Wednesday, August 06, 2008

I Don't Endorse The FBI/CIA/NSA Listings Within The Google Header At The Top Of This Blog -- This Is Another Venue For Their Psywarfare

"Truth is like the sun.

You can shut it out for a time, but it ain't goin' away"

-- Elvis Presley

The FBI, NSA and DHS continue to obfuscate the facts behind the precedent setting and treasonous crimes that they have perpetrated against my family, self and many others. In acts of clear desperation, these cowards and perverted satellite (sexual) predators, are demonizing my person in efforts to obfuscate what have clearly become the most scandalous and disturbing allegations against the U.S. Intelligence community in the history of this country.

This is why there is no due process of law here -- in fact there is no semblance of the Constitutional rule of law because the FBI, NSA and DHS are guilty as SIN for the crimes which they have perpetrated here, and are looking to cover them up any way that they can. These are a group of THUGS who do whatever they want with this technology, and in the past have never been held accountable.

However, as far as I am concerned, those days are over. And it's time that these Nazi minded criminals were forced to pay for their crimes; instead of being able to commit them, while leaving a trail of devastation and destruction in their wake. As for these crimes, my message to these federal cowards and miscreants is as follows: they can run, but they can't hide.

The truth is gaining ground on their vicious and treasonist crimes every day. And what they have subjected many of us to in the way of covert mind control research is gradually becoming known around the globe. A situation which will leave these torturers and murderers with a legacy befitting of the anathema that they are -- disciples of torturous and murderous, heartless and soulless parasites like Hitler, Franco, Stalin and Caligula.

No matter what they do, this technology is no longer secret. And that portends extremely bad things for them down the road.

And before long, these mind raping closeted Nazi's will be exposed for the New World Order frauds and criminals that they are. These agencies, along with their bathroom peeping, LYING, and satellite raping minions are a threat to the U.S. Constitution, and should be abolished before they cause us any further harm.

Their sadism is unparalleled.

As for the catalyst in these attacks, one FBI agent named Raymond Migliore, this piece of criminal refuse will suffer the consequences for the crimes he has committed, the devastation that he has caused, and the LIES he has told.

Migliore, one way or another, you are going down. And you are going to answer for these crimes, you New World Order low life puppet.

The FEDS Make Another Pathetic Attempt At Psywarfare

The above Google search has been blank since I added it to this Website many months ago. However, over the past day it has contained information regarding the FBI, CIA and NSA in regard to finding employment within these agencies; housing for those who do, and other aspects of the agencies that have nothing to do with illustrating their criminal and treasonous history in this country.

The inclusion of this information over the past day, is merely another form of psychological operation, in addition to the myriad which these unindicted felons have perpetrated against my person for several years now, and further evidence of the ways in which they attempt to impose their collective and demonic will on those whom they are targeting for COINTELPRO. Their attempt to infiltrate this blog in such a way now serves as further testament to the deranged and psychopathic minds of those within U.S. Intel, who are clearly the greatest danger that we as Americans face in the modern day.

I have witnessed first hand the FBI/NSA/DHS manipulation of family members, as well as entire communities, in efforts to obfuscate the facts behind the Bureau's Nazi minded crimes, and as a consequence of such manipulations, understand the importance in documenting every detail of the FBI/NSA/DHS criminal conspiracy against my person, in which their utilization of such deceptive and treasonous tactics remains precedent setting.

And while the FBI and DHS continue to brainwash my own family into remaining silent in regard to such despicable tactics, their clandestine campaign in which to find plausible means to murder me also remains ongoing.

As such, I will continue in my vigilance to document every aspect of this Orwellian and hellish group of misfits, so that the public may better understand that the U.S. Intel community operates completely outside the Constitutional rule of law, while torturing and oftentimes covertly murdering those whom it targets.

These agencies and those within their employ are representative of true evil.

And through their covert black operations and complete lack of humanity, the U.S. Intel community has destroyed the lives of millions of people around this country as well as the rest of this planet. Through such treasonous crimes, their credibility has now been destroyed, and their day of reckoning is coming.
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