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The FBI/NSA Conspiracy To Rape Your Minds & Leave You As New World Order Vegetables -- Don't Let Them Get Away With It

For A Century They Have Terrorized America
It's Time To Abolish The Nazi Run FBI

The Myriad Ways In Which The FBI Operates Under "COINTELPRO"

When discussing this disturbing topic, it would be easy to write a series of essays (or even books for that matter -- a number have already been written) on how the FBI, through the use of its COINTELPRO operations, systematically destroys the lives of those whom it targets for such treasonous and despicable crimes.

As a long-term target for such an operation, I have probably documented more of the subtleties of COINTELPRO than any non government official on this planet, since I have had the opportunity to learn that I am a target of an FBI COINTELPRO. Most of the FBI's victims have not been as fortunate, and had little if any idea that they were in very real danger from an organization, which through a bogus media campaign, is represented to us as a federal interstate police force.

However, would an honest and law abiding police officer attempt to crash their vehicle into the blind spot of an automobile driven by someone who was not breaking the law, but just traveling from one place to another? Of course not.

Would a legitimate police officer make anonymous phone calls to the employer of a person looking to in some way defame that person? Absolutely not.

Would a police officer break into your home and rearrange items in which to make the you think that they were losing their sanity? Once again, of course not.

However, the FBI routinely perpetrates such psychopathic and criminal tactics with both complete impunity and anonymity, while never taking responsibility for their own actions. Instead, they look to place the blame for such crimes on others, while the Bureau sits back and watches the avalanche of destruction that its own pathetic actions catalyzed.

The FBI's doctrines are based on Gestapo tactics, in that they rely on the dynamics of time, space and pressure. They simply wear you down through an unending series of psychological operations that could bring anyone to their knees in complete desperation.

There is no morality in regard to how they operate, simply because a moral and ethical person could never commit the types of crimes that FBI agents perpetrate in the course of conducting their so called investigations.

As for the character of FBI agents, there have been several instances in which some of the Bureaus agents have been convicted of such crimes as child molestation, sexual deviancy and complicity in the crimes of torture and murder. Yet the public never hears about such crimes through our media disinformation system, because the FBI controls the flow of information in such instances, which could and should tarnish the Bureaus bogus image as premier law enforcement agency in this country.

FBI agents have a history of obscuring the truth as they have in the terrorists attacks which have taken place in this country for the past two decades. They will twist people's words to their own advantage, while obfuscating their own criminality, and omitting exculpatory information which is beneficial to those whom they are attacking.

All while violating in every possible way, the very Constitution which these agents took a sworn oath to protect and defend upon becoming members of the U.S. Intelligence community. Their hypocrisy here is also precedent setting.

Moreover, when the FBI conducts such "investigations" one can be certain that the citizens being targeted for such inquiries will unwittingly experience the most abject violations of their rights as American citizens. This will occur while the FBI's agents utilize their Gestapo minded entrapment protocols in which the targeted person(s) are quite literally confronted by an invisible mine field of situations, in which they can be tempted to break laws which they would never contemplate violating had they been left alone.

This is where the FBI and its snake-like tactics really excel, as their intended targets remain clueless to the fact that they are being watched 24 hours a day, while being covertly set up to fail in a myriad of ways; anyone of which could give the FBI enough evidence to convene a grand jury.

If this tactic fails, the FBI moves on to its Nazi minded torture protocols, in which to drive their intended victims to commit suicide, through an array of the cruelest and most devastating psychological operations one might ever imagine.

The FBI turns honest and decent people into pathological and sadistic liars, where their web of criminality ensnares anyone who is associated with those whom they are illegally targeting.

One common trait in regard to those who are targeted for such surveillance, is that they are never left alone - even when they are in the privacy of their own homes. They are instead illegally tracked by way of a U.S. Intelligence satellite spy network that is capable of tracking them by the unique bio electromagnetic fields which emanate from their own brains, and which can decode the most private of their sub vocalised thoughts, from thousands of miles away.

