic on which this country was founded. However, that just hasn't been the case. The higher I go, and the deeper I dig, the more corruption I find. And the sad news is that the entire federal government is steeped in this corruption, so that even the few honest politicians (again with the exceptions of the courageous Ron Paul, Cynthia McKinney and Dennis Kucinich) are too terrified to come forward with what they know.

At least I can now understand how it is that I have been illegally satellite tracked for the past three decades and subjected to illegal surveillance and non consensual human experimentation -- the Congress is not enforcing the Constitution any longer -- they just left out this detail somewhere along the way! An extremely disturbing situation, since we pay them to enforce the Constitution. That is what they were elected for.


And since we have as a species been taught to think as races waring against each other, a result of our indoctrination through the Illuminati's matrix, we must begin to understand the New World Order attack isn't just about the racial prejudice of minorities any longer -- it's about class warfare, and the extermination of the many different races of people who occupy these classes, through artificial means such as man made ecological disasters, biological, chemical and electronic warfare; all while demonizing them through a caste system which can even be found within the United States (although the wealthy would never admit to this). It's about getting rid of the poor and middle class, and keeping just enough of them around in order to do the jobs that the wealthy elitists want no part of.

* There is also the issue of the human slave/sex trade which the U.S. Intelligence community takes part in and profits heavily from -- a situation in which these profits are funneled into myriad black projects, which are oftentimes even kept secret from the U.S. Congress. Yes, U.S Intel agencies like the NSA and CIA are involved in the trafficking of human beings for profit!

Cynthia McKinney Set Up To Lose The Election

Many of you may remember how Representative Cynthia McKinney was involved in an incident with a Washington security guard in which she was accused of shoving him on her way to her office. The situation resulted in bad press for McKinney, which certainly had an adverse affect on her positive chances for reelection. Also keep in mind that McKinney had sponsored a bill in which to reopen the Church Committee Hearings in regard to the rampant criminal activities being perpetrated within the U.S. Intelligence community.

It seems to me that the "shoving" incident occurred at an extremely convenient time, since McKinney lost her reelection hopes as a result of it, and the bill which she sponsored was immediately taken off the table for consideration the moment that Congress reconvened.

Why would this happen? Because the New World Order's puppet Bush Administration has worked diligently to imbue the Intelligence community with the broadest spying powers in the history of this country, under the pretext of protecting the American people from terrorism. And they are not about to let a little thing like destroying the U.S. Constitution get in the way of their agenda to covertly turn this nation of ours into a militarized fascist cabal.

The following's an informative article regarding Ms. McKinney and her own experiences with the criminal syndicate which controls our (or at least what used to be our) government.

*In reference to the author's statement that the criminal syndicate in question began in this country during the Reagan Administration, the truth is that this criminal syndicate has existed long before the Reagan Administration, and took their stronghold of this country in 1913, when they bribed Congress to illegally pass the 16Th Amendment and Federal Reserve Act, which gave private international bankers control of the U.S. economy, through their ability to coin and regular our currency.

The end result in all this, was the creation of the privately held Federal Reserve central bank, and its private and unconstitutional collection agency -- the Internal Revenue Service. America hasn't been the same country since these elite criminals perpetrated what may perhaps be the greatest crime against the American people, in U.S. History; stealing trillions of their hard earned wages through an illegal and graduated system of taxation based on Communism.

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VKD; Congresswoman Says America Run By Criminal Syndicate

Posted By: Striderus


Congress-woman, McKinney illustrated the nature of a corrupt occupational government, stating that the administration was "stolen in 2000 and stolen again in 2004." McKinney said that it was doing the government a favor to describe them as a "criminal syndicate."

I beg to differ.. the Criminal Syndicate began during the Reagan Administration with the CONTRA AFFAIRS of Iran and Latin America.. THE CONTRAS actually worked A CONTRACT ON AMERICA which consisted of DRUG AND MONEY LAUNDERING authorized by PRESIDENT RONALD REAGAN which you can read about here

1984-1986. The Multi-Lateral InterAmerican TIAS 12087 done at Washington, went into full force and effect and entered the picture under Treaties international agreements other than treaties.

