Thursday, August 07, 2008

Is The NSA Tracking You By Way Of Its Echelon Satellite Spy Network? And How Would You Even Know If They Were? It's Called Brain Fingerprinting

We Want To Hear From Former NSA OP Russ Tice

Those of us who've read the lawsuit filed by John St. Clair Akwei against the NSA are well aware of the horrifying technology that the NSA is illegally deploying against the global population. However, former NSA operative Russell Tice was about to come foward with some scandalous information of his own, in regard to the NSA's illegal spying, when he was set upon by the FBI in what was nothing less than an intimidation tactic, to prevent Tice from telling us what he knows.

I want to know what Russell Tice has to say about the NSA and if it corroborates John St. Clair Akwei's information about the NSA's "Radiation Intelligence" program. Americans have the right to know when a federal government agency is acting in a way which endangers their well being!

Read about the NSA's "Radiation Intelligence" program and how this agency can intercept your brainwaves in similar fashion to how your Hi-Fi receiver pulls radio stations out of the ether, which enables you to listen to the talk and music content which they are broadcasting over the airwaves.

As a result of the unique electromagnetic field that each of our brains emanates, we are all vulnerable to having our minds remotely and electronically accessed by the NSA, without our knowledge or consent. A horrible and treasonous situation which has been occurring within the United States since 1980; and one which allows NSA operatives, to from a remote location, know what we are thinking at all times, as well as being able to influence our subconscious minds without our knowledge or consent.

This is the greatest scandal to ever hit this nation or any other. I have been targetted for this technology by the NSA and FBI since 1980, and will not rest until these hi-tech satellite predators and covert Nazi torturers and murderers are completely exposed for these outrageous crimes and brought to justice.

The following is a link to John St. Clair Akwei's lawsuit against the NSA. It is quite literally the "smoking gun" in the NSA's complicity in this covert and cowardly act of treason.

Click on GOOGLE: AKWEI VS NSA to learn more.

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