All without their ever being made aware that such Orwellian violations of their privacy (as well as those with whom they are in contact), have even taken place. This remote and treasonous spying can last a lifetime, while the FBI and NSA illegally gather a substantial amount of private information which has nothing to do with criminal activity (and something these agencies have absolutely no right to be gathering). In effect what they do is build dossiers on the targeted person and everyone with whom they are in contact, which may later be used against them.

What ever happened to our Constitutional right to privacy? Especially in our own homes?

In describing the FEDS and their deplorable ways of operating, we are seeing the covert operations of Nazi's here. Not Americans. And they don't belong in this country, and never have.

Perhaps what's most disturbing here, is that the FEDS consider this to be acceptable behavior, because it is not their privacy which is being violated so abjectly.

However, there is nothing acceptable about such egregious violations of the 4Th Amendment, and this does not even take into account the non consensual human experimentation, which many citizens being targeted in such ways are routinely subjected to, in what is perhaps the worst crime ever documented by citizens in regard to their own government.

What the NSA and FBI have done to many of us is so scandalous, that they would do most anything to prevent the American people from learning that tracking systems like the NSA's Echelon and Tempest are capable of targeting the cerebral cortex regions of the human brain. In perpetrating this outrageous crime, the NSA uses the targeted person as a form of electronic spy camera, since the moving images that the targeted person sees with their own eyes, can be electronically relayed by maser beam, back to the NSA via satellite; this is done for the NSA's own perusal, without the person whose visual cortex region the NSA has illegally accessed, ever realizing that this crime had been perpetrated against them.

And the FEDS refer to us as being sneaks?!

This is how sophisticated and frightening this spy technology is. Technology which can be used to invade the privacy of your every thought, or even implanting someone else's thoughts within your subconscious mind, in efforts to manipulate your thoughts and behavior. And this crime against humanity is being perpetrated by many governments around this planet, not just the NSA and its Pentagon counterpart.

Imagine a situation in which you are a target for such crimes, and suddenly begin to act in a way which is completely out of character for you. You have no idea why this has happened, and you begin to question your own sanity.

To take this a step further, supposing several of the people with whom you are in regular contact (family members/friends etc.) are also being "brain tapped" by an organization like the NSA, without their knowledge. Suddenly you find yourselves acting paranoid with one another, very suspicious, and possibly even violent if the situation goes on long enough; yet you have no idea why relationships which were once healthy and enjoyable have suddenly become so strained.

*For the past five years, the FBI and its criminal minions have taken every opportunity in which to demonize me with my own family, while causing extremely hostile situations to occur - all in an attempt to cover up the crimes which they have subjected us to.

Their goal is to ensure that we are forced to live in a pressure cooker type of environment, in which none of the Constitutional rights guaranteed to us is being observed.

The FEDS can go straight to HELL!

They are the criminals here, and doing everything possible in which to obscure these outrageous crimes from the public. And while these attacks have taken a tremendous toll on my person, they have taken an even greater toll on my parents -- whose golden years have been severely tarnished and disrupted by these filthy federal reprobates.

Human Behavior Influenced By AI Super Computers

The FEDS are using an external influence here called Electronic To Computer Brain Link technology, in which our minds are being remotely accessed by an NSA Artificial Intelligence super computer, while our subconscious thoughts are being covertly manipulated without our consent. In most cases this occurs without the targeted person's knowledge, however in my situation, due to the extensive research that I have done over the past several years in regard to this satellite based technology, I am well aware of both its capabilities, as well as how it is being illegally deployed against me.

This is the type of crime that should be punished by way of execution, so that in the future, those within this government who even consider perpetrating such outrageous crimes, will think twice before doing so.

These so called agents are MONSTERS.

Furthermore, this remote mind reading/influencing technology also bespeaks the kind of power that the NSA has over the people on this planet. Those who are completely unaware of the sophisticated abilities of such technology; technology which the New World Order is also employing through agencies like the NSA, to covertly control our thoughts and lives.

Technology which can manipulate the mind of any person on this planet, including a president, judge, statesman, general, or other leader who makes important decisions which affect the lives of hundreds of millions of people every day.