This TIAS 12087 created a 'Gun Running, Drug Running & Money Laundering, Casino Money Laundering Banking Haven' for REAGAN’S CONTRAS. Accompanied with the Powers of the Oval Office and misuse of EXECUTIVE POWERS by Un-American Activity of SELLING OFF AND SELLING OUT "PROPERTY" belonging to WE the People in Executive Order 12803; It allowed a Juggernaut and moved UN-CONSTITUTIONAL & UN-AMERICAN POWER into powers of such as to mention a few i.e., CIA DIRECTOR G.H.W. BUSH and subsequent President of the United States, Donald Rumsfeld, Richard Cheney, James Baker III, Neal Bush, Jeb Bush, Geo. Dubya Bush, William Jefferson Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Sec. of the Treasury Rubin, Lawrence Summers, Bob & Liddy Dole, Jack Abramoff, Tom DeLay, Bin Ladens and various U.S. House Members who while formerly in the Military took the TITLE 38 OATH TO THE PRESIDENT circumventing the OATH TO THE CONSTITUTION... and this even includes Office of Naval Intelligence Agent E.J. Ekker and wife Doris J. Eloise Ekker...the Underwriters for the Al Qaeda who incorporated and stole the identity of U.S. Fed. Corporations of TIAS 12087 (see: CORPORATIONS COMMISSIONER STATE OF NEVADA REGISTRATIONS at

with the assistance of GOVERNOR JEB BUSH (see Blackmail Public Print at

and many other American Citizens both In and Out of Offices of Public Trust and/or Agents of those 'privatized former U.S. Federal Agencies" not identified in this BANKING, FINANCING AND ECONOMIC TERRORISM involving those intending to overthrow the Xth Amendment government of the united States.

1984-1986. The Multi-Lateral InterAmerican TIAS 12087 done at Washington, went into full force and effect and entered the picture under Treaties international agreements other than treaties.

with the assistance of GOVERNOR JEB BUSH (see Blackmail Public Print at

and many other American Citizens both In and Out of Offices of Public Trust and/or Agents of those 'privatized former U.S. Federal Agencies" not identified in this BANKING, FINANCING AND ECONOMIC TERRORISM involving those intending to overthrow the Xth Amendment government of the united States.

CONSTITUTION'S and LAW OF THE LAND matter not to these individuals. THE U.S. HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES matter not to these individuals...because these individuals/Nations/Corporations are OUTSIDE & ABOVE ALL LAW.. They write their own "law" and adjudicate their own laws.. Tias 12087 can be read at

Go ahead! Pull it up and study it!

I strongly suggest you study Executive Order 12083 of former president George H.W. Bush at


After you have studied these Tias 12087 and Executive Order 12803 then CONNECT THE DOTS.

What is in all probability the most disturbing is the realization that the US Fed. NGO'S or Non Government Corporations i.e. The CONTRA'S Corporate Government Corporations represented by such as JACK ABRAMOFF and TOM DeLAY are the prime catalyst. What is scary as hell; Reportedly there are 80,000 lobbyist constantly 'contributing' to your CongressPerson and SenatorPerson for the 'special ability to write laws and Rules and Regulations which are passed by the U.S. House of Representatives.'

WHO represents WE the People? It may shock your socks off to learn while your representatives are selling law making privileges to THE CORPORATE CONTRAS while; The Aides in the offices of those being wined and dined and getting their pockets lined by one or the other of the 80,000 lobbyist have become a force to be dealt with because they have taken the POWERS OF OFFICES OF PUBLIC TRUST in and to themselves whereas these AIDES have taken on a life of their own in doing the JOBS those being wined and dined and having their pockets lined were elected to do!

Your Representatives in these Offices of Public Trust..never have the time to talk to the Constituents when the Constituency has problems that need resolving. But; That same Representative has time to be wined, dined and get his/her pockets one of those 80,000 Lobbyist who are paying 'your representatives to write laws for the U.S. Federal Government to protect them from YOU when YOU object to the blatant destruction and outright theft of your Sovereign Civil and Constitutional Rights!

Then we find; Friends and Associates also acting pursuant to the dictates of the President of the United States such as Ambassador Leo Wanta (who was also thrown in prison for performing the requests of the President of the United States) and Federal Reserve "Trust" Member Bankers in Chicago, New York, United Kingdom, who participated with the Central Banks of Germany, France, England, Japan, China and The Vatican who's Bankers who have also been MURDERED equally as have the CI-LTD (Central Intelligence Ltd.) men who thought they were doing their Duty to God and their Country have ended up MURDERED or totally destroyed after becoming involved and taking Directive Orders and/or Assignments from the Presidents of the United States including Ronald Reagan's Administration; Only to discover too late these CIA CONTRA Presidents were in the business of lining their own pockets and used their Powers of Office of Public Trust to "set these men up" while these PRESIDENTS CENTURIONS were thrown in prisons, discredited and subjected to DESPOTIC REPUGNACIES only DICTATORS in foreign Countries would be allowed to get away with; as THE BANKING PROJECTS these men were assigned to do suffered the accounts being frozen and parallel accounts put in their place.

While these NON GOVERNMENTAL OFFICES known as NGO'S and COUNCIL ON FOREIGN RELATIONS along with THE ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION AGENCY run by and out of THE WHITE HOUSE are actively engaged in the practice of indulging and conspiring with others by entering into Treaties agreements other than treaties (Section 12087) to 'Overthrow the Xth Amendment Governments of the united States' while placing WE the people in HARMS WAY from the anger of other Nations brought about by UN-AMERICAN ACTIVITIES evidenced in such as THE CONTRA AFFAIRS OF LATIN AMERICA AND IRAN, rather than "Doing the Business of WE the People."

These OPPRESSIVE, DESPOTIC Executive Orders of THE CRIMINAL SYNDICATE commenced with President RONALD REAGAN, then CIA-President, GEORGE H.W. BUSH, CIA-President, WILLIAM J. CLINTON and now we have another CIA-President BUSH who has taken on the role of ENFORCER..

President Ronald Reagan (His peers in Hollywood called him: "Ronnie the Red"):

Per: Earl Hightower, Senior International Corporate Counsel, Tennaco Oil Corporation: The meeting consisted of personages such as George Bush CIA, James Baker III, Paul Volker, Ed Meese, Henry Kissinger, George Whackenhut, Halliburton, Schlumberger, Earl Hightower, Senior International Corporate Council for Tennaco Oil Corporation, Atlantic Richfield, Union Oil, OPEC, Russian emissaries, and so forth. The list went on.

At this dinner party held by Ronald Reagan and supporters, an agreement was made. The agreement was (Per: Earl Hightower of Tennaco Oil Corporation):

" Once in office as the President of the United States, Ronald Reagan;
1. Would start a conflict with Lybia,
2. Lybia would be caused to be kicked out of the U.S.
3. Russia was to come down through Afghanistan towards the Saudi Oil Fields,
4. This operation was to be called "Desert Breeze" and
5. The U.S. was to use Israel as the base of operations in the "Desert Wind" portion, which
6. turned into "Desert Storm" of the 1991 time frame in taking over the Far East Oil Fields.

Note: It is believed this "agreement" is what ISRAEL holds over the Head of the Presidential Office, Presidents of the United States and Executive Branch allowing her to abuse neighboring Palestine etc.

Afterwards, 1984-86; President Reagan...Authorized for the purpose of ABOVE THE LAW STATUS, DRUG AND MONEY LAUNDERING PURPOSES "The Billionaire Boys Club" Treaties international agreements other than treaties sections 12087.. which was and is the TROJAN HORSE inside our U.S. Banking, Financial and Economics Systems. It was funded with U.S. TAX PAYERS DOLLARS appropriated by the U.S. House of Representatives; It can be read at:

President Ronald Reagan issued EXECUTIVE ORDER 12631 of Mar. 18, 1988 53 FR 9421 to facilitate the former TIAS 12087 Drug and Money Laundering Operations of The Contras. Executive Order 12631 which authorized men such as Russell Herrman, Leo Wanta, Oliver North, Gunther Russbacher and hundreds of others to conduct BANKING AFFAIRS OF THE PRESIDENT which these men thought they would be well compensated as the money which was made would be turned over to THE U.S. DEPT. OF THE TREASURY to bail the United States out of Debt with the Federal Reserve Banking Systems.

President Reagan authorized top CRIMINAL SYNDICATES to:

"By virtue of the authority vested in me as President by the Constitution and laws of the United States of America, and in order to establish a Working Group on Financial Markets, it is hereby ordered as follows:

Section 1. Establishment. (a) There is hereby established a Working Group on Financial Markets (Working Group). The Working Group shall be composed of:

(1) the Secretary of the Treasury, or his designee;

(2) the Chairman of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System, or his designee;

(3) the Chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission, or his designee; and

(4) the Chairman of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission, or her designee.

(b) The Secretary of the Treasury, or his designee, shall be the Chairman of the Working Group.

Sec. 2. Purposes and Functions. (a) Recognizing the goals of enhancing the integrity, efficiency, orderliness, and competitiveness of our Nation’s financial markets and maintaining investor confidence, the Working Group shall identify and consider:"


President George H.W. Bush issued Executive Order 12803 whereas and whereby in this UnConstitutional Executive Order President George H.W. Bush "Privatized" (sold to the highest bidder to Foreign Corporations) the U.S. Infrastructures by Executive Order 12803 in 1992 .


President George H.W. Bush cut his deals with MARGARET THATCHER (U.K.) and sold off AMERICAN SOCIAL SECURITY.. See: The Social Security (United States of America) Order 1997

which incidentally..if you will notice.. was 'accepted' during THE CLINTON ADMINISTRATION..

Its the 'dates' you need to watch..

G.H.W.Bush never, ever in his wildest dreams thought he would not win the election..when he sold off our Infra-Structure.. Nor, did he ever in his wildest dreams think CLINTON had enough 'power' to win the election and screw up his MONEY LAUNDERING & DRUG RUNNING OPERATION..or the "10 year Agreement which began September 12, 1991 and was to continue for a period of "10 years, or until the U.S. Dollar Provider is exhausted."