As Targets Of This Technology We Have The Most To Lose

Would you want anyone to have this kind of power over you? The power to remotely read your thoughts and even manipulate them? The power to destroy your reputation and relationships with others (even your owned loved ones)?

I think you will all agree that no one beyond that which created the human race should have such a powerful and perhaps final influence over us.

However, we have federal agencies with agents at the very apex of their hierarchies who have such power over us. Fallible, heavily indoctrinated, and emotional beings who are capable of ending our lives with the push of a button. Is this the kind of world that you want to live in? Is this the kind of government that you want representing your interests?

Because if you are a resident of the United States, that is the exact type of government that you are stuck with at present. And those within the hierarchy of this government, especially those who operate within the upper echelons of U.S. Intelligence, are trained in the doctrines of Nazism and deception.

When you are entrained to believe that the truth is a lie and that a lie is the truth, something which characterizes all Intelligence communities, whether they reside in the United States or abroad, pathological deception is the first order of business. There is no law which cannot be violated, and there is no person who cannot be killed, as long as these agents are able to do so in a plausibly deniable way.

And it is those who have been indoctrinated in such ways who control these vast satellite spy systems which have electronically attached themselves to our minds and bodies.

The late science fiction writer Rod Serling could not have envisioned such a nightmarish situation. Not even George Orwell, himself, could have predicted that such technology would be covertly deployed against the people on this planet -- although he nearly hit the bull's eye with his cult classic novel "1984."

Where Do We Go From Here?

The FEDS would very much like to see me dead for having exposed my experiences with this technology and corroborating much of the information which John St. Clair Akwei documented in his lawsuit against the NSA.

However, they have committed so many violations of my rights under the Constitution, and actually made me a public figure through the media without my knowledge or consent (while violating my constitutional right to due process of law), that they cannot possibly state that they did not know who I was before I went public, documenting this smear campaign; something which they began illegally and unconstitutionally perpetrating against my person five years ago.

I began documenting this COINTELPRO smear campaign over the Internet around three years ago, while the FEDS deleted my Websites and removed or had hidden virtually every article that I attempted to publish on Independent Media Center Websites around the globe. This scandalous situation is that immense.

So now the FEDS are left to demonize me, while attempting to maintain the smokescreen which they've created in order to obfuscate what I have mentioned in this post, as well as what I document in great detail on this blog.

The real problem as citizens of this once great nation, is how do we respond to a government that is so inherently corrupted, that it would allow for such a satellite tracking/mind manipulation system as what I have described here?

In understanding the grave threat that those behind this technology represent to humanity itself, could you in all good conscience not go public with this information, knowing that if left to their own devices the operators of this technology could eventually destroy the free thought of the most important group of people on this planet -- the Proletariat?

I know that I couldn't do so, which I why spend my days researching and documenting this information so that the entire planet can learn of this technology and its capabilities, while U.S. Intel continues to find a plausible way in which to covertly murder me.

As it stands they have made certain that I am subjected to psychological warfare of some kind 24 hours a day, while violating my inherent rights as a citizen of both this country and planet, in the most egregious and precedent setting ways ever documented.

A situation so intense, that for the past five years, I have lived each day like its my last, while seeing those around me tormented, terrified, and coerced into not only remaining silent about these attacks, but also taking part in them.

I have long known that the FEDS would eventually murder me, and made the most of my time here in promulgating what I know about this technology, and in particular my own personal experiences in being targeted with it.

So I am not nearly as concerned about myself as I am for my family and the rest of the Proletariat, who remain the primary targets of this technology, because you have so much to lose if you don't stand up against the New World Order and its Evil agenda.

So please do what you can to both educate yourselves in regard to the NWO, and to defend yourselves and your families while you can; because you are the ones with the most to lose in this situation. You can start by printing out the following lawsuit which John St. Clair Akwei filed against the NSA back in 1991, reading it from cover to cover, and then circulating it to everyone you know.

It is a matter of both our freedoms as well as the mental health of every person on this planet.

AKWEI VS NSA: circulate it to everyone you know. And make sure to ask them to do the same. The future of the human race depends on it.
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