The U.S. WORLD TRADE CENTER OCCUPANTS involved in the 9/12/91 "10 year agreement etc" was CANTOR FITZGERALD LLC..who underwrote the entire shebang.. including the portion out of the transaction given to the SAUDIS..

Along comes the Attorney General's Office which issues "DO NOT INVESTIGATE"

As the BUSH BOYS and their Criminal Syndicate pounded the daylights out of the Far East.. with their 'Desert Breeze, Desert Wind, Desert Storm Operations'... Clintons ADMINISTRATION sided in with THE CHINESE and in 1997-98 decided to step up the TAKE DOWN OF AMERICA while KOFFEE KLATCHING at THE WHITE HOUSE.. selling COMPUTER TECHNOLOGY and anything else THE CLINTON'S could make a buck from, including sending Leo Wanta, The GAIA-Ekker's, K.J. (Keith Johnson, the Queens signatory at WACHOVIA) to "move those crates full of Gold and Silver Certificates down in the Philippines out into the GLOBAL BANKING, FINANCING AND ECONOMIES while using "Fabricated Bonus Certificate 3392-181 Collateralized Debt Obligations".. which did cause this present GLOBAL BANKING PROBLEM with over $700 TRILLION DOLLARS in Counterfeit CDO'S being held by PRESIDENT CLINTON & BUSH'S CHUMS-- "CHINA"!

CHINA groups have bought the CHICAGO BOARD OF EXCHANGE.. and we really do not have to guess WHO has 'winked and turned a blind eye' to CRIMINAL ACTIVITY going on in the U.S. Security Exchange..after reading EXECUTIVE ORDER 12631 of Mar. 18, 1988.


Volumes of documented notices to Jack McCreery Legal Department, U.S. Security Exchange Commission warning about the Counterfeit CDO operation in the Philippines and Ernst & Young Agent requesting V.K. Durham's assistance in stopping the GAIA-Ekkers from defrauding Ernst & Young Clients..which goes back to Y2K..and nothing was done but more 'cover up' you can read about this and other associated at

Also See:

Congresswoman Says America Run By Criminal Syndicate
McKinney: American citizens could be put in forced labor camps
Paul Joseph Watson & Alex Jones/Prison February 14 2006

Cynthia McKinney, the only House Representative to stand up to the Bush White House crime syndicate, has gone further than ever before in her efforts to warn people about what the Neo-Cons' ultimate goals actually entail for freedom in America.

During a recent radio interview on the Alex Jones Show, McKinney illustrated the nature of a corrupt occupational government, stating that the administration was "stolen in 2000 and stolen again in 2004." McKinney said that it was doing the government a favor to describe them as a "criminal syndicate."

"It appears to me that our country is literally being hollowed out....our economy is being hollowed out," said McKinney.

McKinney shared Alex Jones' fears and those previously voiced by Republican Congressman Ron Paul, that Americans may be arrested and taken to forced labor camps in light of recent developments confirming Kellogg Brown and Root have secured a government contract to build the camps.

Regarding 9/11, McKinney lent credibility to the 9/11 truth scholars who recently came forth with empirical evidence proving that the official story is a fallacy.

"It's clear that something was terribly amiss on that day with our people who were in charge....they didn't even follow standard operating procedure," said McKinney and the Congresswoman agreed that US authorities stood down on 9/11.

Covering the subject of worldwide human trafficking and sex slavery, a practice embraced by Dyncorp and lobbied for by Halliburton subsidiary representatives, McKinney responded by saying, "they steal elections with the same ease that they steal women and little girls."

McKinney made headlines two years ago when she directly confronted Donald Rumsfeld about the US government's collaboration with companies that engage in human trafficking and the four wargames held on September 11.

McKinney highlighted the MK Ultra program as a past example of where the US government had experimented with turning US soldiers into killing machines and expressed her sadness that some troops were apparently under a similar influence in light of the alarming incidents at Fort Bragg.

McKinney is spearheading a movement to have all records pertaining to the death of Martin Luther King released. McKinney said that King was clearly murdered.

"A jury said in 1999 that it was a US government conspiracy, including the highest individuals at the highest levels of the United States government. I have no reason to disbelieve them."

"If they would do that then to Martin Luther King Jnr. at a stage now where we have a law that defines enemy combatants, we all could be enemy combatants just by dissenting from what this administration does and they could do the same thing to us."

McKinney scorned the federal government for their actions following Hurricane Katrina.

"The American people were once again abandoned, they were abandoned by their own government and Secretary Michael Chertoff has gotten off scott free on this."

"They needed food and water and instead they were sent men with guns and Blackwater mercenaries were hired to patrol the streets of New Orleans. This is criminal! How can we have mercenaries patrolling the streets of America?"

"You had an administration that was AWOL and they had the nerve to bring other folks up on criminal charges for even being conscientious objectors."

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